What are the symptoms of appendicitis in men?

The appendix is ​​a vermicular appendix of the caecum, which has the ability to inflame and provoke the emergence of specific symptoms. To timely conduct treatment and prevent the occurrence of dangerous complications, you must know what symptoms of appendicitis. In men, how it manifests itself - consider in the article.

Why the appendix is ​​inflamed

It's impossible to answer the question exactly why the appendix is ​​inflamed, because there are several different versions at once. This body regulates and stimulates immunity, and if the immune system is malfunctioning, it sends a kind of signal. In addition, this condition can cause permanent constipation, which provokes the accumulation of fecal masses in the lumen of this process.

appendicitis symptoms in men

The appendix stores various undigested food fragments, as well as inflammation can occur in case of infection.

The main symptoms of the disease in men

Signs and symptoms of appendicitis in men can be very different, it all depends on the features of the course of the disease and its form. However, in any case, there is a strong soreness, and the person can not always immediately determine exactly where it hurts. Only after a while there is a place, which brings a lot of discomfort. Painful sensations can arise in the area:

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  • of the right hypochondrium;
  • pubis;
  • of the loin or side of the abdomen.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and the course of the disease, the nature of the pain can be very different. Increased soreness occurs when coughing, sneezing and even movement. Often there is a strong increase in body temperature. Nausea and vomiting can also occur, resulting in a decreased appetite of the patient.

Violations affect the processes of bowel evacuation, so the patient often suffers from constipation or diarrhea. However, urination increases, and urine acquires a darker shade.

signs of appendicitis in men symptoms

There are characteristic symptoms of appendicitis in men, among which it is necessary to distinguish:

  • pain in the right testicle when pressing on the scrotum;
  • with a palpation of the abdomen slightly raised the egg.

Having studied the description of signs and symptoms of appendicitis in men, it is possible to recognize the disease at the initial stages and carry out complex treatment.

Features of pains depending on the location of

In uncomplicated course of the disease, painful feelings mostly occur in the lower abdomen on the right side. In some cases, pain may occur in another area of ​​the abdomen, which greatly complicates the diagnosis. This is due to the anatomical location of the cecum and the peculiarities of the course of inflammation.

Many are interested in how appendicitis affects men. Symptoms of this disease can be pronounced or somewhat blurred. When appendicitis flows, soreness can occur on the right side, often due to the mirror arrangement of the internal organs. In some cases, the pain may be localized in the navel area.

If the inflamed appendix is ​​located in the retroperitoneal region, then the symptoms of appendicitis in men are similar to renal colic, which greatly complicates the formulation of the correct diagnosis. Painful sensations in some cases can be localized in the pelvic organs.

Acute catarrhal inflammation

What symptoms of appendicitis in men arise, largely depends on the form of the course of the disease. In acute catarrhal inflammation of the cecum at the initial stage, a man can feel only minor painful sensations.

signs of appendicitis in men symptoms description

The operation takes place with the least possible consequences for the patient. However, there may be certain problems in the diagnosis, since there is no clearly expressed clinical picture. This type of appendicitis can be determined by conducting special tests and blood tests, which allow to identify the inflammatory process in the body.

Ordinary appendicitis

Ordinary type of appendicitis is also called superficial, since the symptomatology of it is not clearly pronounced. The patient may feel minor soreness, which does not go away after taking pain medications. In addition, there is nausea, as well as vomiting, which does not bring relief.

There is also a slight increase in temperature and a slightly rapid pulse. When carrying out palpation of the abdomen, a man can note the intensification of pain that occurs after cessation of manipulation. The results of blood tests show a sharp increase in leukocytes, which indicates the course of the inflammatory process.

Acute phlegmonous appendicitis

Acute phlegmonous type of the inflammatory process is considered quite dangerous, in this case the blind process is filled with pus and on the surface of the intestine ulcers are formed. A strong inflammatory process affects adjacent tissues, into which purulent contents penetrate.

symptoms of appendicitis in men how to check

There are very sharp pains during palpation. In addition, the symptoms of an appendix in men can be expressed in what happens:

  • temperature increase;
  • heart palpitations;
  • plaque in the language;
  • tension of the muscles of the abdominal cavity;
  • severe abdominal pain.

This kind of appendicitis is dangerous because absolutely at any time the contents of the appendage can pour out into the abdominal cavity, which considerably complicates the process of carrying out the operation and the subsequent restoration.

Gangrenous appendicitis

Gangrenous acute appendicitis is the most serious and dangerous type of disease, as a man develops a number of life-threatening abnormalities that require immediate operation. Among the main signs of the disease can be identified as follows:

  • strong weakness;
  • pain in the peritoneum;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • tachycardia;
  • intoxication, which leads to disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system;
  • severe bloating.

In this type of appendicitis purulent contents from the process pour out into the peritoneum, which leads to the appearance of peritonitis. If you do not perform an operation in time, then a person can die from blood poisoning.

Dangerous symptoms of the disease

Acute and chronic appendicitis symptoms in men can be completely different, it all depends on the nature of the course of the disease. Chronic appendicitis periodically disturbs a person throughout life. The acute type of the disease has a rather pronounced, rapidly growing symptomatology. There are quite dangerous signs of appendicitis flow, among which it is necessary to distinguish such:

  • a sharp strong rise in temperature for no apparent reason;
  • temperature drop to critical values;
  • vomiting, which aggravates the condition;
  • severe pain, constantly increasing;
  • confused consciousness, delirium.

how does appendicitis affect symptoms in men

If all these signs have appeared, you should definitely contact the doctor, since such a condition can lead to the death of the patient. Even if a person feels that the pain has passed, then this does not mean that there is no more inflammation. This may indicate that there was a rupture of the appendix.

At home, it is forbidden to carry out treatment, as this can only exacerbate the condition. When the first symptoms of appendicitis are detected( in a man they have arisen, for a woman or for a child - it does not matter) you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Diagnosis of

It is important to know how to check for appendicitis in men on symptoms so that you can accurately put the correct diagnosis. Do not take any medications before calling a doctor, as relief of pain can lead to incorrect diagnosis.

chronic appendicitis symptoms in men

During the diagnosis, the doctor applies the method of palpation. At the initial stage, he taps the iliac region of the abdomen, pressing on the inflamed area. All this should provoke a strong soreness. In addition, additional research methods are also assigned:

  • blood test for the definition of inflammation;
  • urine analysis;
  • radiography;
  • ultrasound;
  • computed tomography;
  • laparoscopy.

All this will allow you to put an absolutely accurate diagnosis and conduct an operation in time to prevent deterioration of well-being.

Treatment peculiarity

Treatment is carried out only by performing an operation. This is a whole complex of activities, which involves a certain training. Before performing the operation, it is necessary: ​​

  • to remove the hair on the patient's skin;
  • to degrease and disinfect the surface of the skin;
  • pick up anesthesia.

what are the symptoms of appendicitis in men

The operation is carried out in several stages, in particular such as:

  • patient is injected into anesthesia;
  • cuts the abdominal wall;
  • appendix and intestine are inspected;
  • the inflamed cecum is removed, and its edges are sewn;
  • peritoneum is tightened and sutured;
  • skin is tightened and stitches are applied.

It is impossible to carry out treatment without surgical intervention. If there are complications associated with the penetration of purulent contents into the cavity of the peritoneum, it is thoroughly cleaned and drainage is established. This device helps to remove pus from the body.