Treatment with soda( Ogulov) - an easy solution to serious health problems

Sodium bicarbonate, baking soda( NaHCO3) are different names for the same substance. Properties of this product are known to people for a long time, and they use this tool for various household purposes for a long time. But about the therapeutic possibilities of NaHCO3 started talking recently. soda ash treatment The astonishing results of Dr. Tulio Simoncini's research have become the reason. Treatment of soda Ogulov AT and other Russian doctors consider a good alternative to traditional methods.

What can lead to increased acidity

One of the factors of normal functioning of the body is the acidity index of its environment( pH).The pH values ​​are considered correct for blood: from 7.35 to 7.48.And what if the indicators do not meet the quoted standards? If the acidity index of the blood is less than 7.25, alkalinity is prescribed, in which the use of soda is recommended from 5 to 40 grams per day. At a pH of less than 6.8 death may occur.

In everyday life, acidity can be measured with litmus paper, placing it in the mouth. The normal pH of the saliva is pH 5.0-5.5.Because of what are the changes?

Causes of increased acidity are poisons that enter the human body with water, food, air taken by medications.

It is also provoked, oddly enough, by the wrong way of life of a person, his thoughts, actions, relationships with surrounding people. Self-poisoning can occur because of fears, anxiety, irritability, anger and other negative emotions of a person.

The consequence of this lifestyle is the loss of mental energy, which leads to poor kidney function, which is unable to keep the desired level of sodium bicarbonate in the blood. He is lost with urine.

Acidic medium disrupts the course of all biochemical reactions in the body, and its proper functioning is no longer necessary. All useful nutrients obtained with food do not have the desired effect if they get into an acidic environment. Even the consumption of vitamins, to which a person usually pins high hopes in terms of health correction, will not give a result in that case. Treatment of soda Ogulov AT and his followers are considered one of the effective and simple ways to restore the acid-base balance of the liquid medium of the human body. What is the principle of the technique?

How to be treated with baking soda?

If a person wants the body to work without pathologies, then, first of all, it is necessary, as already mentioned, to normalize the acid-base balance in it. ogulov treatment with soda Doctor Ogulov treats soda of any disease suggest starting with a daily glass of clean hot water with a dissolved ½ tsp of this substance. It is this procedure that will help neutralize acids and increase the body's alkaline reserves. After adjusting the acid-base balance to normal( blood pH 7.35-7.47), the treatment of any disease by traditional methods will be more effective.

It is recommended to take water in the morning when the stomach is not loaded. The use of liquid with soda on a full stomach can have a powerful laxative effect. In addition, there is discomfort from bloating. For more energy it is better to take a hot drink.

Additional advice on the intake of soda:

  • use 20-30 minutes before meals;
  • only 1/5 teaspoonful.- initial dose;
  • restriction: ½ teaspoon - the maximum dose to be taken at a time;Use
  • 2-3 times during the day.

You can take soda in dry form, but always drink with a glass of hot water.

Which ailments are treated with soda?

It will be useful to know all people. Treatment with soda by Ogulov will help get rid of many diseases. The same opinion is shared by other qualified specialists. This is also said by numerous publications in authoritative medical publications.

The list of diseases is wide, and their seriousness is beyond doubt. Alcoholism, tobacco smoking, drug addiction, substance abuse, elimination of heavy metals from the body are far from being a complete list of problems that can be eliminated from sodium bicarbonate.

Joint pain is familiar to many people. One of the reasons for their appearance is the deposition of salts in the tissues. However, there is a way out. The normalization of the acid-base balance affects the dissolution of deposits, the purification of tissues.

Treatment of malignant tumors is the main problem of mankind, the solution of which has not yet been found. Prevention of the disease deals with all areas of traditional and alternative medicine. A positive experience in solving the problem of cancerous tumors using NaHCO3 is also available.

Acidic environment is very favorable for the habitat of parasites. In it live specimens of opisthorchiasis, pinworms, ascarids, chainworms. In an alkaline environment, they die, so antihelminthic drugs mostly contain sodium bicarbonate.

The destruction of tooth enamel is very active in an acidic environment. In the alkaline caries does not develop. Therefore, his prevention and treatment with soda Ogulov AT strongly recommends. For this, you need to take a drink, rinse your mouth and do a gum massage with this product.

Today, there are many specific recommendations on the use of soda to get rid of these or other problems associated with human health.

Weaning from smoking

Alexander Ogulov recommends using soda for smoking cessation. To do this, rinse the oral cavity with a concentrated solution of sodium bicarbonate. Another way is to put a small amount of soda on the tongue and let it dissolve in the saliva. Multiple repetition of the procedure will cause an aversion to tobacco. However, you need to be more careful in terms of dosage of soda, otherwise you can cause a violation of the digestive process.

Stroke prophylaxis

It turns out that the substance described in this article can have a positive effect on cardiovascular activity. In the prevention of such a serious problem as a stroke, it is also recommended to use baking soda. To do this, it is only necessary to massage the gums daily with a brush or fingers, taking a small amount of this substance. It is desirable to drip peroxide hydrogen peroxide.


Heartburn is a symptom of increased acidity of the stomach. To neutralize it, use the old folk remedy, which is recommended by A. T. Ogulov. Treatment for soda heartburn is as follows: in a glass of warm water, dissolve a teaspoon of the substance and drink it all. If the liquid does not seem very "tasty", then you can take half a spoonful of soda. The taste will be better, and the effect is the same. It should be cautioned about the frequent use of soda to relieve heartburn. The patient needs to find out the reason for the increased acidity of the stomach after going through the examination, since these symptoms can indicate the presence of serious diseases that need to be treated comprehensively and professionally.

Hair Care

One of the oldest hair care recipes is a soda-based remedy. A portion of the shampoo to which the head is washed is added with a pinch of powder. The hair then has a healthy sheen, silky. We are treated with soda and then, when there are problems with dandruff. In this case, it is recommended to cancel the use of shampoo, and the head should be washed only with the substance described. There is evidence that the recipe helped everyone who used it for a long time.

Soda bath and weight loss

Alexander Ogulov treats obesity soda as an acceptable method.
The most correct use of this substance for weight loss is taking baths. There are several recommendations for preparing water for the procedure.

Necessary components: 500 g of sea salt and 300 grams of soda are dissolved in 200 liters of water, the temperature of which is not lower than 37-39 degrees. The bath is taken for 20 minutes, while constantly watching to ensure that the water was hot. It is desirable to try to relax as much as possible. If the bath will be added essential oils, the effect will only increase. In some cases, this procedure can only be carried out with soda( without salt).

Recommendations on the concentration of sodium bicarbonate in bath water Dr. Ogulov himself gives the following: the right amount of soda will be prompted by a litmus test. The pH should be close to 8, but not higher.

The first baths should not be made too hot and long. After the procedure, you do not need to rinse your body with clean water. It is advisable to wrap yourself in a towel or a bathrobe and lie down.

People taking such baths assure that immediately after the procedure it takes up to 2 kilograms of weight. Positive is also the fact that negative energy is discharged. The bath relaxes, relieves fatigue, relieves tension, clears the lymphatic system. The rate of fission of fats increases. Energy is rising.

People with serious illnesses, the decision to take soda baths is best to begin with a doctor's advice.

Some recommendations for maintaining the acid-base balance of the body

When recommending soda treatment, Ogulov AT also indicates that it is possible to maintain acid-base balance in the body by other available methods.

A good way to normalize the acid-base balance in the body is eating plant foods. However, we must remember that not all such products can reduce acidity. For example, vegetables and fruits are deprived of this property. But dill and celery contribute to this very well. Therefore, it is desirable to eat them daily.

Direct influence on the state of the liquid medium of the organism is provided by the place of residence of a person, or rather, the altitude above sea level. This explains the fact that there are many long-livers among the mountaineers.

Reviews of patients

Treatment of soda( according to Ogulov) reviews are different. The doctor himself claims that he daily uses water with dissolved soda for several years. And as an expert can declare that his body does not give a malfunction.

Reviews of patients using soda, too, are mostly positive. And people who take this kind of bath can not hide their admiration for the results. This applies to the general condition of the body, and especially the skin. As they say: "The result is obvious!" People assert that the skin after the procedures looks chic, and no other means of such influence on it does not have.

There is a category of people who argue that the intake of soda has absolutely no effect - neither negative nor positive, so the procedure is useless.

In another group, sodium bicarbonate treatment causes disgust, discomfort, so they categorically refuse the procedure almost immediately.

Some cautions

Treatment with soda( Ogulov) should be started, observing some precautions.

If the human body has lived for many years in an acidic environment, then inevitable is that it accumulated a lot of slag and toxic substances. With active alkalization of the body soda will quickly release them through the kidneys. A person should be ready for such a procedure, so the use of sodium bicarbonate should be initially dosed.

Ogulov AT does not consider treatment with soda as the only method of getting rid of all diseases, as it is sometimes represented in the mass media. In his speeches and publications, he claims this repeatedly.

Soda neutralizes the acid environment, where the pathogenic organisms, human parasites, are favorable.

Sodium bicarbonate often acts as an "ambulance" for people suffering from certain diseases. And its use does not replace the doctor's visit.