Opticians in Moscow - what to choose?

To feel the world, to explore every corner of it is impossible if it brings sight. This problem gives a huge discomfort, but there are ways to solve it. Vision is our everything, and due to the constant development of medicine and modern technologies, the spaces that open up to a person are expanding every day.

What do optics salons offer in the capital?

Opticians' salons are ready to provide a whole list of services and a wide range of products: from glasses for improving vision and ending with sunglasses, lenses or glasses for working with a computer. Now the problems associated with the eyes can be eliminated without surgery or long treatment courses, because correctly selected lenses are the answer to all questions.
cheap optics salons in moscow In addition, the optics salons in Moscow not only will give the opportunity to see the world in all details, but also bring a special highlight to the image, picking up the ideal for the oval face of the spectacle frame. Just one detail can improve everyday life and appearance.

The best optics salons in Moscow

When it's time to choose a really good and quality pair of glasses, you need to decide on a salon that will help in this. Because of the huge flow of information, frequent advertising, which does not justify itself in moments, and various councils of the society, it is difficult to understand whether it is worth visiting some optics salons in Moscow. Rating in this case will help to cope with a huge bunch of facts and put everything on the shelves.

The world of optics "Ochkarik"

The best optics salons in Moscow include "Ochkarik", which has been a priority for many buyers for many years. This salon symbolizes the "new breath" of domestic optics. Constantly improving and expanding, today "Ochkarik" is a large network with 61 points, which is ahead of all optical shops in Moscow. The addresses of the points cover the whole city: there are branches along Avtozavodskaya street, house 11, Profsoyuznaya street, house 2/22, Mira Avenue, 103 house, Vavilov street, house 3, Gagarinsky shopping center, 1 st floor. хттп: //фб.ru/мисс/и/галлеры/44146/1411053.жпг

What does Ochkarik offer to customers? Taking for the mission to open always available opportunities to see the world better, this salon has a large assortment of sun-protective and corrective glasses, contact lenses, frames, accessories. In this network, a professional selection of the necessary tools for vision correction is carried out. In addition, "Ochkarik" has its own online store, which allows you to get what you want without leaving your home. However, you can order corrective glasses only in the salon, as they are created on the basis of individual eye parameters. This company has established itself not only in Russia, but also in the world community, so there is no doubt about the quality of its goods.


"Optics" is not part of the inexpensive optics salons in Moscow, as it is the only network of elite salons in the capital. The well-known expression "for quality is to be paid" is fully described by "Screen Optics".Within the walls of this salon you can get a free consultation, order individual production of glasses that will be made using modern equipment, and experienced and highly qualified staff will answer any questions. The network works with the most famous designers of the world and gives an opportunity to buy frames of the last collections.
optics salons in moscow rating

Not only the assortment and quality deserve special attention, but also the appearance of the "Screen Optics" network. Exquisite interior, to the details of thoughtful details and the overall atmosphere make the buying process even more pleasant. You can find salons at the following addresses:

  • Tverskaya street, 4,
  • Ilinka street, house 3/8,
  • Kutuzovsky prospect, 2/1,
  • Novoryazanskoye highway, house 8.


"Linsmaster" - network of optics salons, which includes points throughout Moscow and other cities of Russia and is an affordable option for its citizens. It conducts vision diagnosis and selection of appropriate lenses, advice and help in choosing contact lenses, offers a wide range of frames and sunglasses. salons of optics in moscow addresses

The biggest salons are on the highway Enthusiasts, 20, in the street Dmitry Ulyanov, 24/1, Ostashkovsky highway, 1, Krasnaya Presnya street, 28.

"Linsmaster" also exists as a modern online store, which allows you to get the services of this salon to those who are in another city. The price policy of the online store does not differ from the salon, which in itself is very reasonable, and with the first purchase, "Lensmaster" offers participation in the discount system.

Other optics salons in Moscow

Moscow is a city of possibilities, and therefore when choosing a salon optics you can be sure that there are a lot of them."Optics-Mneviks" on Mykviki street, 7, "Optik City" at Zemlyanoi Val, 54, "Binooptika" along Paustovsky street, 2, "Optical Deal" by Novaya Basmannaya, 12, "MultOptic" on Sretensky boulevard, "ClearlyI see "according to Tupolev, 16 - these optics salons in Moscow satisfy the wishes of their customers for a number of years and provide high-quality services in diagnosing vision and selecting glasses. Their placement allows everyone who wants to get to a particular salon without difficulties, and various discounts and promotions confirm once again that their assortment is available to everyone.

Where can I find sunglasses of rare brands?

Sometimes a boring classic image can completely transform unusual glasses. Designers in their collections once again show that looking unusual does not mean looking bad. In the eyes can rush like frames from design developments, and glasses of the usual form, but, for example, with wooden bows or other altered element. the best optics salons in Moscow

There are places in Moscow that will help you find the "same thing".The combination of quality and unimaginable forms in the Pimp Your Eyes assortment, the largest choice of points in the whole capital - in TSUM, wooden frames from Russian designers - in Woodsun, incredibly rare glasses - in the salon on Kuznetsky Most, 20, sophisticated color frames - in Synoptix. All this again proves that you can stand out by changing just one, but the necessary detail.