Mantal allergy: symptoms and diagnosis

Mantoux reaction is a test for tuberculin, which is conducted to prevent early diagnosis of tuberculosis. This procedure is safe if you comply with all the rules for the administration of the drug, as well as the use of high-quality injection. Make a sample every year and determine the body's response to the stimulus. If there is individual intolerance and contraindications, allergy to mantle may be a response. This fact is proved by many generations of parents, to understand what is the reason, this article will help.

allergy to mantle

Causes of

An allergic reaction to a tuberculin test may be caused by various causes, and in some cases they are not even related to vaccination. For example, an allergy to a mantle in a child can form, since he has never been in contact with the one who is the carrier of tuberculosis. In this case, the child's immune system can respond in this way.

The same reaction can occur if the child is allergic to a highly toxic substance such as phenol, which is included in the vaccine in small doses. In children with a strong immune system, phenol does not cause any external negative manifestations, but those who are inclined to such reactions will necessarily have an allergy. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to mantle with allergies is quite appropriate. This must be reported to the doctor before vaccination, and he will cancel the vaccination.

Also it is impossible to do it in the presence of infectious diseases, epilepsy, skin diseases. In some cases, parents mistakenly believe that the Mantoux test triggered an allergy that could appear on the food allergen. In any case, there is no need to rush to show the child to the phthisiatrician and treat him from tuberculosis. The causes of individual allergic reactions can be established only by the family doctor.

allergy to a child

Allergic reaction after vaccination

Already in the evening, an allergy after mantou can manifest. If this happens, it is necessary to remember whether the child has had infections recently, whether he is inclined to allergic reactions, whether the place of vaccination was properly taken care of, and so on. Perhaps, there was just a wrong care of the injection site, which caused a negative reaction. In any case, the child needs to be shown to a pediatrician, an allergist or an immunologist. They will also consult on the effect of other stimuli.

If the doctor diagnoses "allergy to mantra", he prescribes other methods for determining tuberculosis. It can be as a fluorography, and the analysis of a sputum. Mantoux is not the only way to know about the presence of infection, it is only the fastest method of preventing the disease.

allergy to mantle symptoms

Symptoms of

It is important that the reaction of Mantoux( allergy) occurs suddenly. It is very often confused with a cold, dyspnea or sweat. The allergic reaction to vaccination shows the following symptoms:

  • fever;
  • rash on the skin;
  • rapid fatigue and decreased appetite;
  • anaphylaxis.

In this case, the rash can be observed not only at the place where the injection was made. Blisters often occur in the groin, under the knees, on the face, elbows and on the buttocks. The skin starts to itch, to separate, it becomes dry. Almost always, the allergy manifests itself in the form of a hyperergic response to immunity, which is expressed in an increase in the diameter of the papule, severe hyperemia, increased lymph nodes, the appearance of edema, itching and pain.

In some cases, with an individual intolerance to tuberculin, angioedema develops, while the child is difficult to breathe, his neck, face and lips swell up, blisters of white or purple hue appear on the body. In this case, immediately call the physician. Thus, the allergy to mantle symptoms often manifests the same as those observed with colds. It is important not to engage in self-medication, it is necessary to consult specialists.

For this it is recommended to call a doctor at the house, who can prescribe antihistamines, indicate what to look for in the future. In the future, parents should always warn the doctor about the appearance of an allergic reaction during vaccination. It must be remembered that all the above symptoms may not coincide with those that appeared in the child, since each child's organism is individual and reacts in its own way to stimuli.

is it possible to mantle with allergy

Treatment of

Allergy to mantle, like any other, is not treated. It is recommended that three days before the proposed vaccination give the child antihistamines, for example, "Zodak" or "Zirtek."Their reception will facilitate the progress of the reaction to the tuberculin test. In this case, it is necessary to tell the doctor which preparations the child was taking. If an allergic reaction occurs for the first time, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of a specialist.

First of all, it is necessary to exclude the effect on the body of no allergen. For example, a headache can occur due to watching TV.You can give the child half of the pill "Diazolin", which will relieve allergies, including on the skin. If there is difficulty in breathing, you need to call an ambulance immediately. Sometimes the presence of an allergy indicates a tuberculosis infection, so you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate therapy.

Mantou allergy reaction


You can not do the vaccine in the presence of skin diseases, chronic infections, acute physical ailments, with bronchial asthma, epilepsy, rheumatism. It is not recommended to carry out a mantoux test on the same day as other vaccinations, the gap should be one or one and a half months. You can not do vaccination in groups where there is a quarantine for infections, it is carried out one month after the disappearance of the symptoms.


If there are suggestions that the child is allergic to mantle, preventive maintenance is carried out at home. For this, first of all, strengthen the children's immune system. It is known, the stronger the immunity, the easier it is to get vaccinated. Consultations of such specialists as an allergist, a pediatrician, an immunologist for the need for sampling every year are recommended. The best prevention is to avoid getting the stimulus into the body. In this case, tuberculin acts as an irritant.

It can be tested in other ways, by doing a fluorography or by submitting sputum for analysis. If parents know if there can be an allergy to mantle, they should also know that it is stopped with antihistamines. In any case, the parents themselves decide whether to write a refusal in the polyclinic for vaccination. But it is recommended to be checked periodically.

allergy after mantle

Side effects and complications of

Pediatricians and allergologists do not recognize the occurrence of side effects after vaccination, although they often occur as skin problems, constipation, and behavioral disorders. Often, the side effect manifests itself in the form of headache and dizziness, an increase in temperature up to forty degrees, fever, rashes on the skin, swelling, asthma attacks, itching at the injection site. Often there are also massive complications in the Mantoux test.

For example, sometimes after vaccination, children enter the hospital with the same symptoms. In some children, allergic reactions can be manifested by lymphadenitis or micronecrosis, lymphangitis. In some cases, the quality of the vaccine, its transport and storage can influence the appearance of side effects. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor in time to avoid complications after vaccination. It should be remembered that the test for tuberculin should be performed only in conditions of complete sterility, with strict observance of all rules and conditions.

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Results of

Thus, the test for tuberculin is not an inoculation against diseases, but a method of detecting an infection of tuberculosis in the body. Currently, this vaccination can be replaced by other methods of testing for tuberculosis. It can be sputum analysis, fluorography and so on. It must be remembered that tuberculin is an allergen, therefore reactions to it will be in any case. Sometimes they appear weakly and almost imperceptibly, and in other cases a strong reaction is possible, which can harm the child's health. Therefore, a specialist consultation will be appropriate in any case.