How to make ultrasound?

Many people ask questions about why to do ultrasound, for example, the abdominal cavity, what it will give, and how to prepare for the process. Ultrasound is an integral part of diagnostics in medicine. With his help you can see the image of the internal organs. Using special frequencies, you can determine, for example, the state of the kidney or liver at the moment. Consider the functions and organs, which can be checked using ultrasound, in more detail.

1. The liver is one of the largest organs of a person that is on the right side of the hypochondrium. The function of the liver is the production of bile, which is necessary for the breakdown of fats. In addition, it accumulates glucose and cleanses the body, removing harmful toxins from it.

2. The aorta is the largest artery that is located in the abdominal cavity. Its main function is to supply the lower half of the trunk and legs with blood.

3. The spleen is a fragile organ that is located in the abdominal cavity, on the left side of the hypochondrium. Its main function is the removal of old blood cells from the body. Also, the spleen performs a protective function and fights infection.

4. The gallbladder is a conical organ, located in the lower region of the liver. Its main function is accumulative. Patients may need to have an ultrasound of this body to confirm the preliminary diagnosis of "acute cholecystitis," "cholangitis," etc.

4. Kidneys are a paired organ that has the shape of a bean. Located in the abdominal region on both sides of the spine.

Before you do ultrasound, you need to know why you might need it. This research is necessary in order to:

  • find out what size your liver is, where it is and what form it has. This will help to identify the development of many diseases, for example, cirrhosis;
  • ultrasound will help you find out the cause of frequent abdominal pain;
  • with its help you can check the gallbladder for the presence of stones, as well as detect its inflammation;
  • ultrasound allows you to check the kidneys for evidence of concrements.

Every person can perform ultrasound, the process does not do any harm to the body, but in combination with other methods it gives practically a 100% guarantee of establishing an accurate diagnosis. It is important to know how to properly prepare for the process. In many ways, preparations depend on what body you are going to inspect. Before you make ultrasound of the gallbladder, liver, spleen, you can not eat fatty foods for a long time, and also it is worthwhile to refrain from any food for 12 hours before the procedure.

To perform ultrasound of the kidneys, you must drink at least four glasses of water or juice about an hour before the procedure. This is done in order to fill the bladder. Ultrasound of the abdominal aorta should begin 8-12 hours after ingestion.

It is important to remember all the rules and clearly observe them. Of course, in advance you will be told about the preparation for ultrasound in more detail. Where to make ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, you can ask your doctor. Perhaps he will recommend other diagnostic methods for you. From this article you learned which organs can be checked by ultrasound, why it should be done, and how to prepare for the process.