Cream "Healthy" from varicose veins: composition, application, reviews

At various forums and sites devoted to health, the cream of "Healthy" from varicose veins began to appear more often. This tool attracts attention, since it is only someone who has encountered this problem who can understand how much trouble a sick person can bring to a person. Varicose veins at first glance seems not so already a terrible disease, and it may seem that sooner or later everyone faces this problem. But in fact, if you start this disease, you can not get yourself into trouble.

A popular product from varicose

We will not go into the jungle of medical terminology, explaining what complications are possible for a given ailment, it is enough to only say that a person suffering from varicose veins can not stand on his feet for a long time. He feels that his feet are filled with lead, and strong pains do not allow full movement. Doctors unanimously repeat that varicose veins are not treated, the only way to salvation is an operation on an enlarged vein. But since not everyone agrees to go under the knife, people do not get tired of looking for an alternative. Many people, reading information on the sites selling this product, think that the local cream "Healthy" from varicose veins will become a real panacea and help them to solve problems with sick legs. How much these promises correspond to the truth, we will try to discuss in our article.

the cream is healthy from varicose veins

What result from the application promises the manufacturer

So, does the cream "Healthy" help with varicose veins? According to the information provided on the official website of the manufacturer, it has a noticeable curative effect immediately after the first application. On the sites that sell this cream, it is said that with its systematic application it is possible to achieve the following effect:

  • improves microcirculation of blood in the vessels;
  • markedly increased muscle tone;
  • reduces pain in the legs;
  • markedly reduced edema;
  • sensation of burning and tension in places affected by varicose veins disappears, instead of it there is a feeling of lightness and pleasant cold.

In addition, the cream-wax "Healthy" promises to get rid of such unpleasant satellites of varicose veins:

  • vascular "mesh" and "stars" on the legs;
  • attacks of nocturnal cramps in the lower limbs;
  • skin ulcers;
  • dense, thickened and visually prominent venous nodes on the legs;
  • thinning of the skin and its dryness in places prone to varicose veins, which arise due to a violation of the full nutrition of these zones.

On the sites of sellers of this cream there is information that at the beginning of the use the cream eliminates the main symptoms of varicose enlargement, and when used systematically it can completely relieve this disease.

cream wax healthy

To whom sellers recommend the use of the product

The cream "Healthy" from varicose, of course, is recommended for those who already suffer from this disease, while the manufacturers of their drug are positioned as a powerful preventive tool and strongly recommend it to the category of people that is includedin the zone of potential risk.

It includes:

  • of pregnant women;
  • people leading a sedentary lifestyle;
  • those who periodically feel heaviness and fatigue in their legs;
  • girls who like to walk for a long time in high heels;
  • professional athletes dealing with lifting heavy weights;
  • people who, by virtue of their profession, spend a long time on their feet.

cream wax healthy reviews

Components of the cream and their therapeutic properties

Manufacturers declare that the cream "Healthy" from varicose really helps, produces a 100% therapeutic effect, and all thanks to a competently selected composition that includes only natural medicinal components. By their medicinal action they have a positive effect on the body and help get rid of the symptoms of varicose veins and the disease itself.

According to the instructions, the composition of the cream "Healthy"( from varicose veins) consists of the following components:

  1. Cedar gum is a substance that improves the motility of blood vessels. Removes local inflammation in areas of veins affected by varicose veins. Also, the zhivitsa markedly increases the blood circulation, so that it eliminates the already formed thrombi.
  2. The extract of beeswax is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This component relieves pain, reduces swelling, and restores the damaged structure of small blood vessels.
  3. Bee wax is known for its regenerative abilities as a strong toning and regenerating agent. In the cream "Healthy"( from varicose), the wax is called to restore the cells of the affected vessels and the adjacent areas. Additionally, this component has a hemostatic property that can be used to treat open trophic ulcers on the legs.
  4. Olive oil softens the skin, nourishes it and promotes enhanced recovery of damaged cells.
  5. Extract of bee fire has a strong tonic effect. It improves the elasticity of the venous walls, also due to the effect of this component, metabolic processes in the connective tissues are significantly improved, which leads to prolonged stagnant and inflammatory processes.
  6. Bee venom enhances local blood circulation and relaxes muscles, thus relieving them of spasms and cramps.
  7. Propolis extract is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory drugs. It eliminates the inflammation of the tissues around the affected vessels and helps to increase the overall tone of the veins.
  8. Vitamin complex consisting of vitamins of group B and C, favorably affects not only veins, but also the whole organism.

the cream is healthy from varicose veins

How to use the cream

The cream from varicose "Healthy", the instruction to which is attached to each jar, can be used both for treatment of already having a disease, and for its prevention. It can also be used to treat thrombophlebitis and sclerotic vascular lesions. According to the insert, the cream-wax "Healthy" must be rubbed into the skin( in the area of ​​the affected areas) twice a day with gentle massage movements.

It should be noted that on various sites involved in the implementation of this cream, it is indicated that this method of use is more suitable for the prevention of the above pathologies. For the treatment of varicose veins and concomitant diseases, this cream should be used only in combination with other medications.

What is this product - a drug or dietary supplement?

The cream maker's official website has a separate section called "Certificates", but there is no certificate in it. There is only a declaration of the Customs Union that beeswax cream for skin regeneration meets the requirements of safety of cosmetic products. That is, the cream "Healthy"( from varicose veins), the manufacturer of which promises healing from the disease, is just a cosmetic product whose purpose, by and large, is to nourish the skin and promote its regeneration. Whether joking, or seriously, the producers wrote that from the legal point of view, all the medicinal properties of this cream should be perceived as an additional "side effect", because the main purpose of the composition is skin care. the cream is healthy from varicose veins

The cost of this product and where you can buy it

How much does the "Healthy" cream cost from varicose veins? The price of the product is about 900 rubles, you can buy it both in pharmacies and with the help of various online stores. The latter, by the way, often offer serious discounts for this product, reaching up to 50%.

Is this cream a real alternative to traditional treatment?

It should be remembered that varicose veins are a very serious disease, a complication of which can be trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis and other diseases that cause a lot of trouble. The treatment of this ailment requires medical intervention and the determination of the degree of venous lesions, depending on which the long and complex( !) Treatment is selected. Along with drugs that dilute the blood and prevent the development of thrombophlebitis( anticoagulants), the patient is prescribed a powerful anti-inflammatory therapy. cream from varicose is healthy is a divorce

If necessary, the patient may be recommended photocoagulation and compression sclerotherapy. In neglected cases, only surgery - venektomy can help. The question of how much such a serious medical treatment is able to replace the cream-wax "Healthy"( reviews about which are very different), registered as a skin care cream, is extremely rhetorical.

What you should pay attention to before ordering this tool

Vendors declare that in order to start using this product on their own, the doctor's consultation is not needed. Also it is recommended to use it for pregnant women and young mothers after childbirth. But reading such recommendations, do not forget that absolutely harmless products do not happen. Always remember about a possible allergic reaction and individual intolerance of the components that make up the drug. Before using a cream containing bee venom, pregnant and lactating women still need to consult their doctor.

In addition, pay attention to the fact that more or less honest sellers on their websites indicate information that for the treatment of varicose veins this cream should be used as an adjuvant along with traditional medical therapy.

Cream-wax "Healthy": testimonials of those who tried

On the websites of online stores selling this product, there are really a lot of positive reviews about this product. To find out how real they are, there is no possibility, but it's fair to say that both positive and negative comments are posted on the official website.

Most often, positive reviews suggest that the cream really cleans up the main symptoms of varicose veins. People write that they have pain in their legs, puffiness decreases and a feeling of fatigue and heaviness in the lower extremities disappears. Some write that after regular use of the cream, they lost the vascular sprouts on their legs and even hid the prominent venous nodes before that. cream healthy from varicose veins manufacturer

But there are those who have been dissatisfied with the effect of the wax cream. Such buyers write about the fact that they spent their money in vain and did not feel the expected therapeutic effect. Among the reviews you can find information that the cream can cause irritation and hives. If you remember that it includes such an active ingredient as bee venom, then such reviews seem quite real, since many people have an allergic reaction to this component.

On such negative reviews, manufacturers respond that, most likely, such people used fake, unoriginal product. And they themselves remind that a panacea with 100% guarantee of therapeutic effect does not exist: one drug helps, others, alas, no. But this does not mean that their cream-wax is useless.

Cream for "Healthy" varicose is a divorce or a real panacea?

Of course, unambiguous conclusions about this product can only make those who have tried it. But based on the composition of this drug can draw the conclusion that it is, rather, a cosmetic agent than a medicinal product. Included in the components really have proven healing properties. Extract of propolis, beeswax, olive oil and other ingredients contribute to the removal of inflammation, increased venous tone and improve the elasticity of the skin. Bee venom, in the right concentration, can also improve blood circulation and relieve muscle spasms.

Many consumers emphasize that this drug can really alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins and reduce pain, but completely relieve a person of this ailment, according to experts, only an operation is capable.