What services can clinics offer in Dnepropetrovsk?

When faced with a disease, we first go to a community clinic in order to undergo initial diagnostics, based on which the following steps will be taken to get rid of the disease. Let's try to understand what awaits us and how much it is worth to trust in domestic medicine, because for some reason a large number of people every year flies to Israel or Europe for treatment. For example, what can Dnipropetrovsk clinics offer their clients?


Of course, you need to start with a diagnosis, because before the appointment of a course of therapy the doctor must clearly understand what his patient is sick. What can offer clinics in Dnepropetrovsk?

Quite naturally, everything starts with a general examination and consultation with a therapist or specialist in a particular direction of medicine( neurologist, traumatologist, cardiologist, etc.).Depending on the results of the examination, the patient receives a referral to the diagnostic procedures in order to obtain more detailed information about the state of the organism.

Unfortunately at this stage, domestic medicine often fails. It is not a secret for anyone that at present policlinics and hospitals in the territory of the CIS countries can not afford to purchase high-precision diagnostic equipment and they have to be satisfied with the technology that has remained since the times of the Soviet Union. As a result, no one can guarantee you that the doctor will correctly diagnose, because due to aging and wear, the diagnostic technique is not able to provide accurate data. Of course, certain private clinics in Dnipropetrovsk can afford to use high-precision equipment, but do not forget that the examination in them will cost significantly more. In addition, in fact, the technical equipment is also not able to guarantee that the diagnosis will be correct.

First, the information received must be correctly interpreted. And, naturally, much depends on the qualifications of the hospital staff. Since, despite the fact that modern equipment can boast not only efficiency, but also simple enough control to get a good result, you need to have the skills to work with it. In addition, the data obtained by examination on a computer tomography scanner or blood test alone means little if there is no specialist who will be able to analyze them and draw the right conclusions. But, unfortunately, at present clinics in Dnepropetrovsk are experiencing a serious shortage of high-level medical personnel.

Treatment in clinics in Dnipropetrovsk

Now it is worth to tell about what medical services Dnipropetrovsk clinics can offer us.

Since ancient times and up to now, drug treatment has been very popular due to a combination of safety and efficacy for the patient. But of course the effect of such therapy depends largely on the drugs used.

Quite often people who go to Israel or Germany bring with them a lot of medicines bought abroad. This is because in these countries pharmacology and drugs are well developed, which are produced in them not only more efficiently, but also often cheaper than what can be purchased in our pharmacies.

What do clinics in Dnepropetrovsk have to do with it?

The fact is that most of the medical institutions located on the territory of the CIS countries can not independently procure large quantities of high-quality medicines. Because of this, patients often have to independently buy medicines and anesthetics.


If we talk about surgery, it is first of all necessary to mention that in clinics in Dnepropetrovsk in most cases traditional, cavitary operations are used. Compared with modern methods of surgery, which are available in medical centers in Germany and Israel, they have the following disadvantages:

1. After surgery, scars may remain;

2. The probability of infection is somewhat higher due to the fact that to obtain access to operated organs need to make large incisions;

3. There is a risk of injury to healthy tissues due to "trembling of hands";

4. The need for a long recovery of the body.

The newest endoscopic methods of operations, which are used in the clinics of Israel and Germany, allow not only to eliminate all the above disadvantages, but also to seriously increase the accuracy of manipulations. Therefore, they are resorted to in those cases when a particularly subtle and accurate intervention in the patient's body is required.

Other therapeutic methods

Of course, the list of types of treatment that Dnipropetrovsk clinics use is not limited to drug therapy and surgery. But, unfortunately, here we are faced with about the same problems, namely, with a lack of funding, as a result of which modern hospitals do not have enough modern equipment.

In addition, medicine does not stand still and various therapeutic techniques are constantly being improved and changing. But in order to be aware of the latest scientific developments it is necessary to take part in conferences, exchange programs, acquire literature, etc. Unfortunately, this also requires good funding, which clinics in Dnepropetrovsk can not boast of.