BAD "Extra Strength" for men: reviews, composition and description

Today we have to find out what "Extra Strength" for men's reviews gets. This drug is very popular. But not everyone understands how it works, how effective it is. The composition of the medicine is also of interest to the population. Before taking this or that medicine, you need to understand how safe it is. So what about the product called "Extra Power"?What it is? How effective is it? What do doctors and patients think about the effect of this drug? extra strength for men reviews


Supplements "Dr. Sea: Extra Strength" - the boundless energy of the male body. This is how the creators of this drug assure. That is, this product is something like a drug that improves potency.

The preparation is produced in the form of small capsules, which are intended solely for oral administration. There are no serious medicines in its composition. It is, as the manufacturer claims, an ordinary biological supplement with a miraculous effect. It does not work like Viagra. Usually "Extra Strength" is used to solve problems related to potency, at the root.

Composition of

Special attention was paid to the composition of the preparation. For him, "Extra Strength" for men, reviews are mostly positive. And all this is due to the fact that there are no serious medications in the capsules. It is noted that the composition is only natural and vegetable components. What is very pleasing to buyers. Men indicate that you can not be afraid and use this dietary supplement. After all, vitamins in the body of modern man and so little. And in case of problems with potency, enrichment with useful substances is the most favorable and sparing method of treatment. doctor sea extra strength for men reviews

What are the components of "Extra Power"?In its composition, each capsule offers:

  • enzymatic hydrolyzate from trepanga and cucumaria;
  • is an enzymatic hydrolyzate from shark cartilages and stingrays;
  • gelatin;
  • dye is titanium dioxide.

Accordingly, there are no medications. Only particles of plant origin. A similar composition is a real source of glucosamine. This is an extremely important substance for the body.

Indications for admission

"Extra Strength" for men reviews gets mixed. The point is that this biological additive consists, as already mentioned, only from natural components. But at the same time, some do not believe in the action of the drug. Also, some doubt the feasibility of taking because of the variety of indications for use. extra strength for men reviews user guide price

In what situations is it possible to prescribe the "Extra Strength" dietary supplements? At the moment, the following cases are distinguished:

  • impotence;
  • Pregnancy planning( with low sperm activity);
  • prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • increased immunity;
  • with constant stress and stress;
  • for elimination of consequences of chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
  • treatment of female non-inflammatory diseases;
  • to improve intelligence;
  • in case of skin and nail diseases;
  • presence of burns or a post-operation period;
  • with a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Accordingly, you can even just for preventive purposes take the drug "Extra Strength".Both men and women. That's why many are not too sure that this product really helps to save and restore men's strength.


It is worth paying attention to how much is the specified product. This indicator quite often affects the opinions of buyers. What in this area gets "Extra Strength" for men's reviews? Instruction, price and composition - this is information that most often worries consumers. review about bad doctor sea extra strength improves

In general, the cost of the drug earns good reviews. We can say that they are neutral. One package of the drug costs approximately 1,000 rubles. Enough of it, if you treat impotence, for 10 days. Total - a month leaves 3 000 for the specified preparation. On the one hand, it's not so much. On the other hand, if the drug does not have a real effect, then it makes no sense to pay such money. That's why "Extra Strength" for men receives mixed reviews. But on the whole, positive notes predominate. Not as expensive as it could be. Simultaneously, the drug is not so cheap. Within the limits of the norm. That's what many say.

Instructions for use

And how to use this medication? It is noted that failure to comply with the rules of admission often leads to unsuccessful prevention. That is, the effectiveness of the drug is reduced.

Capsules "Extra Strength" for men - biologically active additives that are consumed during meals. By no means on an empty stomach. It is necessary to swallow 1 capsule and drink it with a small amount of water. Do not gnaw, do not dissolve.

Daily extra strength is required 3 times. The minimum course of treatment is 30 days. As already mentioned, one package is enough for 10 days of use. Accordingly, 3 cans of this drug are 1 course of treatment. bad doctor sea extra power unlimited energy

"Extra Strength" for men reviews positive type receives for the indicated technique of admission. There is nothing difficult or special in it. It is noted that if a person has problems with swallowing tablets, you can split the capsule and take it inside with water. The effectiveness of this will not decrease. The effect or fraud?

What can I say about the success of the drug? "Extra Strength" for men reviews about their overall performance gets good. Men say that this biological supplement really helps to cure problems with potency. Yes, and it also increases stamina. Only the course of admission will have to be increased. Not 30 days to take, but more. How many? It depends on the characteristics of the body. It is also noted that "Extra Strength" does not act as "Viagra".Immediately before sexual intercourse, use this drug is not worth it.

Also you can find not the best opinions about the additive. Some say that the "Extra Power" is just money thrown away. No result is given to these tablets. They are just invented in order to breed gullible citizens.

What to believe? Which of these two options - a more truthful review of the dietary supplement "Doctor Sea: Extra Strength"?Does this drug improve the potency or not? Judging by the lack of refutations and the abundance of positive opinions, yes. The biological supplement really helps. Not instantly, with time, but progress after taking place takes place. extra strength for men biologically active additives

What Do Doctors Think?

And what is the opinion of doctors regarding this drug? "Extra strength" for men reviews of doctors is not the best. They assure that the real effect of dietary supplements is not given. Is that a good stimulant for autosuggestion. That is, the whole result is the action of the brain on the body. The patient is assured of the effectiveness of taking the tablets, as a result of which the potency is improved. The main thing is to believe.

It is noted that there is no medical efficiency of "Extra power".This is even written on the package with the drug. Therefore, taking these capsules is an action performed at your own peril and risk. One pleases - of contraindications there are only pregnancy and lactation. Plus, the individual intolerance of the constituent tablets. Overdose is excluded. So, "Doctor Sea: Extra Strength" for men reviews positive nature from doctors receives for their safety. Should I take this medication? If there is a desire. But it is not worthwhile to hope for quick efficiency.