Sore throat: how to remove at home?

How to quickly relieve sore throat at home? This question arises when there are unpleasant sensations in this area( painful discomfort, perspiration, dryness), which are symptoms of a cold, viral or bacterial infection. how quickly to relieve the pain in the throat Also, sore throat can be caused by a load on the vocal cords or by the manifestation of allergic reactions to a certain stimulus. The disease, which occurs in mild form, can be cured by proven folk methods. If nontraditional medicine during the first days of malaise did not bring positive results, to avoid serious complications, you should always seek medical help.

Warm drink for sore throat

What if I have a symptom such as a sore throat, along with a general malaise? How to remove discomfort? An effective means of home therapy is a warm drink in unlimited quantities. Traditional medicine offers a wide variety of drugs that can wash off harmful bacteria from the tonsils and mucous throat in the stomach, where they will be disinfected with gastric juice.

In the treatment of sore throats, warm milk, combined with honey and butter, has proved its worth, and a tablespoon of which should be diluted in a glass of liquid. Take in warm form as often as possible. Reception before bed is mandatory.

sore throat

How quickly to relieve the pain in the throat at home with angina? Help the affected throat can anise infusion. In 1 cup of boiling water should be fried 1 teaspoon of anise fruit, insist for 20 minutes, filtered. The norm of a single dose is 50 ml each half an hour before meals.

Inflammation and swelling of the throat will help to remove freshly prepared carrot juice, which for 1 intake should be drunk 100 ml. A useful composition can be sweetened with honey, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Useful teas

How to quickly relieve the pain in the throat at home? For a few tricks, the pain symptoms of garlic tea will be eliminated in the throat, to make it, chop the cleaned garlic head and combine it with 200 ml of apple juice. The resulting composition boil on low heat for 5-6 minutes. Drink small sips. Daily allowance is 2 cups. how quickly to relieve the pain in the throat at home

Mass of healing properties is linden, flowers and bark which are used by folk medicine as an antipyretic, bactericidal and sweating remedy. To save the sore throat, dried raw materials( 1 tablespoon) are required to be boiled with a glass of boiling water. Drink 3 to 4 times a day. Norm for 1 reception - 2 tbsp.spoons.

The tea has an analgesic effect from raspberry and rose hips. In an arbitrary amount used in a warm form, it will help in a few minutes to ease the pain in the throat.

How to relieve pain by other means? Major anesthetic effect has a cup of tea. In a glass of boiling water, you need to brew marjoram( 1 tablespoon), insist a few minutes, drink warm. The healing solution can be sweetened with honey.

Ginger tea has proven itself in the treatment of the throat. For its preparation, a glass of boiling water should be poured into ½ tsp of peeled and chopped ginger. You can add honey to taste.

Honey and lemon for the treatment of throat

How to quickly relieve sore throat with available means? A combination of honey and lemon is a popular means for treating the sore throat. For the preparation of a medicinal composition of 3 lemons, it is required to squeeze the juice, which is combined with a glass of honey. Take a teaspoon as often as possible. Already on the first day of use this remedy, which in the course of reception is required to be thoroughly absorbed, will help to calm the pain in the throat. how quickly to relieve the pain in the throat at home with angina

How to relieve pain quickly? Relieve the throat of uncomfortable sensations will help lemon-honey drink, for the preparation of which in a glass of warm water you need to dissolve a spoonful of lemon juice;here add honey to taste. A warm drink that has an anti-inflammatory effect, and also relieves pain and sore throat, should be drunk throughout the day as often as possible.

Rinse against sore throat

How to quickly relieve sore throat at home during pregnancy? The safest and at the same time effective means for the mother and the future baby is the rinsing of the throat, the action of which is aimed at cleansing the mucosa from harmful bacteria and preventing further aggravation of the physical condition. Rinse the sore throat with a break in 2 hours, using for each procedure different compositions.

In pregnancy, ease the pain in the throat by rinsing with a solution of ½ liter of warm water, 1 tbsp.spoons of soda and 0.8 tbsp.spoons of salt - a natural antiseptic of soft action, which helps to reduce puffiness and draw excess fluid from the mucous membranes. The resulting warm solution, which creates an alkaline effect and prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms, requires rinsing the sore throat. On the first day of the manifestation of painful symptoms, the procedure is required to be carried out every hour, the next day - every two hours, the third - every three hours.

Home remedies for sore throat

A proven remedy for relieving symptoms of an ailment is an iodine solution. In a glass of water you need to dissolve 5 drops of iodine and a tablespoon of soda and salt. In a few days after thorough rinses, you can forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon as a sore throat. how to quickly relieve sore throat at home in adults

How to remove discomfort with home remedies? A sore throat will help freshly squeezed beet juice in a complex with vinegar( 1 cup - 1 teaspoon).

The calendula tincture has a pronounced antiseptic effect. For its preparation, it takes 1 hour a spoonful of dried raw material to brew in a third of a glass of boiling water.

Rinsing of the throat can be done with onion solution: in 1 liter of water for 3-4 minutes you need to boil 4 teaspoons of onion husks. Decoction to insist for several hours, then filtered. Rinse as often as possible.

Sore throat: how to remove compresses

In the treatment of the throat, compresses that promote the acceleration of blood circulation, the disappearance of the pain syndrome and the suppression of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms have proved successful. How to quickly relieve the pain in the throat compresses? how to quickly relieve the pain in the throat at home during pregnancy

The most commonly used alcohol is a compress with ingredients such as camphor oil, aloe juice or honey. To avoid spasm of blood vessels it is not recommended to perform this procedure at elevated temperature.

A sore chamomile will help the sore throat, for preparation of which in a glass of boiling water it is required to brew and insist 1 tbsp.a spoon of dried raw materials. As soon as the medicinal solution has cooled to a warm state, it should be moistened with a clean towel, squeezed and put on the throat for 15-20 minutes. The procedure is desirable to be carried out several times a day and must be applied before going to bed.

Treatment with inhalations

Painful symptoms in the throat can be eliminated by inhalations, the healing effect of which is based on the inhalation of hot steam, formed from decoctions of herbs: mint, lavender, fir, eucalyptus, sage. sore throat This method helps quickly get rid of the painful symptoms and inflammation in the throat. To obtain a healing effect, it is recommended to inhale the useful steam for a quarter of an hour. The temperature of the drug composition should not be above 65 degrees, otherwise the effect of steam for the sore throat will be scalding. A few performed procedures will significantly help to ease the pain in the throat.

How to relieve painful symptoms with home remedies? Of the folk methods well help onion-garlic inhalations, characterized by a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. To prepare medicinal solution it is required to take in equal parts garlic and onion juice, which are connected with water at the rate of 1 to 10.

For inhalation with herbal solutions it is recommended to use at least 3 components such as oak, juniper, chamomile, cedar, birch, mint, Pine.

How to quickly relieve the pain in the throat at home in adults?

Eucalyptus tincture will help to alleviate the condition and reduce pain symptoms. Drink 30 drops, diluted with water, in three divided doses.

To get rid of the discomfort in the throat, you can use foot baths. The procedure should be performed before bedtime for a quarter of an hour. The temperature of the water should not be above 38 degrees. Propolis is an effective treatment for the throat. The bee product shows excellent medicinal properties when lubricating patients with tonsils. Preliminary alcohol propolis should be combined with vegetable oil in the same proportion or with water at a rate of 1 to 2. For lubrication use a cotton swab or bandage wrapped on a long stick( for sushi) or the back of the spoon. The procedure is carried out three times a day.