Cedar Barrel: Benefits and Harms of Phytotherapy

The cedar wood was used for healing long ago. Cedar was revered as a healing tree in Siberia, its unique properties were known to Tibetan monks, even physicians today speak of its beneficial effect on improving the immune system as a whole. Many health centers, clinics offer healing procedures today in cedar mini saunas.

cedar barrel

Cedar barrel - good and bad

One of the ancient Slavonic medical institutions preserved in the Arkhangelsk library demonstrates the procedure of treatment in a barrel. In the figure, the barrel stands on the stones next to the fire, in which stones are heated. When hot stone was put under the barrel, they were poured with broths of medicinal herbs, and the one sitting in the barrel breathed this steam. In parallel, treatment was carried out both through steam and through hot water in the barrel. Thus healed a fever, treated pains in the joints and spine, lumbago, even the angina pectoris.

Why was the cedar barrel taken, the benefits and harms of which are incomparable? Yes, precisely because it can harm the health in only one case - if there are objective contraindications to the reception of bath procedures in general. In all other cases, the steam room, arranged in a cedar barrel, will only benefit the body.

mini sauna cedar barrel

Mini-sauna is perfect for those who want to relieve tension and stress after a tiring working day, physical activity. This is the first means of prevention from ARI, as it cleanses the mucous membrane, helps improve blood circulation, increases the activity of metabolic processes, stimulates the immune system, and phytoncids isolated from the cedar tree kill microbes and viruses, have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, significantly reduce pain in radiculitis, sprains.


The distinctive feature of the mini-sauna "Cedar barrel" is that the steam there heats up gradually to a temperature of approximately 50 degrees. And in the first 10 minutes the skin starts to breathe, and the saturation of the vapors with essential oils and herbal infusions ensures their active absorption. Their effect has a relaxing and calming effect, the vessels dilate, the venous stagnation is eliminated, the body's thermoregulation is restored. Each patient can choose an individual set of herbs and oils, depending on the indications, to achieve the greatest effect. The recommended time of stay in such a steam room is 15-20 minutes.

Micro herbal droplets of herbs continue to be absorbed through the skin and after the procedure, so do not rush to take a shower. After a sauna session, you should rest, drink your favorite herbal infusion. If possible, make a massage, this will enhance the effect of phytosauna.

Weight loss

Women's half of humanity is constantly in search of a tool to help get rid of excess weight. In this case, an indispensable cedar barrel. The benefits and harms of this procedure are obvious. First, the skin undergoes purification by steam, exfoliation of dead cells takes place, the smallest blood vessels open and actively work. All this makes the skin smoother, healthier, more elastic. Secondly, since the skin interacts more actively with herbs( it absorbs almost half of the medicinal herb steam), the effect of phytotherapy increases. This leads to the disappearance of signs of cellulite. True, doctors are skeptical about the possibility of losing a lot with phyto-tea, but still some effect is noted. After all, with a lot of slag goes out, blood flow is accelerated, metabolism is normalized, which means that the body is actively beginning to process internal fats.

Contra-indications of cedar barrel

contraindications to cedar barrel

As with any apparatus used in medicine, a mini-sauna "cedar barrel" can not be recommended to everyone. There are several serious medical diagnoses that exclude the use of this phytoprocedure. Do not use the sauna for those who have cancer, cirrhotic liver, there are problems with the lungs( tuberculosis) or veins( thrombophlebitis), high blood pressure or arrhythmia, there are skin diseases( eczema, fungi), there is a tendency to bleeding.

Also steam procedures are not recommended for long periods of pregnancy and with individual allergy to cedar oil.

Summing up the

To restore the immune system and skin health, certainly, such a phytoprocedure as a cedar barrel is recommended. The benefits and harm that a person can inflict on his body, taking it without the advice of a doctor, depends only on himself. If you do not have contraindications, then take care of your health!