Triosept-Lux: instructions for use and reviews

Disinfection of premises is incredibly important in many cases. We all want to feel safe when we are in a beauty salon or a massage session, in the dentist's office or at the family doctor. And the quality of all procedures in such institutions depends on how thoroughly they disinfected surfaces and tools, in contact with which the patient or the client enters. We appreciate the cleanliness in the kitchens of catering establishments that we visit, we want to believe in the good sanitary conditions of vehicles carrying food, which we later purchase. Everyone hopes that the cinema chair, the table in the restaurant, all the surfaces in his child's kindergarten are thoroughly cleaned. Yes, when it comes to our own health and the health of our loved ones, bargaining is out of place. In this issue, everyone has the right to demand a serious attitude to the disinfection of premises.

Thorough treatment of medical facilities is especially important, because its absence or negligence carries a serious threat to patients. For example, the risk of contracting a much more serious infection than the one that caused his stay in the hospital, due to the fact that her pathogens were not removed from the hospital by disinfecting them.

At times, thorough cleaning of surfaces is required at home. Remove the mold, destroy the fungus on the shoes, clean the air indoors or clean the air conditioning and ventilation systems - all these, as well as other described above purposes, require a high-quality disinfectant. Today, many prefer the drug Triosept-Lux. What is its peculiarity? Is it dangerous for a person? In which cases does the product become truly effective? How should it be applied? More answers to these questions will be discussed later in this article.

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Triosept-Lux( application instruction): Composition

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is important to know the components of the disinfectant used. The main active substances, which are part of the "Triosept-Lux", the instruction for use calls 3 percent guanidine, 5 percent chloride diletsildimethylammonium chloride, 5 percent chloride, alkyldimethylbenzylammonium, and prolylenediamine( 1,3).All these useful properties depend on these components.


The "Triosept-Lux" preparation instruction describes an active antimicrobial preparation. It is effective against pathogens of tuberculosis and other anaerobic infections( including in relation to their nosocomial distribution)."Triosept-Lux" instructions for use recommends for the control of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus, vancomycin-resistant enterococcus, as well as a number of various viruses, including viruses of so-called swine and bird flu, parainfluenza, influenza, adenoviruses, rotoviruses, human immunodeficiency virus, poliomyelitis, herpes, enteroviruses, various agents of acute respiratory viral infections, as well as hepatitis viruses: A, B, C, enteral and parenteral. Among other things, it is an effective antifungal agent. To him are sensitive mold fungi, candida, causative agents of trichophytosis.

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The Tri-Sept-Lux remedy refers to the fourth class among low-toxic substances. This means that if it gets on the skin, mucous and into the stomach, this substance behaves as moderately dangerous. Allergic reactions to the skin, its irritation and painful increase in sensitivity, according to studies, do not occur if the drug is used in the recommended dosages. The same can be said about the aqueous solutions of this agent. However, if the drug is used in the form of an aerosol, the appearance of irritation of the mucous organs of the eyes and the upper respiratory tract is very likely. Therefore, it is important to use personal protective equipment in order to protect your body from undesirable effects.

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The "Triisept-Lux" instructions for use for general cleaning are recommended for use in order to disinfect any surfaces, toilets, various equipment, as well as those that are being cleaned. It is effective for shower cabins with acrylic coating, utensils for various purposes, products made of rubber and oilcloth, items used in the care of sick people.

Recommends the product "Triosept-Lux" instructions for use for cleaning in sanatoriums, boarding houses, a variety of children's institutions. The substance is effective for the disinfection of any foci of infection, as well as for the prevention of its spread in premises of any purpose.

In medical institutions, among other things, this means is used to disinfect a variety of equipment that is associated with artificial ventilation of the lungs, as well as other life support devices.

Recommends to use the preparation "Triosept-Lux" instruction for use in dentistry for the disinfection of a variety of dental instruments and prints from a variety of materials( alginate, silicone, polyester resin).Effectively cleans dentures( both metal and ceramic, and plastic), spittoons, impression spoons and articulators.

Disinfection with the Triosept-Lux preparation instructions for use( 2.09.2009) also recommends any surgical instruments, since the drug is able to effectively combat bacterial, fungal and viral infections, the causative agents of which inevitably settle on medical instruments.

It is convenient to use the product for the purpose of disinfection of medical waste( including disposable bed and underwear, personal protective equipment, various dressings and other products that can be used only once) before their mandatory disposal.

Do not prohibit the use of Triosept-Lux instructions for use( "SpecSintez" - the manufacturer of the product) for the purpose of cleaning and sterilizing the dishes in which there were some allocation of the patient or some food waste, as well as disinfecting any biological material( which may include feces or urine, sputum and vomit, blood and spinal fluid, endotracheal aspirate, and intraoperative material).

When a drug is used in the form of an aerosol, it can be effectively used to purify air in any premises, regardless of their purpose. It is also suitable for disinfection of air-conditioning and ventilation systems, cleaning of swimming pools and water supply systems in water parks. The drug effectively destroys mold on all surfaces, as well as fungi contained in shoes. This substance is safely used for disinfection of instruments and surfaces in beauty salons, SPA centers and massage parlors. With the help of the drug under consideration, public facilities( toilets, buffets, hotels, clubs, offices, cinemas, sports locker rooms) are cleaned."Triosept-Lux" is used for disinfection of special-purpose vehicles, for example, those used for transportation of food.

With the help of the substance under consideration, public bath rooms are treated. It is also effective for the disinfection of garbage disposal systems in residential and office buildings. They handle garbage containers, garbage chutes and garbage collectors.

Tells in detail how to prepare a working solution of "Triosept-Lux", instructions for use. Dilution of the drug should be carried out depending on what exactly and how much will be disinfected. In most cases, a semi-or one-percent solution of the agent is used.

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As the "Triisept-Lux" agent informs on the instructions for use, it is available in a variety of capacities( one thousand milliliters, five, ten, twenty and fifty liters).In a limited quantity is produced in barrels of polyethylene, the volume of which is one hundred or two hundred liters.

Shelf life

How much storage of the "Triosept-Lux" instruction manual for use? The chemical composition of the working solution remains active for thirty days from the moment it was prepared. At the same time, the disinfectant itself does not lose its useful properties for five years from the day it was manufactured.

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Storage and Transport

Disinfection "Triosept-Lux" instruction for use recommends storing in a place, the air temperature in which does not exceed thirty degrees Celsius. It should be located separately from any other medicines and foodstuffs that the substance in question may affect. The drug is frozen with a sharp drop in temperature. However, fortunately, the useful properties of the product are not lost after it is thawed. In this form of "Triosept-Lux" instructions for use allows you to use it fully.

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The price of one container of a disinfectant in the volume of one thousand milliliters is about five hundred and fifty rubles. The cost of large volumes of "Triosept-Lux" varies depending on where the product is purchased.


Consumers are positive about the effectiveness of the "Triosept-Lux" for disinfection of various kinds. The reviews focus on the safety of the drug, namely on the fact that you can safely be in the room after it has been processed. There is also a moderate toxicity when it gets on the skin, any mucous membranes or even inside the human body. Of course, it is important to clean the gastrointestinal tract in time or to wash the skin or mucous membranes with plenty of clean water. This will help to avoid any unpleasant consequences of such contact.

Also convenient is the opportunity to purchase the required amount of the drug( whether liter, five, ten, twenty or fifty).If the product is necessary for processing on an industrial scale, then you can buy a convenient package( barrels of a hundred or two hundred liters).

The storage of the substance is quite simple, and during the storage period the product does not lose its useful properties. This is very valuable for users.

triosept luxury instruction manual


It is not permissible to neglect the cleanliness of the premises in which people are located. After all, this has a very negative impact on their health. The presence of pathogens of various infectious diseases does not go unpunished. Often the victims of this negligence are children whose immunity is not able to effectively combat such bacteria. The presence of mold or fungus will also definitely affect the health of the respiratory tract in the first place, and, as a consequence, the whole organism as a whole. Allowing the presence of such dangerous microorganisms in the house means to let your family get sick. Thus, it is important to thoroughly disinfect the room from time to time, even if it is just a residential apartment, not a special purpose building. And for this you need a really high-quality tool, which also calls the "Triosept-Lux" instruction for use. The dilution of the solution will not be difficult for anyone. Safe for humans, effective against a variety of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms, successfully overcoming fungi and mold preparation is ideal for processing any equipment, surfaces, premises. It can be conveniently used as an aerosol for air disinfection.

Various variants of the packaging allow you to choose a comfortable volume, without forcing you to buy excess and, conversely, providing the opportunity to get the right amount of solution in one package. The manufacturer takes care of the convenience of its customers.

It is also very easy to use the tool. It is only necessary to dilute "Triosept-Lux" with water in the required proportion, depending on what it is necessary to disinfect.

According to the reviews, the agent under consideration is very simple to use and at the same time very effective. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase quality products for cleaning the premises. Remember, your health and the health of your loved ones depend on the effectiveness of its properties.