EMF, blood test: what is it, transcript, norms and key indicators

EMF( blood test) - what is it? How is it conducted? What is it for? In order to fully understand these issues, it is necessary to refer to some medical information and data provided by a variety of diagnostic laboratories. In fact, it is not so difficult to understand what it is about as it seems. Almost every citizen of this or that country sooner or later encounters EDS-diagnostics. What is it? ems blood test what is it


Everything is simple. EMF is a blood test. What is this in general and for the diagnosis of what diseases are carried out? The thing is that this abbreviation refers to the method of determining syphilis in the blood. A kind of analogue of the name of the Wasserman reaction.

In diagnostic laboratories, this analysis can be seen in the form of the inscription "Reaction to RW".Many people know this procedure. Especially women. The population does the analysis for syphilis not only with suspicions of its presence, but also just for the sake of checking the body. For example, during pregnancy.

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EMF( blood test) - what is it? As already mentioned, the method of diagnosing syphilis in the blood. Or Wasserman's reaction. For the patient does not have any special features. How is the analysis done?

Analysis of

The diagnostic procedure is extremely simple. Especially for patients. They require a little preparation for the surrender of biological material, but no more. About it will be told later.

EMF( blood test) - what is it? A study that helps determine the presence of syphilis in the human body. A peculiar method of diagnosing the disease by blood. the blood test is negative

A person comes to the laboratory and gives a little venous blood. Further in the laboratory they begin to work with the obtained biomaterial. The special solution is mixed with the patient's blood, then, after some time, the reaction is considered. If it is, a person came across syphilis. Otherwise the patient is completely healthy. The time of diagnosis in the laboratory is about half an hour.

Preparation for analysis of

And how to take a blood test for EMF?More precisely, how is it necessary to prepare for the study? Special instructions and recommendations of the laboratory are not given. But to obtain a more accurate result, it is advisable to refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol several days before taking biological material for the study.

Also an important condition is the delivery of blood on an empty stomach. It is recommended not to eat 8 hours before the test. It is advisable to exclude from the diet 2-3 days before the visit to the laboratory too spicy, salty and sweet food. This is the only way to achieve the maximum result.

Negative analysis of

Next, you can talk a little about how this decryption is interpreted. Everything is not so difficult to understand. EMF( blood test) - what is this study? It is clear for what purposes it is conducted. And what is it - too. But how to interpret the results?

According to the previously mentioned technique, antibodies to syphilis proteins will be searched in the blood. The blood test( EMF) is negative? This means that the human body did not come across this disease. That is, he is healthy. And he never had syphilis. ems blood test what is this transcript

This is exactly the result waiting for patients when they pass the analysis to EMF.But this is not the only response. What other options can be after the study?

Positive result

For example, a positive result of the EMF blood test. It occurs when a person in the blood after mixing it with a special solution produces antibodies to syphilis.

Accordingly, it can be judged that the patient's body encountered the disease. Talking about the norm for this analysis does not make sense. After all, he shows whether there is syphilis or not.

Typically, laboratories simply provide the population with a printout that states whether antibodies to the disease were found or not. But sometimes clinics offer an extended display of the result.

Classes of cells

A person decided to take a blood test for EMF.What is it? Interpretation of the analysis by classes of cells as interpreted? It is not so difficult to understand this as it seems. People with medical education know that in the presence of this or that disease in the body, either lgG-cells or lgM start to be produced. On them it is easy to understand whether a person has had syphilis or any other disease. blood test for emf

Decoding can occur as follows:

  1. Recent infection with syphilis. Then IgM antibodies are produced approximately 7 days after a virus collision.
  2. Relatively recent disease. If the body syphilis has been living for about a month, then antibodies lgG start to be produced. Also, IgG persists after the successful treatment of syphilis. In other words, the presence of such antibodies is not only a pointer to a recent infection, but also an indicator of the development of a stable immunity to the disease.
  3. Secondary disease. This is possible if the result is a negative reaction, but there is lgG.Nearby still prescribed so-called titles. Depending on them, the real result will be interpreted. Or a person simply has persistent immunity, or he again fell ill with syphilis.

blood on the emf that this decryption analysis

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Now the answer to the question about EMF( blood test) "what is it" is clear. Deciphering it is also more or less clear. What kind of titres can be seen about antibodies of one type or another? And how to determine the presence of syphilis in humans? Everything is simple, just take into account the following indicators:

  • with one minus of syphilis;
  • at one plus the result is doubtful;
  • 2 plus - weakly positive, the probability of the disease is small;Pluses - there is syphilis;
  • 4 pluses - sharply positive, recent infection.

In this case, you can conduct any other diagnosis of syphilis. And take into account all the results. If they are also positive, the person is sick. Otherwise, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Errors of

EMF( blood test) - what is it? A modern, though not entirely accurate, technique for diagnosing syphilis in humans. It is worth paying attention to the fact that a positive result may be false. Therefore, you do not need to panic when you see that antibodies to the disease are produced in the body.

First, it is recommended to retake the analysis. Or choose a different technique for diagnosing syphilis. EMF is a study that has certain inaccuracies.

Secondly, as already mentioned, the presence of antibodies to the disease can mean the development of immunity to the disease. For example, due to the peculiarity of the organism. positive blood test for emf

Thirdly, the presence of bad habits, as well as chronic diseases can lead to a positive result of the analysis. The girls even have menstruation on it.

Accordingly, EMF is a fairly rapid rapid test for syphilis, which has certain errors.100% accuracy only gives to perfectly healthy people. But in practice such research is in great demand. Now it is clear how the blood is delivered to the EMF, what is it, the analysis of the analysis as it passes and what are the factors of influence on the accuracy of the study.