How quickly to reduce a bruise under the eye by different means?

Life in the modern world is quite cruel and aggressive, sometimes you have to defend yourself or defend your own point of view "on the fists."And there are times when a hematoma is formed on the eye due to inattention and awkwardness. Then the question arises as to how quickly to reduce the bruise under the eye and hide the traces of past exploits from the look of passers-by. In fact, there are several ways to successfully disguise the hated mark.

How to quickly reduce the bruise under the eye? We use heat and cold

Everybody knows that first of all, something cold should be applied to the place of damage. If the injury is received at home, then an ice pack or any frozen product will do. Such a compress not only relieves the pain effect, but also significantly narrows the capillaries, which prevents swelling. Direct exposure to cold, for example, ice, promotes frostbite, so ice should be wrapped in a towel and only then applied to the injured area. Before using medicines, try the following compress: make a solution of soda, vinegar and cold water, then moisten the towel in this mixture and gently apply it to the bruise.20 minutes is enough to improve your appearance. Then you will have to wait until the swelling and swelling pass, and only then proceed to the next stage of treatment - warming up. This procedure promotes the rapid restoration of damaged tissues. Well suited compresses from heated salt with sand, as these substances retain heat for a long time. If you want to get the desired result, you should warm up three times a day in the shortest possible time.

How to quickly reduce the bruise under the eye? We go to the pharmacy for help with

. Of course, at the present time there is a wide range of various ointments and gels of special orientation. The most popular of them are the funds "Bruise Off" or "Ratovnik", as well as restoring balsam "Rescuer".Any of these remedies should be rubbed every few hours. At the same time, do not forget about the banal iodine grid. At night, I should mark the eye with iodine, drawing a mesh with a thin layer. By the morning of the former art there will be no trace. You can also buy such a tool as a body sponge, it is better to take it as a powder. We dissolve two spoons of powder in a spoonful of warm water and apply the resulting mixture to a sore spot. After complete drying, carefully remove the remnants of the mask so that the substance does not get into the eye and does not cause irritation.

How to quickly reduce the bruise under the eye? Folk remedies

However strange it may be, leaves of plantain and cabbage contribute to the resolution of hematomas. More precisely, squeezed out of them juice, which should be applied as a compress. Often, prevention is required against bruises under the eyes, which appear due to fatigue and lack of sleep. To do this, you need to strengthen the vessels by increasing the volume of vegetables and fruits in the diet, since they are rich in fiber. It is necessary to drink a good vitamin course, especially regularly take vitamin C. It is also worth making lotions out of tea bags.