Treatment using the device "Styotron" - a divorce? Reviews of doctors and buyers, instructions for use, indications

Our citizens are already accustomed to the fact that the lion's share of the goods, presented in advertising as miraculous and unusual, in fact are the most ordinary and at best just do not harm. Therefore, many confidently declare that actively promoted now know-how in medicine, namely the device "Styotron" - a divorce.

Reviews about this miracle, healing all of everything, however, divided. Approximately half of them "Steotron" is praised, citing in the evidence unconfirmed stories about the cure for a variety of ailments. The other half tries in every way to prove that this is not true, basing their statements on the well-known structure of the human body, on the laws of physics, chemistry, electrodynamics and even network marketing.

Representatives of this second half are absolutely and irrevocably convinced that "Styotron" is a divorce. Unfortunately, in our time, you can buy reviews, both bad and good ones. Therefore, taking any serious decision, you have to shovel dozens of sites, read a lot of information, looking for a grain of truth in it. We want to help you understand the utility or uselessness of the device, gathering all the most accurate information about him in one article. Let's start with positive information that can be obtained from advertising TV shows about "Styotron" and from the official website of the manufacturer.

"Styotron", description of external characteristics of

At first, for those who do not yet know, we will tell, and for those who already know, we will repeat what the device looks like. Its creators pretty much bothered to give it the most stylish look, without reducing the ease of use.

Styotron divorce reviews Several varieties of the device are available for sale."Styotron-Pro", is a novelty of the current year. Outwardly, he is not much different from sunglasses, except that a bit more massive than a beach accessory. And "Styotron-Alpha" also looks like glasses, but not ours, usual, but taken from a fantastic film. At the same time, both models weigh about 100 g, plus, are completely autonomous and mobile, that is, they work not on the network, but on batteries, that's why they do not cause discomfort during operation.

For more convenience, developers have come up with a special case that goes to the "Styotron" in the kit. It protects the device from environmental influences, strikes, for example, if you accidentally drop the home doctor, and so on. Also, the case helps to have your favorite "Styotron" with you always and everywhere.

The application of this remarkable device is possible at work, on the road, at the dacha, anywhere, because the device can be hidden in a case and safely carried in a bag or even a pocket and do not interrupt the cycle of procedures started. There is also a third model of "Styotron-clinics", but it is already more cumbersome, it is a stationary device and is intended for use in medical institutions.

"Styotron", instruction

Note that without buying the device, it is difficult to get acquainted with the instruction manual of its use in detail, since everything that is reported about this on the official website is reduced to a couple of phrases. It is necessary to sit comfortably in the armchair, put miracle eyewear on your eyes and dial the necessary program. It's all.

Styrotron instruction

While you enjoy the comfort and peace, the device saves you from all the sores. Among the programs, of which there are 100 species, there are those that everyone needs. This is "Immunity", "Derivation of toxins and toxins", "Depression".There are also a number of specific programs that help to cure the adventures of diseases. The session of each of them has its own duration, but, in principle, even very busy people, the "Styotron" is quite suitable.

The instruction prescribes that the eye should be exposed to no more than 5 minutes and no more than 3 times a day. The duration of the entire course for the final cure for each disease is different. To achieve the result, you can not interrupt sessions, and shorten or extend them.

Principle of operation

The device "Styotron" treats without tablets and injections, but only light, color and pulses, and with the use of nanotechnology. The developers took advantage of the knowledge of distant ancestors who have long discovered the truth - different color schemes have different effects on our internal organs:

  • Red color is able to remove slags, stabilize the work of the heart and blood vessels, protect against infections.
  • Yellow color is favorable for the brain and nervous system, helps to fight cellulite.
  • Green is good for the eyes and liver.
  • Orange promotes excellent mood, saves from depression, speeds up recovery and regeneration processes.
  • Blue color relieves pain, inflammation, helps to bring down the temperature, so it is irreplaceable for colds.
  • Blue cures the runny nose, restores the pituitary gland.
  • Purple fights microbes, increases immunity, relieves pain in injuries.

This is just a short list of the usefulness of color spectra. As it turned out, all organs and problems with them are designed for our iris of the eye, therefore treatment with "Styotron" is based on the effect of this or that spectrum on the eyes, which act as the signal conductors entering the epiphysis and from there to the diseased organ.

The second aspect of treatment is associated with the exposure of the eyes to energy spikes that cause vibrations and vibrations. This principle is based on the fact that each organ and even every cell has specific vibrations. If they are violated, the organ becomes ill. Here is the "Styotron" and regulates the frequency of correct vibrations. This can be compared with the tuning of instruments, so that they sound beautiful and melodic.

Styotron reviews of doctors

Who is useful for "Styotron"

No doubt, each of you is interested in what he is treating "Styotron."Based on the above, I want to answer - all. Here and skin diseases, including so far incurable by the official medicine of psoriasis with eczema, and the healing of any wounds, and the restoration of immunity, metabolism, the work of hormones, and the disease of absolutely all internal organs, including the heart and brain.

In addition, "Styotron" struggles with various infections, relieves phobias, fears, depression, stress, helps to fall asleep, restore strength, raise appetite and mood. Also, this genius of human thought is able to quickly remove pain, improve blood functions, cleanse the body of all toxins, improve vision, delay aging, improve reproductive function.


Every normal person will doubt such fantastically wide possibilities of any device, including "Styotron".The doctors' comments on its usefulness indicate that it is not suitable for every patient.

Manufacturers warn that they do not want to use:

  • for children under the age of three;
  • patients with hydrocephalus;
  • having in its body an electrocardiostimulator;
  • for those diagnosed with acute inflammation of the eyes.

In this case, the manufacturers claim that when using "Styotron" side effects are not revealed.

Styrotron price

Additional information

The most important question for anyone interested in the device is where and how much do they sell "Styotron"?The device is manufactured by OOO Rusmed. Its main office is located in the capital of Russia at the address: 1st Krasnogvardeysky Passage, house number 15.Consultants here wait for their clients every day from 10 am to 8 pm. Of all the settlements in Russia, you can call here, and, for free, consult and order your personal "Styotron."The price in Russia is from 39 870 rubles. Delivery in Moscow or in other regions is not paid. In addition, there are representative offices of the company in Europe, in particular, in London, in Asia, in Israel and in America.

If the device did not show itself in 30 days of use, and this is confirmed by documents, you can send it back. The company promises to return not only the cost of the product, but also postage.

In Kiev and Kazakhstan, you can also buy "Styotron."The price of the device in all countries, except Russia, may differ from the original, which is caused by the instability of the exchange rate, transportation costs and other costs.

Styrotron device

Using nanotechnology

Having finished with a positive information that is in everyone's mind, let's pour a drop of tar into a barrel of sweet honey. As it seems to us, without understanding the details, we can not say that the device "Styotron" is a divorce. Feedback, of course, is important, but it is even more important to understand how this modern miracle works.

So, according to the advertisement, "Styotron" is based on nanotechnology, and works on the principle of spectral-wave action on the iris of the eye. For a common man, these terms sound like a sorcerer's spell, in the performance of which there is no doubt sin. But we decided to doubt and find out what the latest developments are in the device. We started with nanotechnology.

They really can be called a miracle, because with their help physicians have made incredible progress in the cultivation of newly destroyed bones and teeth, performing operations without seams and blood loss, in the treatment of cancer at all stages and many more serious diseases. If the device "Styotron" works on nanotechnology, and not in a hospital, but at home, it can be considered a magical panacea for 1000 ailments.

The principle of nanotechnology is the use of nanoparticles - incredibly tiny units that do not exceed a billionth of a meter in size. With their help, it is possible to deliver medicines not only to the diseased organ, but to the diseased cage of this organ! But the main advantage of "Styotron" is just the treatment without medication.

Other directions for the development of nanotechnology - the creation of special, unique in its properties of nanomaterials and the creation of devices or their parts that control molecules and atoms. In medicine, these areas are still in development. The creators of "Styotron" do not report whether nanomaterials are used in its design and which, and also by microparticles of which substances the device is manipulating, so the question of using nanotechnology in "Styotron" is still open.

Color treatment

According to the advertisement, the device "Styotron" uses for treatment various color spectra, and this is not even its dignity, but the essence. Indeed, ancient healers practiced treatment with different spectra, believing that red is classically the color of the heart, blood and blood vessels, black - kidney, white - of the lungs, yellow - pancreas, blue-green - of the liver.

treatment with Styrotron

In 1930, a physician from India D. Ghadiali discovered the connection of the internal organs with individual colors. Nowadays, it has been experimentally proved that red and orange shades are exciting, increase pressure, pulse rate, breathe faster, and blue-violet, on the contrary, soothe. Perhaps that's why Avicenna ordered bleeding blood to look at the blue.

Nowadays color therapy is used in many medical institutions, however its real effect is not scientifically confirmed, therefore it is considered though innovative, but pseudoscientific. In addition, modern research has shown that the same colors are perceived differently by different people, and therefore have different health effects, in particular, on the work of the nervous system.

Light treatment

This method has long been used in official medicine and is called phototherapy. The device "Styotron" is also designed on the principles of the use of light. What can they treat?

It is reliably established that light helps to solve skin problems, even with psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema. Also, phototherapy is useful in depression, neuralgia, nervous disorders, varicosity, trophic ulcers, sleep disorders, radiculitis, arthritis, certain forms of tuberculosis, bronchitis, pleurisy, diseases of the genitourinary system. But at the same time, phototherapy of pregnant, oncological, and also thyrotoxicosis, open forms of tuberculosis, heart failure, hypertension 2 and 3 degrees and with the administration of some antibiotics is categorically contraindicated.

Classically, this physiotherapy procedure goes like this: for a certain area of ​​the skin( not the eyes), it is hardware-assisted by light flashes of the calculated frequency and duration with the required number of pulses, and special filters block waves of unusable length. This allows the waves of the desired length and amplitude to penetrate into the diseased tissue to restore it."Styotron" performs almost the same, only without the participation of physicians.

Treatment through the iris of the eyes

There is much debate now whether or not there is a projection of organs on the iris of the eyes. There is even an iridodiagnostics based on this. On this occasion, a lot of tests and tests were conducted, as a result of which the position of iridodiagnostics is supposed to be pseudoscientific, and the coincidences of the diagnoses made with it are random.

Based on this, we can say that "Styotron" is a divorce. Many people say that they used the device and did not see even a small effect. But for the sake of justice, we note that the Russian company to all who did not help the device honestly returns the money.

Why did not science recognize iridodiagnostics? Because in our iris the eye is formed in the womb and in the process of life does not change, that is, no diseases of the organs are projected onto it.

Styrotron apparatus

Treatment with pulses

This technology, perhaps, is the most valuable thing that is in the apparatus of "Styotron."The doctors' reviews have long ago confirmed that pulse therapy is a very effective method in treating tumors, restoring tissues, eliminating pain, normalizing the functioning of almost all body systems, since every cell in our organs, including the brain, vibrates with a characteristic frequency only and onlyin its range.

Pulse therapy is very widely used, but it is contraindicated for people with brain tumors suffering from epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, hypertensive crisis, which carries pacemakers and toddlers up to the age of 5.


As we can see, based on long and successfully used in medicine discoveries, an apparatus was invented, in which three procedures were combined into one. They called it "Styotron."Reviews negative about the device are most likely written by those who can not use it, because of such physiotherapy they either do not have any improvements, or have deteriorated with health. It is also possible that bad reviews are compiled by competitors of "Rusmed".

Good reviews, except for registered ones, can be written by those who have the impact of pulses and light, getting in the eyes, miraculously beneficial for health, who in parallel with the device used other methods of treatment, as well as those who are very susceptible to suggestion.

In conclusion, I want to say that "Styotron" is essentially a multiple physiotherapy at once, and before trying it out on one's own health, it is advisable to consult a qualified doctor.