"Uriklar": reviews, instructions for use, indications, composition

"Uriklar" is a combined herbal remedy capable of supporting the work of the urinary system. The drug prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract. Vegetable substances that make up the tablets stimulate the metabolism in the body, affect the lowering of the tone of smooth muscles during the movement of stones, reduce pain. The drug is not a medicine, and before using the tablets should get a consultation with a doctor.

Composition and form of release

Thanks to the balanced content of the active ingredients, the Uriklar plant preparation effectively acts on the urinary system. Its composition includes natural extracts: bean leaves ordinary in the volume of 80 mg, parsley root curly and birch leaves 60 mg each. Here leaves of cowberry ordinary in a dose of 30 mg and flowers of chamomile medicinal( about 10 mg) are added.

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One capsule contains 1.5 mg of flavonoids, and this in terms of routine, as well as 0.5 mg of flavones( apigenin).In addition to the basic substances in the creation of tablets, auxiliary components were also involved. These include:

  • acidity regulators for sodium and potassium citrate;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • silicon dioxide;
  • magnesium stearate.

In addition to the elements presented, the composition of the capsule shell includes dyes: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, chlorophyllin. It should be noted that the shell still contains gelatin and specially purified water. The weight of one capsule is 430 mg. Tablets are enclosed in an aluminum blister for 15 pieces. The drug is sold in a cardboard box, which contains two blisters and instructions for use. The package contains 30 capsules.

"Uriklar" is a biologically active additive that best affects the functioning of the urinary system.

Properties of natural components

Preparation "Uriklar"( reviews of patients note that, despite the skeptical attitude towards this medicine, it really removes stones from the kidneys and prevents their appearance) contains extracts of dry plants that have beneficial effects on the function of the urinary function. This effect was achieved thanks to the properties of the components that make up the capsules, this is:

  • The rhizome of parsley curly, which has pronounced diuretic properties, helps to cleanse the body and remove toxins. It contains such a valuable substance as apigenin, which belongs to flavones. Herbal extract has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The leaves of birch plaice are enriched with essential oils. They contain alcohol-containing substances, as well as vitamin C, tannins, carotene and vegetable glycosides of flavonols.

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  • Chamomile officinalis is an inexhaustible source of flavonoids. Improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces fermentation in the intestinal environment, in every way promotes the process of digestion. Has strongly pronounced antiseptic properties.
  • Cowberry leaves are considered a natural antiseptic. They have antioxidant characteristics. They have in their composition such substances as flavonoids, tannins, tannins. In addition, it is a very effective diuretic.
  • The pericarp bean is one of the most pronounced sources of flavonols. Discharges excess fluid from the body. Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

"Uriklar" effectively supports the body with problems in the kidney and urinary system, improves the activity of these organs, treats them, prevents the occurrence of stones.

Pharmacological characteristics of

When is the drug "Uriklar" shown? The patients' complaints state that doctors often prescribe it to prevent the formation of stones, it is recommended to use it as a dietary supplement to the menu to saturate the body with flavonoids, carotenes, tannins, essential oils and organic acids. The drug restores the urinary system and metabolism in these organs.

Active components contained in "Uriklar" have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and diuretic effects, prevent the formation of stones in the kidney and urinary system, reduce the content of oxalic acid, hydroxyproline and calcium in the urine, reduce the tone of the urinary tract, which is especially important in the exit of stones.

Indications for use

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Kidney medication is used as an additional source of flavonoids. Indications for the use of the drug are diseases of the urinary system and urolithiasis.


The drug "Uriklar", despite its naturalness, can not be used for individual intolerance of the components of this drug. Contraindication is the period of pregnancy and lactation. It is a biologically active additive, and it can not be used as a basic medicine. Can only be used after a doctor's consultation. With caution, you should drink capsules for acute diseases of the bladder and kidneys.

"Uriklar": instructions for use

The price of this drug is affordable for many people, therefore, as a rule, it is used by many patients in the complex treatment of urolithiasis and as a natural remedy for the prevention of stone formation.

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The drug is consumed orally, with plenty of water. The course of admission, if there are no other prescriptions of the doctor, is one month. Drink the drug one capsule three times a day during meals. This natural remedy for kidneys is highly effective and safe. It rarely causes side effects.

Side effects and overdose

Capsules "Uriklar" rarely provoke negative reactions in the body. In isolated cases, there is an allergic reaction and an increased hypersensitivity to the elements contained in the tablet formulation. There were no cases of overdose of biologically active additive.

"Uriklar": what can be replaced?

If, for some reason, the "Uriclar" supplements have not approached, analogues are always able to replace it. To the means, similar to it in its composition and action, are:

  • "Blamaren".Assign with urolithiasis, which is accompanied by the formation of urates. Also, the drug does not allow the formation of uric acid stones.
  • "Vitahepar".Used for cholecystitis, which are in chronic form. The indication is a violation of metabolic processes, diabetes, hypertension, obesity. Apply the drug in diseases of the kidney system, rapid fatigue, decreased sexual function in men, diseases of the nervous system. Also prescribed for allergy, bad breath and excessive sweating.
  • "Zilorik".Another means is similar in its effect to "Uriklar".It is used for the prevention and treatment of hyperuricemia, gout and renal stone pathologies.
  • "Spills the Super Septo".Biologically active additive to food. Used as an additional source of flavonoids, hydroxyl-ammonium acid and tannic components. Improves the urinary system, restores the microflora in it. Has an easy diuretic effect.
  • "The Cit."Dissolves stones and prevents their formation. It is used for cystinuria, renal tubular acidosis. Its action is concluded in the alkalinization of urine.

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  • "Phytolite" and "Phytolite Forte N".Used for the treatment of urolithiasis and for the prevention of this disease. Involved in complications, which are provoked by the release of parts of the stone after applying shock wave lithotripsy. Assign the drug for renal colic. It is part of the complex treatment of pyelonephritis, lower urinary tract diseases, prostatitis.
  • "Cysto-Aurin".It is indicated in case of sanation of the urinary system if there are infectious and inflammatory processes, and also as a drug included in the complex therapy of urolithiasis and with sand in the kidneys. Prevents their education.
  • "Urodan".Prescribed for nephrolithiasis, gout and chronic polyarthritis. Most often involved in their complex treatment along with other drugs.
  • "Rovatinex".Assign with diseases such as nephrolithiasis and urolithiasis. Used to prevent the development of calculi in the kidneys.
  • Nefradoz. Promotes the release of small stones. Acts as a preventive agent in the formation of concrements. The agent is indicated in the occurrence of urolithiasis.

These and other tools can easily replace the "Uriklar" if necessary. Analogs have similar properties, functions and content. Before replacing one drug with another, you should consult a specialist.

Interaction with other drugs

The tablets "Uriklar" are perfectly combined with other drugs. The drug does not interact with other medicines and dietary supplements. This explains the frequent use of this medication.

Shelf life and storage form

Shelf life and shelf life of biologically active additive "Uriklar" is three years. The drug should be stored in a dry place and away from children and the sun. The temperature regime of storage should not exceed +25 ° С.This drug is dispensed from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. A herbal preparation is produced in Bulgaria by the pharmaceutical company Adifarm EAD.

The cost of the preparation

Strongly recommends that the correct dosage be adhered to when taking the "Uriklar" medication instructions for use. The price of this drug fluctuates around 600-700 rubles for thirty capsules. In some places, its value slightly departs from the declared. This is due to the extra charge in the trading network. The drug can be found in pharmacies of large cities and online pharmacies, where often the drug is brought to patients on request.

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What do the doctors say?

All patients should remember that the drug "Uriklar" is a biologically active additive. The doctors' opinions were divided into two categories. Some prescribe this drug to their patients and consider it to be quite effective, others do not trust such drugs and use only seriously tested drugs to treat their patients.

Experts who note the positive impact of "Uriklar", advised to use it for urolithiasis. They say that the remedy helps to avoid relapse after the operative removal of stones. The drug promotes the excretion of small stones, relaxes the muscles of the urethra, helps dissolve urate calculi, is an excellent medicine for the prevention of stone formation.

Negative feedback on dietary supplements doctors question its impact on the body. Doctors say that the drug has not passed all the necessary tests, and it can not be considered for the treatment of serious diseases. They question the effectiveness of the capsules and say that they are not able to remove kidney stones. The treatment with pills in this case should take place under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Opinion of patients about the preparation

It is said that the "Uriklar" means effectively affects the body with urolithiasis. Reviews of him can only be found positive.
Patients note that the drug helps to remove sand and stones from the kidneys and ureter. They say that it helps to reduce the amount of salts in the urine, removes discomfort, pain and pain in cystitis, prevents the formation of stones. The result of treatment with this herbal remedy remains for a long time. In addition, the tablets are natural and rarely cause side effects.


To the minuses of this drug patients include its cost and duration of treatment, which is from one to three months of regular admission. Negative feedback on the "Uriklar" is almost never found. Individuals do not believe in the effectiveness of capsules, since they are not a medicine, but only a biologically active additive. In any case, this remedy with stones in the kidney and urethra should be used cautiously and only after consulting a specialist.