How to induce vomiting after eating?

In the human body, there are many vital processes, including gas exchange, circulation, digestion and so on. Man can not manage them, but it is still possible to influence some of them. This also applies to such a complex act of reflex as vomiting. During it, the body in an emergency order gets rid of the poisons and toxins that enter it with food or in some other way. But sometimes your own strength in order to ejaculate the contents of the stomach, the biological system is not enough. Let's talk about how to induce vomiting artificially in this article.

Why is this necessary?

First, let's look at the situations in which there is a need for an artificial invocation of vomiting. Most often it is required for food poisoning. Once you have felt the first symptoms of intoxication, you should quickly rid the body of toxin-containing food. Is it possible to induce vomiting in this case artificially? Of course yes!

To an emergency gastric emptying sometimes resorts to women who carefully monitor their figure and are panic afraid of gaining excess weight. They know how to induce vomiting, and after each dense meal they specifically provoke a reflex act, so that the food that has not yet had time to digest leaves the body and does not add to it excessive calories. Of course, this method is effective and allows you to achieve the goal pursued, but often it can not be used. Why? This will be discussed below.

Methods of how to induce vomiting

The traditional method for the artificial provocation of a vomiting reflex is to irritate the root of the tongue by thrusting two fingers deep into the mouth. This action leads to spasms of the stomach and esophagus, due to which they spew out their contents outward. Use as an irritant can not only fingers, but also, for example, a teaspoon or even hair. Some people have a reflex act after they imagine that they ate something disgusting and disgusting( only need to fantasize as colorful as possible).Do not have to long search for a way of how to induce vomiting, people with a weak vestibular apparatus. It is enough to swirl, go for a swing, at a rapid pace to bow in different directions, and the attack will not keep you waiting. In addition, when using any of the listed methods, do not forget to consume a lot of liquid along with eating. First, water will facilitate the procedure by diluting the eaten, and secondly, create a feeling of overflow in the stomach, which will provide additional stimulation of the vomiting.

Among other things, you can buy in the drugstore tablets that cause vomiting. One of the most popular drugs with this effect is the "Apomorphine".With the help of it you can very quickly remove toxins from the body. It is also acceptable to use medications with expectorant effect, for example, "Lycorin hydrochloride".

Consequences of the artificial vomiting call

Think well before using the recommendations in the article in order to get rid of calories. This is extremely dangerous for health. The fact is that by forcefully provoking an emetic act several times, you will not even notice how you will get used to such actions, and this leads to the development of psychological dependence and bulimia. Subsequently, you no longer have to induce vomiting artificially - after each meal the gastric emptying will occur spontaneously, and this process you can not even stop if you wish.