Cream "Exeter": instructions for use and reviews

One of the most common dermatological ailments now is mycosis. Pathology can affect the skin and nail plates. To get rid of this problem, it is important to choose the right medicine. Highly effective drug that can suppress the development of fungus is the cream "Exeter".The drug is intended for local application, which significantly reduces the risk of side effects.

Description of

The fungal infection of the nail plates can hardly be medicated, especially in neglected cases.

exothermic cream

Doctors recommend using antifungal drugs of local and systemic influence in the course of therapy to achieve a positive result of treatment."Exeter" has proved its worth. Cream instructions for use recommends the use of various types of fungal lesions of the skin and nails.

The product is available in the form of a cream, is intended for external use and has a uniform texture and characteristic odor. The drug is able to suppress the development of pathology due to the effect on the enzyme located in the fungal cells - squalene epoxidase. Further life of the fungus becomes impossible and it dies.

Forms and composition

The preparation "Exter" in the form of cream and tablets for oral use is produced by the Russian pharmaceutical company "OZONE".The agent belongs to the group of allylamines and has a fungicidal effect on many varieties of fungi. The cream is produced in aluminum tubes, 15 g in volume, or in glass jars. In 100 g of external coating, 1 g of the main active ingredient terbinafine is contained. In one Exeter tablet, 250 mg of terbinafine is available.

exothermic cream instructions

Both forms of the drug can be used as part of the complex treatment of fungal infection.

The main component of the drug is effective against pathogens of dermatomycosis and multi-colored lichen, yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, moldy and dimorphic fungi. Concerning yeast-like fungi, the drug can also have fungistatic effects, that is, slow down their growth.

Auxiliary components in the cream are substances such as benzyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, polysorbate, isopropyl myristate.

How does it work?

Exeter cream is characterized by a cumulative effect. After application to the site affected by the fungus, the agent diffuses and accumulates in places that are most often affected by a pathogenic agent: in the nails and hair follicles. High concentrations of Exeter have a fungicidal effect. The body is excreted from the body with urine in the form of metabolites.

Indications for prescription

The drug is used to treat fungal skin and nail damage. According to the instructions, the cream can be prescribed if the patient has the following pathologies:

  • onychomycosis - fungal infection of the nail plates;
  • microsporia, trichophytosis - infection with the fungus of the scalp;
  • dermatomycosis, epidermophytia - the presence of fungus on the skin;
  • multi-colored lichen;
  • candidiasis of mucous membranes.

"Exter"( cream): instructions for use

Reviews of specialists suggest that this is a very effective tool that can completely rid the patient of such an unpleasant disease as mycosis.

exothermal cream user manual

To achieve a positive result, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the use of the cream.

Antifungal agent can be used only after consulting a specialist and submitting tests to determine the type of pathogen. You should consult a doctor already at the initial stage of the disease and do not engage in self-medication, because fungal infections start requiring a longer course of treatment and are not always amenable to therapy.

How to use?

The cream should be applied 1-2 times a day on the affected skin or nail plates. The duration of such therapy usually does not exceed 2 weeks. If during this time the patient does not see any improvement, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist and select another antifungal agent.

If necessary, additional tablets may be prescribed. The treatment regimen should be determined by a specialist, given the severity of the condition and the age of the patient. It should be borne in mind that Exeter's cream prohibits the use of the instruction for the treatment of fungal infections in children under 12 years old.

"Exter" with onychomycosis

To get rid of onychomycosis - a fungus of nails - is quite difficult. The ailment needs constant monitoring and drug therapy. To overcome the pathology, it is necessary to establish the exact nature of the pathogen and to select special preparations. Self-treatment with onychomycosis is highly undesirable, because in most cases this leads only to a significant deterioration in the condition.

Exeter Cream Reviews

In the process of clinical studies, the effectiveness of treatment of nail fungus with Exeter cream was proved. Domestic drug has proved itself from the positive side, even despite the rather high cost. The price fluctuates between 280-340 rubles per tube, with a volume of 15 mg. At the initial stage of the disease it is recommended to use only "Exter"( cream).Feedback from specialists and patients indicate that at this stage the drug is able to quickly overcome pathology. In more serious cases, a systemic effect on the body will be required. During the treatment of mycoses, it is desirable to exclude the use of other medications to avoid allergic reactions.


Antifungal for external use Exeter has some contraindications to use. The instruction says that the drug is not used in the presence of hypersensitivity to the active substance terbinafine or other components in the cream. It is also forbidden to use the drug for people who have a history of chronic liver or kidney pathology, serious metabolic disorders.

Exeter is not prescribed for children under 12 years and for women during pregnancy and lactation. The active ingredient is able to penetrate the placental barrier and breast milk. If it is necessary to use the product during feeding, pediatricians recommend that the baby be transferred to food with artificial milk formulas.

than to process nails before applying cream exter

Are there any side effects?

The cream, unlike tablets, is much less likely to cause negative reactions of the body. The product for external use may cause an allergic reaction.

Patients note that after the application of the cream, itching, flaking and reddening of the skin sometimes occurs. Less common are cases of Stevens-Jones syndrome, alopecia, psoriatic-like eruptions.

Special instructions

During the application of the cream, it should be avoided on the mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth and nose. If you accidentally swallow the remedy, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may develop. If on the background of treatment with Exeter cream develop allergic reactions, you should completely stop using the drug and contact a specialist.

Preliminary preparation of

Many patients are interested in what to process nails before applying Exter cream. Doctors say that you do not need to use any additional means for this. For effective treatment of onychomycosis, it is important only to properly prepare the nail plate to apply the medication and follow the doctor's advice on the therapy regimen.

Exeter Cream Analog

Affected area must be thoroughly washed before running water with antibacterial soap. Then the surface of the nail should be cut as much as possible with a special nail file. This is necessary for a deeper penetration of the active ingredient of the preparation. After this, the affected area is again thoroughly washed and dried. After performing all the above manipulations, you can start applying the product.

With onychomycosis, Exeter cream should be applied no more than twice a day. The duration of therapy is determined only by a specialist. It is recommended to fully pass the course of treatment with the drug in order to avoid re-infection. Usually symptomatic relief is observed a few days after the start of treatment with an antifungal agent based on terbinafine. If there is no positive result, the doctor will help you choose the substitutes for the Exter( cream).The analogue may also contain an active substance or have a similar therapeutic effect. effectiveness of the treatment of exotic nail fungus cream

The product has similar properties and a wide range of action. The cost of the cream is much lower and is about 80 rubles per package( 15 g).

Another effective analogue is "Mikozan" in the form of serum. The basis of this drug is a unique component - the filtrate of the enzyme rye. However, the drug should be used only in cases of mild fungal infection.

Popular substitutes for

The main analogue of Exeter is Terbinafine, which is also available as a cream, ointment, spray and tablets.

A popular antifungal medication is also considered "Lamisil" based on terbinafine. For external use, you can use this remedy in the form of an ointment, lotion, spray and gel. Systemic effects are tablets "Lamisil".