Is it painful to put braces and wear them?

Modern standards of beauty put an ever higher bar: an ideal figure, chiseled features, smooth skin tone and a smart smile. In step with the beauty industry, medicine is also moving: it can help solve almost any problem with appearance. And if earlier uneven teeth and wrong bite were practically a verdict, today this problem is solved in one word: braces. What is it, who is shown their wearing and whether it is painful to put similar designs - let's try to figure it out.

is it painful to put braces

What are Braces?

Bracket system is an individually selected treatment regimen aimed at eliminating the problem of bite and uneven dentition.

The decision on the necessity and the possibility of using this method of treatment is made by the orthodontist. He must conduct the necessary examinations and tests, including radiology, and then select an individual scheme for installation and wearing.

Externally, the bracket system most often looks like metal "locks" on each tooth, which are united by a continuous arc. Newer technologies make it less visible through the use of other materials.

Depending on the degree of curvature, the orthodontist may advise placing braces on the lower or upper jaw, or both simultaneously. The term of wearing the system is also chosen individually, but on average is 24 months.

How painful to put braces, you can say only after the procedure, but in any case, experts say that the procedure may be unpleasant, but painless.

it is painful to put braces in 12

When to think about braces?

Any changes are best passed at an early stage. In other words, the more braces are installed at an earlier age, the more effective it will be to wear them and less time will be needed to obtain a positive result.

However, talk about the curvature of the dentition can only be after the replacement of molar teeth by the root. Most often, the problem can be noticed at the beginning of adolescence.

Many adolescents visit an orthodontist with a simple question: "Is it painful to put braces in 12 years( 13, 15, etc.)?"The task of the parents at this stage is to inform the child that slight discomfort now is only a small payment for self-confidence and a bold smile throughout the rest of his life.


You can correct the bite or the dentition by being an adult, but this will take more time and effort. Therefore, after hearing from the child the question of whether it is painful to put brackets in 12, 14 or 15 years, one must begin to admonish to do this and not postpone the visit to a specialist.

Preparing to install the bracket system

If the braces are decided to be installed, then you need to pass a little preparation. This will ensure the safety and efficiency of the process.

  • The dentist. The specialist should examine the oral cavity for caries, bad fillings and dental stones. If necessary, the teeth need to be treated, since the braces are placed in a completely healthy oral cavity.
  • Periodontologist. When wearing braces, gums experience increased stress. The doctor will be able to assess the condition of the latter and, if necessary, recommend means to strengthen them.
  • Orthodontist. A key role in the success of teeth alignment belongs to him. The orthodontist conducts a survey, makes an X-ray and decides on the scheme for setting up the bracket system. The doctor should tell in detail about the progress of the procedure, the rules of care and hygiene, the timing of wearing. He will also explain whether it is painful to put braces, and tell you how long it will take the procedure.

how painful to put braces

As the final result of the procedure depends on the orthodontist, the choice of a specialist should be approached very carefully and responsibly.

Painful or not?

When all the preparatory stages are completed, the day of installation of a special design on the teeth comes. The patient does not let go of the question of whether it is painful to put braces. The feedback of the patients who passed through this testifies that there is not much pleasant in the procedure. However, acute pain, as in the treatment of caries or pricks, no.

The procedure itself is that an orthodontist fastens a hook or bracket to each tooth with a special glue. After that, a metal arc is inserted into the hooks, "aligning" the teeth in the right direction.

It exerts a pressure, so the patient can be bothered by aching, dull pain. But to despair early - in due course it passes without a trace.

The procedure for installing brackets is quite painstaking and time-consuming. On average, it takes 2 hours.

is it painful to put braces reviews

First days with

system Is it painful to put braces? The testimonies of people who have aligned their teeth with this technology indicate that the main unpleasant sensations are observed in the first week after the installation procedure.

Dental series get used to the constant pressure on them and respond with aching sensations. Depending on the sensitivity of the patient, pain can be more or less annoying. People with low pain threshold and high sensitivity can recommend the use of pain medication for the time of habituation. However, if the pain does not go away after seven days from the date of installation, you should definitely consult a doctor: the system may be incorrectly installed.

Also, people who are worried about the question of whether it's painful to put braces, it is worth noting that the elements of the system at first can hurt the oral mucosa and prevent talking.

This problem is solved with a special wax. First you need to lubricate the interfering areas, after the adaptation comes and the braces cease to be felt.


Care and hygiene - the result of the result

A person who has decided to wear braces for a long time and has undergone the installation procedure, must be extremely conscious of the rules of caring for them.

For oral hygiene in this case, brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough. In the elements of the system can remain small pieces of food, which serves as a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. It is necessary to use a special brush and paste for braces, and you also need to master the possession of the toothpick perfectly. Many experts recommend the use of an irrigator, a device that flushes out all the small particles left in the mouth with a strong pressure of water.

Holders of brackets can not bite hard vegetables and fruits: they must be cut first into pieces. It is also better to avoid the use of sticky and viscous sweets and sweets - they are very difficult to clean without a trace.

is it painful to put braces

Removing braces and smiling

As soon as the moment of removal of the system approaches, in patients the question of whether it is painful to put braces is smoothly replaced by another: "Does it hurt to shoot them?".

Here, both professionals and patients are unanimous: they remove the design completely painlessly.

If the system was installed on the upper and lower jaw at the same time, you need to know that they will be taken in turn, with an interval of several weeks. This is done so that the jaw gradually adapts to work in a new position without the support of metal arcs.


Life after braces

After prolonged wearing of the metal system in the patient's mouth, the feeling of lightness and joy overflows when it is removed. But the process of treatment on this is not over yet.

To soften the bone structure is not deformed, the orthodontist will recommend wearing a special medical cap. It is made of transparent plastic and is not visible on the teeth.

The period of its wearing orthodontist picks up individually. Typically, several months of continuous use are needed. Subsequently, the doctor may recommend wearing a cape only in the night. Thus it is necessary to observe the food regime similar to the time of wearing braces: do not bite hard, do not gnaw nuts and seeds, if possible do not abuse sweet.

At this stage it is important to follow all the recommendations of doctors to the end, because such a tremendous effort has been done to level the teeth! It's a pity if everything goes wrong.

If you are concerned about the evenness of your bite or a smile or if you feel that the child hesitates to smile because of their teeth - do not delay the visit to the doctor. Do not once again think about whether it's painful to put braces and whether they like wearing. Medicine today is capable of much: a little effort from your and the medical side, and healthy even teeth will please you for the rest of your life.