City children's polyclinic 27 Admiralteysky district: photos and reviews

Life is constantly changing, accelerating its pace, becoming more saturated. But one thing remains unchanged. A person regularly needs quality medical care. Each city clinic has its own characteristics and provides certain services. Today we will examine the activities of the children's polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky District.

General description

This is a multi-disciplinary institution for the treatment of citizens who belong to this area. The institution includes a children's and adult department, that is, the entire family can be served here. A special service guarantees immediate hospitalization if necessary.

Children's polyclinic 27 Admiralteysky district is located in the city center. It is convenient to get here from any corner of it. Here, outpatient care is provided for a variety of profiles, so you will be spared the need to travel to other organizations for a survey.

At the doctor

Information Space

Previously, the visitor had only one option to make an appointment or receive certain data - call the registry. Today there is a single information portal. Here you can get the necessary reference information about the institution and its employees. In parallel, meet and implement the services.

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This portal has earned relatively recently, but it plays an important role in the life of the city. Now any incident related to incomplete or untimely provision of services can be made for discussion at the level of the management of the clinic, as well as other visitors. All requests are carefully considered. Each addressee will receive an answer, and on the merits of the matter, appropriate measures are taken.

Children's polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky district is constantly being improved so that small patients receive only quality care. Despite the efforts made by the leadership, problems in the relationship between parents and doctors remain. The reviews say that sometimes you have to resort to the help of the manager. Thanks to her experience and many years of practice, she manages to find a compromise.


Head of the department

To date, this is Irina Y. Bazunova. A man who devoted his entire life to working with children. She has more than 15 years of pediatric experience behind her. And today she can accept the baby if the parents do not agree with the diagnosis or treatment prescribed. The children's polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky District became a place for her to work permanently in her youth, and all the experience was gained within these walls. Often Irina Yurevna is brought to the hospital by patients who have previously been treated with her. Judging by the reviews, this is not only a qualified doctor, but also simply a sympathetic person.

To date, its direct responsibilities are administrative work. Therefore, the reception of visitors on various issues is only two times a week, and then for two hours. It is necessary to register in advance. In emergency cases, the head of the department can take without queue.

Operating mode

Children's polyclinic 27 Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg is located at: Glinka Street, house 8. Patients are received every day until 20:00.This is important for a working person, since the schedule allows you to go to the hospital after work. From Monday to Friday, doctors are waiting for you at the polyclinic building. This is not only local pediatricians, but also narrow specialists. The reviews point out that visitors are attracted by the multi-profile status of the clinic. In the direction of the pediatrician it will be possible to pass all the specialists on the spot. This is very important, as it allows parents to save a lot of time.

Department of Ophthalmology

Distribution of

areas If you forget the reception time, you can always contact the information desk. Children's polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky district works in a two-shift regime. On weekends and holidays doctors are on duty until 15:00.To specify the schedule it is always possible by phone. Judging by the feedback, it's not always easy to call, in some cases it takes several hours to wait until the operator accepts the call. Especially often this is observed in the autumn and spring period, when the number of sick children sharply increases.

Recording Reception

Reference information

First of all you will need to write down the phone number of the children's polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky district. The schedule of doctors is available on the site and at the stand. You can call the hotline. The reception is open all day. Do not forget that the clinic is only for healthy children. If your baby has a fever or other symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, then the best way is to call a doctor.

The Children's Polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky District accepts applications from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 15:00.On Saturday, the application is made by the doctor on duty. On Sunday, you can bring the child to the clinic for examination and appointment of treatment from the duty specialist. If the condition is satisfactory, then you can wait until Monday.

As for the structural units, the children's department of the 27 polyclinic of the Admiralteysky district is an independent institution that has everything it needs to help small patients. To this end, 8 directions of work have been opened:

  • CDC of the CPR is a neurological department, headed by a neurologist.
  • Cabinet immunoprophylaxis. Head - Zherebtsova Anastasia Alexandrovna.
  • Center for Restorative Medicine with a day hospital. The head is the physiotherapist Karagodina Lyudmila Valeryevna.
  • Cabinet of prevention. The head of the cabinet is the pediatrician Komarovskikh VF
  • Therapeutic and prophylactic department. In fact, this is the most important in the activities of the pediatrician. The head here is the doctor Molodkina Valentina Vasilievna.
  • Statistics Center. Here, data is analyzed and processed.
  • Branch for the provision of paid services.

This is enough to get almost any package of services without visiting other medical organizations.

Examination for the youngest

Additional services package

There is an approved list of services that you can get for free. This is the guaranteed amount of state aid. If additional examination or treatment is required, then you can use a paid package. The reviews point out that it is still several times cheaper to be treated on the basis of this institution than to receive similar services in private clinics.

The registration of the children's polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky district is open daily. The dispatcher always advises you on the availability of free places for recording, as well as the cost of services. A detailed pricelist is on the official website. Here you can get acquainted with the prices.

Child at the doctor


Children's polyclinic 27 Admiralteysky district today provides an opportunity to record not through the registry, but using the capabilities of a special site. Unfortunately, parents note that at the moment the recording is mostly available only to pediatricians. But in fact their reception time is painted on the sites. That is, all parents already know when they can visit their doctor. The rest of the specialists usually have to be recorded through the registry.

What are the disadvantages of

visitors? These are the standard drawbacks of state clinics, which have not been eliminated to date. Child department of the clinic of Admiralteysky district can not be called bad. Here there are a number of professional specialists who put their soul into their work. But sometimes parents are faced with inattention and indifference, rudeness. Of course, doctors are also ordinary people. But still, when a child is sick, it is extremely important to find support in the person of medical personnel.

In some cases, it leads to a record. The time of reception noted on the site may not coincide with the actual one, or several patients are recorded at the same time. Usually one does this through the site, and the second - in the registry. How do parents react to this? Most often they go to a paid clinic, where they get all the services much faster, and the attitude is very attentive and benevolent. Of course, a lot of work with the staff is carried out by the management of the clinic, but the shortcomings still persist.

Parent consultation

Daylight Saving Time

The season of holidays concerns also doctors, therefore with approach of summer to get to the expert it appears more difficultly, than usually. The plots are connected with each other, and the patients have to go through the lively queue. Summer coupons are not issued in the registry. It should be noted that there are very few patients at this time of the year. Doctors recommend spending as much time as possible in the sun, or even better - go to the sea. Then you will definitely be protected from colds for the next year.

What you need to do to attach to the clinic

Today everyone can choose which institution to attend. There are many advantages at the polyclinic 27 of the Admiralteysky district, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that there are always a lot of patients here. To attach to the clinic, you must fill out the application according to the sample. With him you need to go to the reception of the administration of the polyclinic for sighting by the chief doctor. After this, the application must be carried to the branch of your insurance company. Usually the next day you can already use the services of a polyclinic. In rare cases, the attachment process is stretched for several days.