Why does the baby have a pain? What if the priest suffers?

A small child is an endless joy for parents, accompanied by a huge responsibility. Crying a newborn is a real puzzle for young mothers and dads, because the baby is unable to explain its cause. To the aid comes the nature, which has pawned a sucking reflex from the baby, thanks to which he is able to receive the highest pleasure and comfort. If the baby continues to cry and can not calm him down, consult a pediatrician.

the priest hurts

Time flies, year after year fly by unnoticed, the child grows. Already at the age of three, children are able to express their desires and needs. And suddenly my mother hears from her child: "My ass hurts."

What should I do if I complain about this kind of pain?

What can I do if a child complains that he has a stomach ache? First of all, make sure that the child does not confuse the name of the part of the body that hurts him. To do this, ask to show exactly where he feels discomfort. Then ask when he felt pain and how strong she is.

Inspect the child's ass to determine whether there are visible mechanical damage. Perhaps you will see a rash, the cause of which can serve, for example, food allergy. Perhaps you will find a bruise or abrasion that is not unusual in the life of an active baby.

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the child hurts a priest

If these minor troubles are not confirmed, and the child continues to claim that the priest is ill, you should immediately call your doctor. The pediatrician will conduct an examination, find out the cause of the pain and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What can be the cause of the pain?

Why does the priest have a pain? The main reasons:

  • infectious disease worms;
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract( GI tract) and, as a consequence, upset of the stool;
  • mechanical injuries: bruises and fractures.

What can be the basis for the development of the above reasons?

Why does the baby have a pain in the ass? The soil for the occurrence of pain of this kind, as mentioned above, may be infection, disruption of the digestive tract, or mechanical trauma.

For a child attending a children's educational institution, whether it is a garden or a school, worms, in particular pinworms, often lead to permanent and intolerable itching. The consequence of this is pain from scratching. The reason for their appearance is simple: in places of large concentrations of children, the child does not observe the rules of personal hygiene, for example, does not wash his hands before meals and after the toilet. Find out if this problem can cause your child's pain, simply. It is necessary to pass in the nearest clinic the analysis of a feces.

why the priest hurts

Disturbances in GIT in a child in the modern world began to occur more often. Frequent fluid stools are a sign of diarrhea, in which the tender skin becomes inflamed, resulting in pain. It is possible and the opposite situation, when the child does not swing for 2-3 days. This is an occasion to sound an alarm, as the baby has constipation, as a result of which the butt hurts more and more. In the event that the parents did not have time to recognize constipation in the baby, complications such as anal fissure and even hemorrhoids are possible. Anal fissure is the result of the fact that solid fecal masses, accumulating in the intestines for a long time, at the output damage the skin of the sphincter. Multiple injuries lead to the formation of a non-healing and profusely bleeding wound. The whole process is accompanied by severe pain.

The cause of pelvic pain may be internal injuries: a bruise or fracture of the coccyx, which could have formed in the baby, for example, with an unsuccessful descent from the hill. This is a very serious injury, to recognize the severity of which will allow X-rays. Treatment of such a condition is long and compulsory, otherwise the pain can go on into a chronic one and accompany a person all his life.

How to save a child from ailment?

What should I do if my baby has a pain? First of all, you need to see a doctor. Remember that self-medication can harm your health. In the case of a positive result of the analysis of feces, the medication will be prescribed for the egg egg, the results of which, as a rule, do not keep you waiting.

It happens that the children have a pain if they suffer from constipation. Blame everything - wrong diet. It is necessary to limit the consumption of flour, sweet and fat, include in the menu products containing coarse fiber( cabbage, carrots, greens, etc.).It is also recommended to give the child to drink ordinary water, rather than tea and sweet soda. Medical treatment for chronic constipation, which resulted in anal fissure, no. In this case, appoint only creams and suppositories that relieve pain and contribute to the acceleration of tissue regeneration. In order to get rid of the crack, it is necessary to prevent mechanical damage to the sphincter, that is, to normalize the food, thus eliminating constipation.

what to do if the ass hurts

It is impossible to remain idle and careless about such a problem. Anal fissure very quickly passes into hemorrhoids, and in this case it is impossible to do without surgical intervention. In addition, persistent bleeding leads to a sharp decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood, which, in turn, affects the entire body as a whole. To engage in self-medication of intestinal frustration in children is unacceptable, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Can a child's complaint for pain have a psychological basis?

Sometimes there are situations where the cause of pain is found and the problem is eliminated, but the baby continues to claim that it hurts. Do not scold the child and say that he is lying. Children perceive pain not as adults. Severe trauma, accompanied by a long time of pain, leaves a trace in the subconscious of the baby, and he still feels psychologically for a long time at the psychological level. You just need to distract the child. Perhaps it will be enough to go with him to the store and buy him a toy, which he had long dreamed of.

How correctly to react to complaints of the kid?

Does the child have a pain in the ass? A child's complaint should not be ignored by his parents. The motto "will bite and pass" is not always appropriate. Especially do not ignore the constant repetition of complaints of pain, even if the problem is not visible. In time the correct diagnosis will allow to significantly shorten the treatment time and eliminate the possibility of complications. However, it is not necessary to exaggerate the problems.

why does the baby have a pain in the ass?

Bruises and abrasions are a common thing for non-attendants, like sudden allergic reactions in younger age to food. Immature digestive system gives out a protest, but with age the body adapts and food allergy, as a rule, passes. In addition, a child who is overly hypochondriac parents is constantly examined and led by doctors, subconsciously begins to feel sick, even if in the end the results of tests and examinations show the opposite. Regular walks in the fresh air, tempering, the right balanced diet and normalized daily routine is the minimum that the parents of their baby should ensure that he is healthy.