What is the probability of the birth of twins? What determines the birth of twins?

Today many couples try to find out the probability of the birth of twins. Some want the child to grow up with a brother or sister of the same age. And others just want to start a big family right away. Despite the fact that twins are born rarely, there are certain factors that can significantly increase the likelihood of the appearance of two children at the same time.

What does the birth of twins depend on? On the first place here come out such factors as lifestyle, genetic predisposition and even the ethnic affiliation of partners. If the couple is firmly set on the birth of twins, the following information may be useful enough.

What are the twins?

The birth of twins is due to the type of fertilization of the mother egg. The most common are dizygotic and monozygotic twins. In the first case, embryos appear from two different eggs with simultaneous fertilization. Enchanted in this way, children usually have both external and sexual differences.

As for monozygotic twins, their conception occurs as a result of splitting one fertilized egg into two equal parts. The development of a monozygotic fetus is always characterized by the appearance of children of the same sex with the same set of genetic traits, one blood group and almost one hundred percent external similarity.

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Reasons for the birth of twins

The main reason for the development of two embryos with the natural method of conception is the abundance of healthy, highly active spermatozoa in a man and the availability of a ready-to-fertilize egg. Strengthens the effect of unquestioning following the recommendations of a specialist, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as the predisposition to conceive several babies from one or both partners.

Other reasons for the birth of twins are the consumption of foods or drugs, the constituent elements of which cause hyperovulation. However, doctors rarely recommend such drugs in order to avoid the appearance of various complications during pregnancy, although they are quite effective.

Genetic predisposition

The increased likelihood of the appearance of several babies at the same time is available in families in which similar cases were recorded on the maternal line. So, if a woman's mother or grandmother gave birth to twins, she has an increased chance of having twins too.

However, the genetic code is not so simple. The combination of it with both partners is of great importance in this case. More often heredity in terms of the birth of twins is manifested through one generation. But even with the confluence of the above circumstances, the chance of a successful outcome of the conception of twins is not more than fifty percent.

With a weak heredity or insufficient strength of the sex hormones of partners, the probability of the birth of twins or twins varies between five and fifteen percent.

Factors contributing to the birth of two or more toddlers

As statistics show, the chances of having twins or twins in a healthy woman without a genetic predisposition are only about three percent. In general, there are a number of factors, the presence of which increases the probability of the birth of two or more toddlers simultaneously.

The probability of twin births increases if:

  • in the maternal lineage already had twin births or twins;
  • a woman has African roots( the Europeans go in second place in the likelihood of a twin birth, followed by Asians and Hispanics);
  • the woman already had successful pregnancies( this trend is related to the increase in the capabilities of the human body);
  • woman has a high growth, leads a healthy lifestyle, fully fed or has some excess weight.

Nutrition and Vitamins

In families where partners lead unhealthy lifestyles, eat poorly and neglect food intake, rich in vitamins and beneficial microelements, the probability of twin birth is significantly reduced.

At the conception of the child and directly with its bearing, any vitamin complexes turn out to be useful. However, as practice shows, the birth of twins becomes more likely with the active intake of food supplements with a high content of folic acid, which today can be purchased in almost any pharmacy.

Good, high-grade food, rich in fresh, environmentally friendly products, entails not only the birth of a healthy child, but also increases the chance for the birth of twins. Significantly less such chances in people with underweight.

If we talk about full-fledged, good nutrition, then it should ensure an even weight gain without causing harm to health and self-esteem. Naturally, trying to increase the likelihood of the birth of twins by any means, it is better to have a consultation in an authoritative clinic beforehand. After all, only the application of the knowledge of a trained, experienced and practicing physician makes it possible to hope for a positive result.

What is the probability of twin birth if you seek the help of a specialist?

Appealing to an experienced specialist can increase the likelihood of conception of twins. In modern medical practice, there are enough professional doctors who can help to give birth to twins to almost any couple.

Currently, the problems of conception of twins are most often solved by applying the method of in vitro fertilization. Conception of children in this way can cost a young couple not cheap. However, the introduction of several healthy spermatozoa into the mother's egg by artificial means significantly increases the likelihood of achieving the desired goal.

In conclusion

What does the birth of twins depend on? This issue is still not fully understood and remains shrouded in mystery. However, for certain it is known that an increased likelihood of conception of two or more toddlers is transmitted through a generation.

It should be noted that there are a sufficient number of families in which there are cases of conception of several twins, twins and even triplets. There are also such families where twins or twins are grandparents, cousins, nephews and nieces. Therefore, the answer to this question is best known to nature. All the best!