Perfect breakfast for proper nutrition

Today we will try to cook with you the perfect breakfast. After all, this is the most important meal of the day. It is impossible to pass it. Especially if you want to lose weight by a few pounds. Just need to know how to make a healthy breakfast. It's not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to learn a few nuances in the preparation process. There are rules that can help you in this case. Which ones? What should I look for? perfect breakfast


As strange as it may sound, but morning is the time for fatty food. So, your perfect breakfast should necessarily be bold. More precisely, satisfying. Which one? It's up to you.

It is advisable not to abuse. Remember: food should be not only high-calorie, but also useful. You can afford to eat eggs, sausages, bacon, sausage, a sandwich with butter. And this list goes on indefinitely. It all depends on your preferences.

But to restrict your first meal with a light snack is clearly not worth it. In this case, the body is set up exclusively for the processing of carbohydrates. Under similar circumstances, the high-calorie food you eat for a day has a much better chance of depositing on your stomach, sides and waist.

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More carbohydrates

Usually breakfast is associated with many people with a "light snack".This is not so. The first meal, as already said, should be satiety and fat. So try to enrich it with a variety of carbohydrates. This is the key to your success in losing weight.

Why should an ideal breakfast contain a carbohydrate component? It helps to break down fats, and also quickly satiates. That is, you will feel a sense of satiety. You can say that this is a kind of appetite controller. Just try carbohydrates to be used as an additive to the main dish. Do not limit yourself to them! ideally suited

Please note - in foods rich in carbohydrates, there are many bioflavonoids. This substance also promotes the rapid breakdown and assimilation of fats. Its a lot in coffee, red fruits and vegetables. Take this for a note.

Breakfast time

To prepare the perfect breakfast, which will help you lose weight, you need not only make a menu, but also pick up the time of the first meal. This is also an important point. Why? All because of the complex system of the device of the body.

As many scientists say, the maximum break between meals should not exceed 10 hours. After this time, the body goes into a saving mode, it will postpone all the fats that come during the meal to store energy for future life support.

So you'll have to find the perfect breakfast time. There are no precise instructions in this regard. It all depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead. For example, "larks" should have breakfast at about 6-7 in the morning, ordinary people, without lifestyle characteristics, at 7-9, and "owls" will be more suitable for the first meal of about 10-11 hours.

It's true, modern way of life allows very few people to follow the recommended mode. If you go to bed late, and get up early( as is customary in the presence of work), you will have to go for a little trick. You may notice that when you have breakfast, you "do not get into the throat".In this case, you have to cheat a little. For this house, drink a drink enriched with carbohydrates( for example, coffee), and already directly at the workplace, at 8-9 hours, when you finally wake up, eat a full-fledged perfect breakfast. Yes, you will have to take it with you, but it will definitely help you keep track of your figure and your own health. make the perfect breakfast

Components of the success of

Any breakfast should consist only of the right foods for the first meal. That is, not everything is recommended for eating in this case. Some restrictions are available. If you want to cook a delicious and proper breakfast, try to enrich it with some ingredients.

The first is fat. It has already been said: the first meal is extremely important for the body and its work. Therefore, your food should be high in calories. Try to use products that are high in fat. But do not forget about the other components.

Which ones? For example, about carbohydrates. About them, too, was said earlier. The fact that they contribute to the assimilation of food and the splitting of fats. The main thing is that the ideal breakfast does not consist only of carbohydrate-containing foods. In this case, the body will perceive this as a mood for the processing of carbohydrates alone. As a consequence, fat is digested worse, its remains will accumulate on your sides, belly and waist.

Proteins are another important component of an ideal breakfast. They serve as accelerators of biochemical processes in the body and tissue regeneration. Pay attention - in the ordinary way of life a person to maintain normal life should consume only 1 gram of protein per kilogram of weight. About a third of the norm is eaten at breakfast. perfect breakfast time

The last important ingredient that must be contained in the products used for the first meal of the day is fiber. Promotes the normalization of digestion. After taking the products with fiber, you will not have a feeling of heaviness in your stomach. In day it is necessary to consume only 20 grams of this substance. And about 1/4 of this rate falls directly at breakfast. Observing these principles, you can quickly lose weight.

Have breakfast or not

Despite the fact that many people talk about the importance of the first meal in the morning, there are people who say: you can lose weight quickly and without problems, even with the absence of it. Is it true?

Someone really thinks so. In fact, you can not skip breakfast. Even if there is no time, it is necessary to eat. If this is not done, then after a few hours of wakefulness you will feel tired and even some kind of aggression. Stress, as you know, is a stimulant for fat accumulation. So, everything that you eat in a day, will not be absorbed in the body, but postponed.

The brain also starts sending impulses that activate metabolism. As a consequence - the release of glucose from the blood and liver. This causes lethargy and weakness of the muscles. All this only prevents weight loss. And the conduct of a familiar way of life, too. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the morning an ideal breakfast for weight loss, which either take with you, or eat directly at home. options for a perfect breakfast

English breakfast

By the way, how to choose the best option for your morning meal, decide for yourself. Everyone has their own taste preferences in this regard. And they need to be considered. Although some recommendations for cooking can be given.

What are the options for a perfect breakfast? For example, the so-called English. It is perfect for a morning meal. What does it consist of?

As a rule, an egg is offered to the person with bacon( fried), oat flakes, and also a cup of coffee. A wonderful way to enrich the body from the very morning! It would seem that this can not be satiated. But this is not so. Try it, and you will see how, after eating, hunger disappears for a long time.

Note: if there is no bacon, you can replace it with other sausages. For example, ham or sausages. Although such changes are not too welcome. Despite the ideal combination of products, nutritionists do not recommend bacon, sausages and sausages in the morning. perfect breakfast for losing weight

Breakfast cereals and muesli

What else can you pay attention to? Now in the supermarkets are selling a lot of different dry breakfasts and muesli. They are also suitable for a morning meal. True, they have some drawbacks.

The fact that a dry breakfast, usually consisting of cereal, helps very quickly saturate the body. But in this case, in fact, there will be no saturation. And after a few hours you will feel hungry.

Therefore, it is desirable to replace ready-made breakfast cereals for high-grade muesli. You can add fruit and berries to them. It is difficult to imagine a perfect breakfast without natural cereals.

Yoghurts and "milk"

It is widely believed that a variety of yoghurts and dairy products are perfect for the first meal of the day. And indeed it is. They are ideal for a first meal. But be careful!

After all, ready-made yogurt shops are not really that useful. They contain a lot of preservatives, sweeteners and other non-most useful substances. Therefore, it is advisable not to use purchased yoghurts. Unless to get natural sour without any additives.

But dairy products are perfect for breakfast. For example, kefir or milk with muesli( cereals).It is also recommended to eat cottage cheese in the morning. One pack - and you are ready for a day of work! Ideal breakfast products

The best products of

As you can see, it's difficult to find the perfect dish for breakfast. After all, all have their own taste preferences. Therefore, simply list the ideal products for breakfast. And with their help you can create your own personal menu. What is attributed to the best products that will help you lose weight, and also will not provide you with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach in the morning? These are:

  • eggs;
  • chicken;
  • bread( rye or bran);
  • products from whole wheat flour;
  • cheeses;
  • porridge;
  • kefir;
  • honey;
  • coffee;
  • green tea;
  • nuts.