Worms during pregnancy: signs and treatment

During pregnancy, the future mother has many fears and feelings. The woman's organism is reconstructed, bringing unaccustomed reactions. Especially it concerns the digestive system. When is it worth to sound the alarm and find out if the worms have appeared in the pregnant woman and how to cope with this if the problem is real?

What are the symptoms of helminthiosis?

Worms during pregnancy

Worms during pregnancy are not uncommon. The immune system is weakened, and the woman eats ordinary foods. Elementary oversight - and infection occurs. Determining the presence of worms on the symptoms is quite difficult. But you should pay attention if you:

  • strong itching in the anus;
  • a constant sense of fatigue;
  • peeling skin on eyelids or fingers;
  • allergic rash of unknown etiology;
  • in a dream from the mouth, drain saliva, creak with teeth;
  • permanent indigestion, gases;
  • weight loss;
  • really want sweets.

Any of these symptoms may be one of the common manifestations of pregnancy. The most revealing is weight loss, as the woman develops a fetus and under normal pregnancy weight loss seems impossible. The only variant of this development is a very strong toxicosis. Although it may be a symptom of helminthiosis.

Danger of worms during pregnancy

Any disease carries a risk not only to mother, but also to the child who is in the womb.
Worms during pregnancy are dangerous because they can not be withdrawn by conventional medicines because they have too much effect.
pills for worms during pregnancy And if you do not take care of the treatment, the child and mother may have allergic reactions due to contact with toxins that are excreted by helminths. Oxygen starvation may develop. The greatest danger to the life of the child is the ascarids. They dig the wall of the amniotic egg and settle in any organs of the fetus.

For a woman, worms during pregnancy can result in severe toxicosis, allergic rashes. Helminths are saturated with useful minerals from the host's body, so the woman will have to share not only with the future baby, but also with parasites. This will inevitably affect the condition of the skin, teeth, hair and development of the baby, which may not have enough important elements.

What tests should I take?

Doctors prescribe regular stool analysis. If nothing is found, then the process ends. When detecting helminths, first of all determine their appearance. If ascarids are found, ultrasound and the analysis of amniotic fluid are prescribed. These are mandatory procedures to exclude the presence of worms in the fetus. Worms during pregnancy

Possible analyzes:

  1. Analysis of feces for the detection of helminth eggs.
  2. Soskob. It is taken with a stick or simple tape from the skin, in the immediate vicinity of the sphincter.
  3. Blood from the finger and vein is checked for the amount of hemoglobin and bilirubin, the value of which changes in the presence of parasites.
  4. Analysis of amniotic fluid if tapeworms are present in the body.

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Finding helminths, an already frightened woman, gives way to panic. This can not be allowed. Also, in no case do not choose the medications themselves - believing the advertising, the advice of friends, etc. Drugs that excrete worms are toxic enough, they exert the greatest strain on the liver. The result of self-medication can be irreparable harm to the fetus, and even termination of pregnancy.

First, a pregnant woman should calm down and at the first opportunity visit a doctor. Then take the tests and follow all the prescriptions of the doctor. You do not need to worry. Although treatment is complicated by the presence of pregnancy, professionals know how not to harm either mother or child.

How to recover from worms, bearing a child?

Worms during pregnancy treatment

Tablets from worms during pregnancy are prescribed only after the doctor has diagnosed it. The main criteria for selecting a drug are the gestational age and the type of helminths. Many doctors consider the treatment of worms during pregnancy, an unreasonable risk.

In the first trimester, it is too dangerous to take anthelmintic drugs. Their action can provoke a miscarriage. It is in the first trimester that all vital organs are formed, and such drugs can disrupt the normal course of the process, cause developmental pathologies. In the second and third trimester, treatment is still prescribed, but more sparing than in the usual state.

The decision on treatment depends largely on the condition of the mother and the species of helminths. So, for example, ascarids should be displayed as soon as possible. Penetrating through the placenta, they can settle in the child's brain. The head of the baby will become much larger, and the birth will be very difficult.

If the future mother experiences only discomfort from the realization that there are parasites inside her, then the treatment is recommended to be postponed to the postpartum period. It should be noted that if worms are found during pregnancy, treatment is carried out with only one drug called "Piperazin".

Do I need to be treated for helminths?

Worms during pregnancy what to do

Worms during pregnancy do not always require the use of so-called heavy artillery. For example, if you are infected with pinworms, you just need to follow the rules of prevention and two weeks later there will be no trace of helminths, since this is exactly the length of their life.

To avoid re-infection, a number of rules must be observed:

  1. Keep hands clean because unscrupulousness is the main source of all diseases. Be sure to wash your hands with soap after the street, before eating and after going to the toilet.
  2. Attentive to food. Meat and fish should be quality and properly cooked. These products stand in the first place in the content of eggs of helminths. Fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed under running water.
  3. After washing, it is necessary to iron things. High temperature will destroy the remaining eggs of helminths.
  4. Follow personal hygiene. Do not change your underwear every day.
  5. You can not gnaw nails and skin around them.

These simple rules must always be observed. Then the risk that worms will appear during pregnancy is minimized.


Worms during pregnancy symptoms

The world around us is full of different microbes and bacteria. Every day a lot of people get infected on the Earth with various unpleasant diseases. And it is far from uncommon - worms during pregnancy. Symptoms can cause a woman to doubt whether this is helminthiasis or simple indigestion, which arose as a consequence of pregnancy. But it is recommended to visit the doctor at the first suspicion. Do not be shy and embarrassed - this affects the health of both mom and fetus.

Doctors are calm about such cases and will do their best to help the future mother. In addition, postponing the moment of delivery of tests, a woman can harm her future child. Do not think that you yourself can assess the danger of the situation. Without analysis on the form of a helminth, it is impossible to judge this. Therefore, at the first opportunity, you need to visit the parasitologist, share your problems and either get qualified help, or confirm that the fears are groundless.