Where is the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation? Civil Aviation Hospital: patient feedback

Health facilities play an important role for human life and health. Only now every day they are becoming more and more: private clinics, diagnostic laboratories, municipal hospitals - all this is found in every city. It is important to clearly understand which organization and what it is. This is necessary to get better help. Often the integrity of organizations reflects the feedback of visitors.

Today we will be interested in the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation. This hospital is known to many. But what opinion do visitors have about this institution? Is it possible to trust this organization? About all this - further. By the way, be prepared for the fact that you will not find unambiguous opinions. Every patient has his own complaints about anything, but to say that this hospital is terrible or beautiful, it will not work. Conclusions will have to be done on their own.
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The Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation is a medical institution. But which type exactly? Is it just a hospital with a hospital or a polyclinic? Or maybe a laboratory?

In fact, we have a multidisciplinary medical center. Here visitors can get a variety of medical help. And of course, to be treated at a 24-hour hospital. The operations are also carried out at this location.

What is the focus of FBU "Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation"?It allows you to get help in the field of therapy, and in gynecology, and in surgery. Even just go through a planned / unplanned medical examination. In general, for its diverse activities, the organization has positive reviews. But only this is not the most important information about the medical institution. There are more urgent and serious moments, so far left out of sight.


For example, before contacting this organization, you need to know its location. Maybe it is generally outside your city, in another part of the country.

To be honest, only residents of Moscow and the Moscow region can use the services of a medical institution without special problems. To be more precise, there is a civil aviation hospital on Ivankovskoye Highway 7. It is a large building, not too new. It is impossible to confuse it with a simple house.

Central Clinical Hospital No. 1 is located nearby. By the way, the location of these organizations is far from being in the center. They are closer to the outskirts of Moscow. Therefore, it is not always convenient to get here. In any case, so many visitors say.
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How to get there

The matter is that the Civil Aviation Hospital on Ivankovskoye Highway is located near several metro stations. The closest to the organization is Tushinskaya. Also close is "Schukinskaya" and "Spartak".Only a few kilometers, more precisely, 1.5 and 1.7, respectively. To get to the hospital of civil aviation, you can walk on foot from these metro stations. Not too much distance.

Alternatively, take the metro to Sokol station. Next, you will have to drive to the final stops by either a fixed-route taxi No. 462m or No. 12a, or by trolley buses No. 70 or 12. You must exit at the 6th stop of the "Ministry of Railways" and then go through the Research Institute of Neurology. At the end of your journey will be the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation. The hospital is closer to the outskirts of Moscow, but transport here goes, on foot from the metro is also not so difficult to reach. This pleases many visitors. Do not have to long to hang around the city in search of an organization. Although, as some say, it would be better if the hospital was closer to the center of Moscow.


Special attention should be paid to the ways of communication with the organization. It does not always make sense to go to the hospital for advice. Sometimes you can just clarify this or that information. But how to do that? Really it is necessary personally to go to hospital?

This is one of the options. In principle, it is acceptable, but only if you are not too far from the organization live. Or if you have free time. The Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation offers its potential customers many alternative ways of communication. And a personal visit is just one of their options. Perhaps, you can consider it. Especially if you immediately want to make an appointment or treatment.

Nevertheless, more modern methods of solving the problem are in great demand. For example, phone calls. The organization has a lot of telephones. First, you will have to decide exactly where you want to call. And then use the special combination offered by the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation.
FBU Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation

To begin with, it is worth paying attention to: all the units in the organization have separate numbers. In order to contact the polyclinic department, you need to dial 8( 495) 490-04-90.The same number is used if you need to get paid medical care. Either within the framework of the voluntary medical insurance program. An entry for a mammalogy, for a CT scan, as well as for an MRI is performed using the following numbers: 8( 495) 490-01-26, 8( 495) 490-01-25 and 8( 495) 490-01-92, respectively.

But in the waiting room you can call through other combinations. For example, using the phone 8( 495) 490-04-37 or fax 8( 495) 490-04-25.And how can I contact the head physician of this organization? To call the reception desk, dial 8( 495) 490-04-08.

Please note: you can call the reception 24 hours a day. But for the remaining numbers - no. Usually all calls should start at 8:30, and end at 15-16 hours. Except weekdays. At this time you have every right to call before 20:00.Such conditions are offered by the Civil Aviation Hospital( Moscow).

Only on this offer does not end. After all, in addition to telephone communication, you have every right to "communicate" with the hospital via the Internet. Or rather, e-mail. Exact address: [email protected] The variant is quite good, modern. Only it takes a very long time. So to get information fast, visitors recommend using phones. It is not always easy to get through to the reception desk or the reception room. But often time for this you will take less than waiting for an answer on the Internet.
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A huge role for any medical institution is played by doctors. After all, they conduct treatment, diagnosis, surgery and provide other services in the field of medicine. Unfortunately, in this area, the clinical hospital of civil aviation receives ambiguous responses. Rather, even negative.

Undoubtedly, the company employs mainly educated and professional cadres. Candidates of medical sciences( for example, a gynecologist), doctors of the highest category( therapists, ophthalmologists and so on), just people with rich experience in the field of medicine are all employees of the hospital. True, not everyone is equally qualitatively helping their clients. Not often, but this happens.

Also sometimes there are inexperienced medics. From this no one is immune. Therefore, patients simply recommend that they carefully choose their own doctor. With a greater probability you will get to a professional. After all, those with whom complaints are written are quickly forgiven. But remember that unscrupulous doctors will be found in any medical institution. To be surprised with similar phenomena precisely it is not necessary: ​​in all hospitals there are also good doctors, and not so. In principle, from the majority of municipal medical institutions, the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation( reviewed in this article) is not much different. It only remains to follow the advice - more carefully choose a doctor who will treat you. The other is not given. Or just act at your own risk and in the hope of success.


The Civil Aviation Clinical Hospital, as we have already found out, is a multi-disciplinary center where visitors are able to get some help. But what specific branches are there?

All of them simply do not make sense. For each direction of medicine has its own departments( pediatric, surgical, gynecological, urological and so on).It is only necessary to pay attention to the main components of the medical institution.

It is a question of that here not only specialized departments are provided. The clinical hospital of civil aviation receives positive reviews for being able to undergo outpatient treatment here. That is, the hospital has a polyclinic. So it is not necessary to go to the examination or get a consultation. But if you need immediate treatment, then you will simply be sent from the doctor to a hospital.

Also available here is the reception room. He is in any hospital. In each department of the medical institution there are various chambers, designed for a different number of people - single or not.

But the main distinguishing feature for which the hospital of civil aviation receives positive feedback is the presence of a boarding house at a medical facility. Here, as in the hospital, there are rooms for one or more people. Quite a rare phenomenon - not all hospitals can boast boarding houses. In truth, there are mostly elderly people there. But this does not cancel the growth of the rating of the hospital of civil aviation. After all, if necessary, any person can be there. It is enough simply to contact the organization.
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Paid - free of charge

The Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation offers a variety of services. This hospital, as we have already explained, provides assistance in any direction of medicine. True, there is a certain division. Often the quality of the service depends on the type of assistance that has been provided to you.

First, citizens have the right to be observed in this medical institution for free. And absolutely. It is enough to have an insurance policy of CHI.As practice shows, patients of this category are most often dissatisfied with treatment. With rare exceptions.

Secondly, you can be treated in a civil aviation hospital through voluntary medical insurance. Too not entirely positive reviews are left by visitors after such treatment. Although they are better than in the previous version.

What else can the Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation offer? The hospital accepts all comers on a fee basis. Such services are in great demand. Yes, the discontent of visitors with the service does not disappear, but it is significantly reduced.

What kind of treatment to choose? It must be solved independently. In principle, both paid and free basis do not differ much from each other. Although in the first case some advantages take place. For example, you will be serviced faster - you do not have to wait long in the queue and wait for reception.
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What can people say about staying in a hospital of a given medical institution? Of course, a lot depends on how you go through the treatment - for free or for free. But on the whole, opinions are not too different.

"Free" indicate that the chambers are not bad. But the attitude of junior medical personnel, as well as the food here is disgusting. Attention does not wait - only a small number of employees will willingly and responsibly perform their work. Pleases at least that the wards themselves in the offices are neat, clean and equipped with not the oldest furniture. Yes, the situation is worse than in the paid, but compared to most hospitals, it is really gorgeous.

But those who are on a paid basis in hospital, often notice a more or less attentive attitude of staff, as well as excellent conditions of stay. Of course, we are talking about the situation in the wards. But the food for many is frustrating - the food here is really not too tasty. Ordinary hospital food without variety, which is not all to taste.
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Interesting diagnoses

The Central Clinical Hospital of Civil Aviation reviews do not get the best content for some cases of maintenance that are emphasized by patients. And it does not matter whether the clinic is talking or about inpatient treatment.

Many indicate that in this organization a lot of deceive. And both paid and free patients. In the cards there may appear non-existent diagnoses and even notes about the actual visits that have not been made to the specialists. Most often, such phenomena occur in patients who receive services for CHI.Only the question arises: why is not one review supported by evidence? Most likely, such discontent is just slander. For example, left private clinics. Competition is everywhere, even in medicine.

But the "platnikov" inspect better. Too often, too many tests are used to establish an accurate diagnosis. On the one hand, it is correct - additional insurance. And on the other hand, patients start to think that they are just pulling out money. Is it true? Hardly. After all, sometimes even supposedly unnecessary analysis can help in diagnosing.


What can be done from all this conclusions? The Civil Aviation Hospital is a municipal medical institution. It has been working for many years and offers a variety of services. Everyone here on a free or paid basis is able to get help.

Do I have to go here? In principle, a civil aviation hospital is by no means the most horrible institution. Yes, there are disadvantages here. But they are not as significant as it might seem. This medical institution is not much different from its competitors. This is a common multi-field hospital, which has advantages and disadvantages. Just choose carefully doctors, then there will be no complaints. And get ready for long lines if you go through treatment for free. It is also recommended to monitor what treatment and what tests you are prescribed. In particular, if they are on a fee basis. So the Central Civil Aviation Hospital is a good medical institution. It is clearly worthy of attention.