Hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg: reviews

No one likes to be hurt. Nevertheless, healthy people today are rare. In St. Petersburg, 232 clinics are engaged in healing patients with hirudotherapy( bdellotherapy).Why is this method very popular? Where is hirudotherapy applied? In St. Petersburg, treatment in which clinics can be done? We will try to answer these questions in the most detail.

Natural mechanism

Hirudotherapy is a method of treating various human diseases using medical leeches. This is a natural system prepared by nature itself. Giruda is called healing leech, which since ancient times was used for clinical bloodletting. About this treatment in their writings were written by Hippocrates, Avicenna and Galen. In the Egyptian tombs archeologists have found drawings depicting the process of healing leeches. This method of healing is mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic books.

hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg

In tsarist Russia, medicinal properties of leeches were used in many hospitals. And what is hirudotherapy today in St. Petersburg?

Specialists heal patients with three effects:

1. Reflex influence - the leech is placed on the skin or mucous membrane in the area of ​​biologically active points. The acupuncturists work on these same points, awakening in the body reserve forces and a natural ability to resist stress, illness. For this quality the leech was nicknamed "live needle".

2. Biological action occurs due to the presence in the saliva of the leech of a huge amount( more than 20) of biologically active substances that benefit the human body. The most famous of them are:

  • , Bdelin B, bdelastesin, eglin-substances, destabilase, cholesterol-splitting, stopping tissue degradation and substantially improving the growth and nutrition of fibers and nerve cells.
  • Hirudin is the most original of thrombin inhibitors. With its help, thrombin slows down the activation of factors that affect blood coagulation.
  • Orgelase promotes an increase in the rate of blood flow through the capillaries, activates closed "sleeping" vessels and thereby reduces edema and lymphostasis of various genesis. In addition, during the session, the body begins to produce a huge amount of a hormone of joy( serotonin), increases the level of enkephalin and glycine, which reduces the pain syndrome.
  • Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down the main component of connective tissue. This substance is famous for its resorption action, which is used in the treatment of adhesive and scar processes in organs and tissues. With the help of hyaluronidase, it is possible to gradually purify the matrix( intercellular) space from accumulated toxins.

3. Mechanical influence - leeches suck in stagnant blood and thus discharge regional blood flow, which increases the microcirculation in tissues and organs.

Rehabilitation processes

Most hirudotherapy patients in St. Petersburg really liked. They say that the usual course of treatment is 10-12 procedures. People claim that after the first session they had a better complexion, a mood rose, insomnia disappeared, and overall well-being improved noticeably.

training hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg

Indeed, after 4-5 visits to the doctor, rehabilitation processes in the body are launched at full power, the functioning enzymes are gaining strength and in 2-3 months work already at the level of the matrix space and cells. Hirudotherapy allows one to influence several hapless areas at once and carry out prophylaxis to all immunocompetent organs( liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestine, adrenal glands).

Application of

Hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg is used in the following medical fields:

  • Urology( for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, urolithiasis, prostate adenoma).
  • Gynecology and obstetrics( for the elimination of acute and chronic diseases of the genital organs of women, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and polycystosis, mastitis, some forms of infertility, adhesions, climacteric disorders).
  • Dermatology( for the treatment of scars, psoriasis, eczema, acne, neurodermatitis).
  • Neurology( for the treatment of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, headaches, migraine, myositis, dizziness, encephalopathy of different genesis, sleep disorders, herniated discs of the spine).
  • Surgery( for the elimination of varicose veins, diseases of peripheral arteries, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, as well as for rehabilitation after surgery).
  • Cosmetology( for getting rid of manifestations of cellulite, vascular "stars", edema, and also to obtain a rejuvenating effect).
  • Cardiology( for the treatment of angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiosclerosis).

clinic hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg

  • Otolaryngology( for treatment of otitis, sinusitis, auditory nerve neuritis, frontal sinusitis, hearing loss).
  • Endocrinology( for treating diabetes, obesity, cyst of the thyroid gland).
  • Dentistry( for the treatment of periodontal disease, granulomas, cysts).
  • Gastroenterology( for getting rid of cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, colitis, duodenitis, hepatosis).

The healing effects of

Agree, few know what hirudotherapy is. In St. Petersburg, however, almost all residents know about it. With this amazing method, the following therapeutic effects can be obtained:

  • anti-edema;
  • normotensive( regulating blood pressure);
  • antihypoxic( improving the supply of oxygen to tissues and organs);
  • thrombolytic( destruction of blood clots);
  • anticoagulant( reduced blood coagulability);
  • draining;
  • is neurotrophic;
  • restoration of microcirculation;
  • and the political( splitting of fats and cholesterol);
  • general reflex;
  • bacteriostatic;
  • analgesic;
  • is immunostimulatory.


In what cases is hirudotherapy counter-indicative? This method can not be used by those who are sick with some forms of hemophilia, hemorrhagic diathesis, suffers from individual intolerance, is ill oncologically and is diagnosed with anemia. By the way, doctoring with leeches requires special knowledge, so it is better not to deal with self-medication, as this can lead to undesirable consequences. It is known that the training of hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg is carried out by many medical centers - we will discuss this in more detail below.


How is the hirudotherapy session performed? First, the leech sucked into the skin, and then it bites down to 1.5-2 mm deep. After that, she injects saliva into the wound. At one time this small creature can suck about 5 ml of blood! Patients say that the session lasts from 20 to 80 minutes, until the leech is completely saturated. They argue that the wound after the procedure secrete tissue fluid, blood and lymph to 6-18 hours, with a capacity of 30 to 150 ml.

Academy of Hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg

Hirudotherapy clinics in St. Petersburg use sterile leeches, which are bred in special factories. These slugs are used once and must be disposed of in accordance with sanitary rules. By the way, leeches are terribly afraid of unusual smells - they will not stick to the skin, smelling of perfume, alcohol or tobacco.

Gynecological practice

What else is famous for hirudotherapy? Gynecology in St. Petersburg is so developed that it is foolish to ignore the services of doctors of this city. After all, they use the healing properties of small bloodsuckers in their practice. In general, hirudotherapy refers to the division of innovative medicine - naturotherapy, where natural methods of action and natural remedies are used to heal people. Naturotherapy activates and restores the processes of self-regulation of the human body. Analogues hirudotherapy among the newest methods of treatment does not exist.

Those patients who were treated by a gynecologist say that they put leeches in the vagina and skin in the pelvic region, which is completely painless. Doctors say that this treatment requires an individual approach for each patient. The specialist in hirudotherapy determines the location of leeches, the number of them for one session, the duration and number of procedures.


Do you know what the Academy of Hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg does? This institution was created by Professor Krashenyuk AI, who in the field of hirudology and hirudotherapy made several discoveries. At the academy, young specialists study the Systemic method of hirudotherapy, which was developed in the early 90's by Krashenyuk AI and Krashenyuk SV. The novelty of innovation is that by applying a small amount of leeches, doctors can significantly improve the condition over a certain period of timepatients with various ailments.

The training of hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg is also carried out by the Medical Academy of. I. I. Mechnikov. In this institution since 1996 the first in Russia department of hirudotherapy operates, which trains doctors of different profiles in conjunction with the St. Petersburg Academy of St. Petersburg. II Mechnikova Roszdrava »on the cycle« Elitaristic tasks of hirudotherapy ».

hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg treatment

The teaching is based on author's methodology, confirmed by successful practical application and incalculable scientific research. The course lasts 144 academic hours. After the completion of the cycle and the successful passing of the exam, students receive a certificate insert( a state certificate), which allows them to practice in private and public clinics. The course is led by associate professor, doctor of alternative medicine Oleg Kamenev.

Krashenyuk AI

Now we will find out what Albert Ivanovich Krashenyuk, MD, is doing. Hirudotherapy, St. Petersburg, Russia - that's his field of activity. Professor in 1971 he graduated with honors from the 1st Medical Institute named after Academician IP Pavlov( Leningrad), and in 1974 - postgraduate study in biochemistry of the same institution. He created the world's first purified live influenza vaccine( OZGV), which was vaccinated more than 4.5 million people. It is interesting that these people did not develop any pronounced reactions after immunization.

Many people are interested in hirudotherapy. In St. Petersburg Krashenyuk AI founded his own scientific school with the author's systemic approach in this science. He trained about 300 specialists for Russia, CIS countries, Mongolia, Turkey, Germany, South Africa. He is the author of more than 160 scientific articles in the field of virology, biochemistry and hirudotherapy, has 26 patents and inventions, is recognized as the inventor of the USSR.

Center "Standard - MRT"

Do you want to get into the diagnostic center hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg? There are a lot of them in this city. Consider, for example, the modern medical center "Standard - MRT", located near the metro station "Ladozhskaya".It is equipped with the latest generation equipment, has a staff of highly qualified specialists and offers comfortable conditions for its customers. In this hospital, doctors diagnose a wide range of diseases with the help of laboratory studies and magnetic resonance imaging.

hirudotherapy in st. petersburg

This center is said to operate in accordance with the standards of modern medicine. The patients tell us that this hospital has a comfortable working schedule, attentive staff, comfortable rooms. They argue that unconventional and classical medicine coexist under one roof.

Clinic named after. AS Zalmanova

Hospital of Naturotherapy named after. AS Zalmanova takes patients in such necessary areas of traditional healing, as phytotherapy, hirudotherapy and osteopathy. They use methods that existed in ancient Egypt. On the basis of the clinic, a laboratory was established to grow medical leeches, and its specialists are highly qualified.

However, some patients do not like the service in this clinic. Some say that if there is a conflict situation, the leadership is not in a hurry to take any measures. Others argue that it is possible to undergo an expensive treatment and not get any results.

Primorsky district

And where else is hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg? Primorsky region is famous for its high-class specialists.

Four clinics are located here that are engaged in restoring the health of patients with the help of leeches. This is the medical center "NEON Klinik", the Center for Traditional Medicine, located on the Komendantsky Prospekt, the multi-center "World of Health", the medical center E. V. O. Among people, it is believed that it is in these hospitals that you can restore your health completely.


Many patients say kind words to the medical centers "Alpha Medica", "Panorama Med" and "Dion".They thank the teams of these hospitals for their excellent work and wish them success. Some do not like high prices in the First Family Clinic of St. Petersburg. Some say that after treatment at the medical center "SMT" they managed to get pregnant and give birth to babies. Others argue that, after going through hirudotherapy in St. Petersburg, they began to feel significantly younger.

hirudotherapy center in St. Petersburg

And patients tell us that leeches after the session can be taken home and used them a second time. At the same time, their action will be much more useful, because when they are used again they form an enzyme, developed specifically for the type of blood of the client. Of course, such treatment is expensive, but if a person wants to improve his health, he needs to trust the hirudotherapists.