"Hyalurum": reviews of patients about the drug

Diseases of the joints cause their rightholders a lot of unpleasant moments. This is severe pain, heaviness of motion and other ailments. To help in this situation, the injection drug "Hyalurum" is capable. The patients' comments state that after the first injection there is relief, the movements become more confident, pain passes.

Description of the drug

The drug "Hyalurum" is a solution for intravenous intra-articular injection based on sodium hyaluronate. This is an aseptic and viscoelastic substance.

Hyaluronate is produced by a fermentation process. It does not contain traces of animal proteins and practically does not cause allergies. This substance also develops the human body. It is found in almost every cell of the human body. Especially it is a lot of in the dermis, vitreous, umbilical cord and synovia.

Hyaluronic acid in synovia lubricates joints and helps to move painlessly. With such diseases as arthritis, viscoelasticity the amount of synovial fluid decreases, which increases the load on the articular cartilage and causes pain during movement. Sodium hyaluronate( glycan) replenishes the lack of synovia.

Glikan encapsulates the inner surface of the joint. It protects the synovial membrane and cartilage from damage, inflammation and free radicals.

The course of treatment "Hyalurum"( the description for this drug is attached as an instruction) preserves the effect of the medicine for six months.

Indications for injections

Hyalurum Patient Reviews

Medication "Hyalurum"( reviews of patients say that the course of injections is sometimes enough for a year) is administered intraarticularly with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of synovial joints. As a rule, this is osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis. Painful sensations and difficulty of movement cause injuries to the hip, knee and other moving joints. Assign a drug to compensate for the lack of synovia and as an additional lubricant in surgical operations. Apply it to prevent wear and tear on the joints of people who lead an active lifestyle.


Despite the effectiveness of the product "Hyalurum"( reviews of patients say that the drug is expensive, but the price justifies the result that it gives), you should not inject people with hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate. Contraindications are infectious diseases of the skin in the zone of drug administration, as well as infectious diseases of the joints, damage or destruction of the cartilaginous base. Prohibited drug with poor blood coagulability. Do not administer injections to pregnant and lactating women, or in children and adolescents under 18 years.

Side effects

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Virtually does not cause adverse effects and is well tolerated by patients with the drug "Hyalurum".The patients' comments point out that articular injections with hyaluronic acid are painful and for their introduction it is necessary to look for the best specialist.

In the process of treatment, people noted the soreness of the injection site and hyperemia. In some cases, there was an increase in body temperature, swelling in the area of ​​administration of the drug.

A cold compress can be applied to the injection site for 5 minutes, which will remove discomfort. It is allowed during the course treatment to apply external painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Rules for the use of injections

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Only intra-articular drug "Hyalurum" is administered. Testimonials are considered effective and give results for a long period. Only the experienced doctor with a special permission to perform such manipulations should inject the medicine into the joint.

Before administration of hyaluronic acid, the ampoule with the solution should be kept for 30 minutes at room temperature. In large joints, for example, such as knee, inject up to 2 ml of solution, and into small joints - 1 ml. You can not put more than 2 ml per procedure.

Injections are done once in seven days. The course consists of three injections. Repeated therapy is carried out not earlier than half a year.

At one time, several joints can be treated. If there is effusion, then it is removed from the joint by a syringe. The joint after the introduction of the drug in it should be at rest."Synovial prosthesis" is re-introduced no earlier than 7 days later.

Solution "Hyalurum"( reviews of patients claim that if during the procedure the doctor did not get into the interarticular space, the joint can swell and get sick) is not divorced before the procedure, but is already prepared for injection.

Before the procedure it is necessary to verify the integrity of the package, if there is a violation, then the drug is not used. The solution should be clear, without clouding, sediment or hue changes.

Syringe is designed for a single injection. The preparation is made in sterilized form and repeated sterilization is forbidden. Remains of the solution are not subject to storage.

The procedure is carried out in compliance with all antiseptic norms. The place of introduction is smeared with alcohol and waiting for it to dry out. Then make an injection. For the procedure, the syringe is removed from the sterile case and the protective cap is removed. It is put on the needle and fixed by turning it. Remove air from the syringe. If a pain is observed upon administration, the procedure is immediately stopped.

Special instructions

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Do not exceed the allowable dose and prescribe "Hyalurum"( reviews say that for a single injection of a solution you have to pay a specialist from 800 to 5000 rubles) yourself.

Before the beginning of the therapeutic course, a check is made for the presence of an inflammatory process in the acute stage, which should be removed before treatment.

After injection, the patient is not allowed to subject the joint to a load. Advised to adhere to such a sparing regime for several days after the procedure.

If you feel pain in the joint after the procedure should consult a doctor.

The drug is not administered at one time with other intraarticular injections and is not mixed with other drugs in the same syringe.

Storage conditions, formulation, composition

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The preparation is manufactured in disposable syringes with a volume of 2 ml. In 1 ml of the drug contains sodium hyaluronate - 15 mg;sodium chloride - 9 ml;water for injections.

Pack the drug in a cardboard box for 1 or 3 syringes. A detailed instruction for use is attached to the product.

The medicine is stored at a temperature of +25 ° C and only in its original packaging. The storage area of ​​the solution must be cool, dry and protected from sunlight."Hyalur" is prohibited from freezing.

Solution "Hyalurum": analogues

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If the drug is not suitable for the patient, the doctor will try to replace it. Are not inferior in their effectiveness, and sometimes exceed the effectiveness of the "Hyalurum" analogs. The most popular are:

  • "Atri Ing"( Korea, Yo) - 3,700 rubles;
  • "Fermatron", "Fermatron plus" and "Fermatron C"( Great Britain) - 4000, 6000 and 13000 rudders;
  • "Ostenil", "Ostenil mini", "Ostenil plus"( Germany) - 3500, 2500, 8500 rubles;
  • "Duralan"( USA) - 15,500 rubles;
  • "Sinokrom", "Sinokrom forte"( Germany) - 3000 and 6000 rubles;
  • "Suplazin"( Ireland) - 3000 rubles;
  • "Intraject Gialuform"( Russia) - 3550 rubles;
  • "Hyastat"( Russia) - 2250 rubles.

These are just some medicines that can be replaced with "Hyalurum."Each of them has its own individual characteristics, so you can not independently select these tools. Preparations in tablets or capsules can not replace intraarticular injection and therefore are not considered analogues. Ointments are used only in complex therapy along with injections.


The price for one syringe of the drug "Hyalurum" fluctuates around 4000-5000 rubles. The drug is sold only in the pharmacy and is dispensed without a prescription.

The drug "Hyalurum": reviews of doctors

Specialists note that the injections of "Hyalurom" give a persistent lasting effect in degenerative-dystrophic pathologies. Apply it in case the cartilage is deformed and depleted, but not completely destroyed.

Before the course of treatment, an x-ray of the injured joint is performed in two projections. Assign a laboratory analysis of blood and urine. Check the joint for inflammation. Remove the liquid from it.

The drug will be effective for arthrosis of 2 and 3 degrees, and with arthrosis 1 degree treatment will not give a result. The drug prevents the development of osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis. Does not allow the cartilage to break down. Improves the sliding of cartilage. Deeply penetrates into the joint, where it increases the elasticity and elasticity of the connective tissue. Thanks to these properties of the drug, the cartilage severely affected by arthrosis restores its damping ability. The pain syndrome decreases and the mobility of the joint increases.

Reviews of patients

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They speak about the effectiveness of the drug "Hyalurum" reviews of patients. Is it enough 1 injection? This question is asked by many people before starting treatment. Usually, if treatment is prescribed, then doctors are advised to undergo a full course of therapy, and it consists of three injections administered in a week. One injection may prevent arthritis from developing in an easy stage, but serious cases require at least three.

According to many patients, the drug is well tolerated, and the improvement comes after the first injection. The procedure itself was not given to anyone very much, as it is painful and unpleasant. It is noted that the effect of course treatment lasts for a year.

Before the procedure, the fluid is removed from the joint, and if there is inflammation, then remove it. For this purpose, a number of drugs are prescribed, including hormonal drugs.

Some people report side effects after injection: swelling, tenderness of movement and fever.

Typically, such cases occur when the doctor does not fall into the right place. If the procedure is done correctly, the symptoms soon pass after the introduction of the "Hyalurum".

Reviews of the drug note the high cost of treatment. The medicine costs not cheap plus intraarticular introduction too paid, on it do not advise to save. Patients recommend choosing the best doctor.