Manic is not a sentence

Many people have heard the word "manic", but have no idea what it is. Often the concept is found in psychology. So, manic - it's painful. Now a little more detail consider this concept.

Manic state, signs

It can manifest itself in different ways, on this basis, several stages are distinguished. Manic state is a special psychological state of a person, while there are three signs together:

  • fast speech;
  • increased excitability;
  • very cheerful mood.

manic is this

Is it a disease? Yes, which requires attention, but at first sight it may not be noticeable. Manic is a condition that can manifest itself both as a normal human condition and as a pathological syndrome. But it's absolutely not scary and curable.

How to recognize the disease

Signs of mania are different, but the most common are the following:

  • Mania of greatness.
  • Delusional ideas.
  • Reassessing your capabilities.
  • An obsession to protect yourself.
  • Increases sexuality.
  • The appetite increases.
  • Distractions appear.


Manic is a mental disorder that requires special attention. Whether you are affected by this disease, will help to understand the psychological test, which can be carried out at home.

Manic. Test

You can get it from an experienced psychologist, but a simplified( home) option is also possible. Do not worry much before passing the test, manic thinking is a certain deviation from the norm, if it does not go beyond the limits of allowance, then it is not worthwhile to focus attention on this.

What questions can you get on this test? Examples of them are:

  • Was my mind sharpened like never before?
  • Was the dream much shorter than usual?
  • Was there an absent-mindedness due to the mass of ideas that never ceased to come to my mind?
  • Do I have an eternal need for communication?
  • I had a feeling of boundless happiness?
  • Was my activity increased?

manic test

This is not all possible options for questions. It is worth considering the fact that the answer must be taken into account all week, and not any last two or three hours. Manic is not a verdict, this disease is completely curable.

Who will help?

There are several degrees of disease, the easiest of them is called "hypomania".People with this diagnosis are often considered very active, active, sociable, often they do not even notice the syndrome. The whole point is that the evaluation can only give an experienced specialist, so as not to blame the innocent person.

People with manic syndrome often look much younger than they really are, this effect creates:

  • animated facial expressions;
  • fast speech;
  • sharp movements;
  • sociability;
  • activity.

If at this stage the syndrome is not recognized, then it can be replaced by severe depression or all the symptoms become much deeper, a megalomania appears.

After the manic syndrome has been diagnosed, the psychologist proposes to act comprehensively, using psychotherapy and medications. Another nuance of this disease - you need to eliminate the causes. As a rule, illnesses accompany a few more. Possible:

  • psychoses;
  • neuroses;
  • depression;
  • obsessive fears.

This is not all the problems that can accompany manic syndrome.

Why does it occur?

Two factors play a role here:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • constitutional factor.

People with manic syndrome often overestimate self-esteem, self-esteem. They often overestimate their talents and abilities. Some of them can be persuaded, showing their own example, but many are unshakably in their own way.

signs of mania

Species of manic syndrome

As mentioned earlier, the disease has degrees of complexity, varieties. There are the following types:

  1. Manic-paranoid.
  2. Oneiroid mania.
  3. Crazy version.
  4. Joyous mania.
  5. Furious mania.

If for the usual reader the last three points are to some extent understandable, then the first two require explanations.

  • Manic-paranoid degree is manifested in relationships. Such people are able to pursue the object of their passion, there are delusions about their partner.
  • Oneiroid mania. At the peak of the syndrome, there are hallucinations, a very serious and severe degree of manic syndrome, but like everyone else, it can be treated.

If we consider a delusional version, then the patient builds a logical sequence of delusional ideas, as a rule, all this concerns the professional level.

The next two types are the complete opposite, in the first case there is increased activity, in the second - quick temper, anger, conflict.