If a dog is bitten by a dog, what should I do? The use of drugs and treatment features

What should I do if a child is bitten by a dog or scratched? This question is asked by so many parents whose children have been attacked by an animal. We will tell you what measures to take in this case in the article in question. a child was bitten by a dog what to do


It's no secret to anyone that dog bites are very dangerous. Therefore, questions about how to be, if a child is bitten by a dog, what to do in this case are quite relevant.

Experts argue that attacking a healthy animal requires mandatory processing of the wound. As for the rabid dog, such bites can be deadly. In this regard, such wounds should be reacted as quickly as possible. Even a slight scratch from a sick dog can lead to disastrous consequences.

Memo to parents

Child bitten by a dog - what to do and how to be? This is the first question that arises in the minds of most parents whose children have suffered from an animal. Very often dog attacks on a child result in serious injuries and severe lacerations. That is why parents should be very careful about the safety of young children. In this case, it is undesirable to allow them too close to the dogs. After all, many children themselves behave incorrectly with animals - frighten them, tease, pull at the tail and stuff. As a result of this behavior, they are capable of provoking aggression even from a completely peaceful dog.

Dog bitten the child - what to do? Unfortunately, few parents know the answer to this question. Therefore, most of such attacks cause serious complications. To prevent their occurrence, we will tell you about what measures should be taken in this case.

Child bitten by dog: consequences of

No animal attack remains without consequences. If the dog has bitten your child, then most likely he will have an infection of the wound, as well as the development of a purulent-inflammatory process( at the site of the injury).This happens in 17-22% of all bites. Also, when bacteria get into the bloodstream of the baby, sepsis or systemic infection sometimes occurs. What to do if a child has bitten and what medicines to take

The most common infection of the wound is caused by microorganisms such as streptococci, pasteurels, staphylococci and microbes that multiply in an oxygen-free environment. It should also be noted that in most cases the flora in such a wound has a mixed shape.

All these bacteria are in the mouth of the dog and after the bite they fall directly into the wound area. Usually the infection develops 8-23 hours after the attack.

Symptoms of infection in

wound A child was bitten by a dog - what to do? Treatment of the baby should be carried out if the wound is infected. About this phenomenon can say the following local symptoms:

  • Appearance of purulent discharge, accompanied by an unpleasant odor.
  • Development of inflammatory signs, including redness, pain and swelling.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes located near the site of the bite.

Also should pay attention to the general symptoms. These include the following:

  • headache;
  • temperature increase;
  • strong weakness;
  • is a mild ailment.

Often when bites occur and infection with diseases such as rabies and tetanus. In this case, treatment should be immediate. What to do if a child is bitten by a dog or scratched

First aid for

Child bitten by a dog - what should parents do? To begin with, the baby should be given first aid. It involves the following items:

  • flushing, as well as disinfection of the wound;
  • careful processing of its edges;
  • dressing;
  • providing the baby with qualified medical care, as well as antimicrobial treatment, prevention of tetanus and rabies( if necessary).

Step-by-Step Actions of

The child was bitten by a dog - how to proceed further? If your baby is very frightened, you should calm him down, give him a drink of water and explain his subsequent actions regarding the treatment of the wound. If a child cries and experiences severe pain, then he needs to take an anesthetic drug.

In the very first minutes after the dog's bite, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the wound with medical soap( which can be economical), which must be previously dissolved in warm water. It is desirable to perform this treatment for at least ¼ hours. It will inactivate a not very persistent rabies virus.

After intensive washing of the wound with a soap solution, it should be treated with hydrogen peroxide to kill possible infections. As for its edges, they should be lubricated with iodine or "zelenok".After this, a gauze swab should be applied to the wound, which must be fixed with an aseptic bandage. In this case, it must be taken into account that it should not be airtight( the wound should "breathe well").a child was bitten by a dog what to do and where to go

After first aid, the child should be taken to a trauma clinic for examination by a doctor and appropriate treatment. If necessary, the doctor will urgently immunize against tetanus and rabies.

Actions of parents after first aid.

. What should I do if I have been bitten by a dog? Treatment of the injury should only be done by an experienced doctor. However, parents also require certain actions. For example, you need to check the dog that bit the child. If she is domestic and you know her master, you should ask him for a certificate stating that the animal was being vaccinated against rabies. As for the stray dog, it must be reported to the veterinary service.

If there is such an opportunity, then a bitten animal should be installed 10-day observation. It is desirable to do this in a stationary environment.

Signs of a rabid dog

A dog bit a child - what to do? Immediately after providing first aid it is necessary to find the attacked animal. Next, you should pay attention to the indirect signs that allow you to judge the condition of the dog.

First you need to understand the cause of the bite. After all, very often children themselves provoke animals for such actions. In this case, the dog can be healthy by 90%.If the animal has attacked a person for no reason, then, most likely, it is infected with rabies. Most often these dogs are alone. They rush to the surrounding people for no reason, loudly bark and rush.

If a dog that has harmed a child already had time to shoot, then experts conduct a study of her brain in order to detect rabies. a child was bitten by a dog

Vaccination when bitten by a dog

A child was bitten by a dog - what to do and where to go? After such an attack, the baby should immediately be taken to the emergency room. On the further actions of parents should inform the attending physician.

If after an animal study it turned out that it was infected with rabies, vaccination is carried out.

The rabies vaccine is quite effective. According to experts, it reduces the risk of infection by about 98%.However, such injections are effective only if they were performed no later than two weeks after the bite. Although for the sake of fairness it should be noted that vaccination is also carried out when patients are treated at a later date.

In case of difficult cases( for example, if the doctor does not contact the doctor, strong or multiple wounds), an antirabic immunoglobulin is prescribed in addition to the vaccine.

In this treatment, it should be borne in mind that during the next 30-90 days the patient is countered with hypothermia, physical exhaustion, overheating and so on. Adults and adolescents must be aware that drinking alcohol is also completely banned. Otherwise the immune system of the victim will weaken, and the development of antibodies against rabies will noticeably decrease.


If a child is bitten by a domestic dog, this does not mean that she is not infected with rabies. Unfortunately, many parents refuse to vaccinate, referring to the fact that their domestic pet was not sick, although the tests say the opposite. Such people should know that 75% of all deaths after an animal bite are victims who did not seek help on time or thoughtlessly refused to vaccinate. what to do if you are bitten by a dog

It should also be noted that half of all deaths are patients who discontinued treatment or those who did not adhere to strict recommendations of specialists.

When are vaccinations given?

After a dog's bite, rabies vaccine is not always used. Such an injection is done only in the following cases:

  • if a wild animal has attacked the child( eg, bats, foxes, wolves, etc.);
  • if the wound is very large, and also has a dangerous location( for example, on the head, neck, etc.);
  • if the animal escaped, as a result of which it is impossible to conduct its examination;
  • if the animal is observed for 10 days, then the patient during this time make 3 doses of the vaccine( with normal results, the vaccination is stopped).

It should also be noted that if a child has been previously vaccinated and from this point has not passed a year, he is assigned 3 vaccines. If more than a year has passed, then they are conducting a full course of treatment.

When is the vaccination not done?

Now you know what to do if you are bitten by a child's dog, and what medicines to take. However, it should be noted that not always such an attack requires the application of harsh measures.

Specialists claim that the vaccine is not administered to the injured person if:

  • the dog touched the skin, but did not damage it;
  • saliva of the animal did not get on the mucous membranes of the baby or on the wound in the body;
  • a bite was made through a thick layer of clothing, which was never bitten;
  • wound was inflicted by the beak or claws of non-predatory birds;
  • the child used to eat cooked meat( that is, well thermally processed) or the milk of a sick animal;
  • has been bitten by domestic rats or mice in an area where rabies has not been documented in the past two years;The
  • bite was committed to pets previously vaccinated against rabies. the child was bitten by the dog

Summing up

Now you know what to do if your child was bitten by a dog. It should be noted that all measures for disinfection of the wound, as well as vaccination against rabies should be carried out in the very near future after the attack. After all, very often such cases lead to the development of serious complications, and sometimes even to death.