Physiotherapist - who is this? What diseases are treated by a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy involves additional methods of treating the disease. This is only an auxiliary measure that helps improve the patient's condition. But without medications you still can not do.

physiotherapist who is Each hospital has a department of physiotherapy. There are sessions of electrophoresis, inhalation, rinsing. The appointment can be made only by the attending physician. The specialist will get acquainted with the disease of the patient, will collect anamnesis. Effective methods of electrocution are popular. What diseases does the physiotherapist cure?

The field of activity is wide. Many human conditions can be improved with the help of physiotherapy procedures. First of all, these are diseases of the kidneys and genitourinary tracts, pathologies of neurological nature, osteochondrosis, joint diseases, complications after cold infections. It is also possible to improve the postoperative state.

physiotherapist who it is and what heals A physiotherapist is a specialist who has received special training aimed at the natural and artificial use of physical factors in the human body. The exploitation of natural phenomena promotes treatment, prevention and medical rehabilitation. The job description of the physiotherapist is aimed at the clear implementation of all types of procedures for improving human health.

Methods of treatment in the physiotherapy department

The physiotherapist helps the patient recover from severe operations, trauma, inflammation. Methods of treatment include microwaves, ultrasound, electrophoresis, electrosleep, ultraviolet radiation. In addition to these procedures, the physiotherapist uses exercise therapy, all types of massage, manual therapy, as well as acupuncture.

child physiotherapist who is The treatment methods are aimed at restoring the motor abilities of a person, improving the work of the respiratory and circulatory systems. In all areas of medicine you need a physiotherapist. What is this doctor treating? Practically in any disease, physiotherapeutic procedures can come to the rescue. Accordingly, it can be argued that a specialist in this industry treats almost everything.

Advice from physiotherapist physician

To perform many of the procedures that the physiotherapist recommends, you can do it at home. For nervous overstrain and stress, use a relaxing bath with soothing herbs. Inhalations can also be carried out at home. Today pharmacies offer special nebulizers at an affordable price.

the work of a physiotherapist When a disease of the musculoskeletal system, a complex of therapeutic exercises must be performed daily. Morning jogs, cycling, walking long distances will come to the benefit. Additionally, you can work out with the simulators or make an appointment for the procedures in the exercise room.

Children's physiotherapist? Who is it? What diseases heal?

Kids are very often sick with colds. In their complex treatment, electrophoresis, ultraviolet radiation is used. All these methods are aimed at destroying the infection and stopping the inflammatory process. Appointment procedures can only physician-physiotherapist.

physiotherapist that heals Hyperactive toddlers are often prescribed electrosleep. It helps normalize a natural night's sleep and relieve nervous overexertion. In fizkabinete for children prepare oxygen cocktails on herbs. This is a good remedy that strengthens immunity.


This procedure involves the effect on the human body of an electric current. A metal plate of electrophoresis is placed directly on the affected area. Magnetic waves spread throughout the body of the patient. The procedure helps to remove the pain syndrome, accelerate the healing process, remove inflammation, dilate the blood vessels and improve blood flow. Electrophoresis can be prescribed only by a physiotherapist. Who knows this, he immediately turns to the right specialist.

Laser therapy

This is one of the new procedures in physiotherapy. It is performed when exposed to the body of laser beams. Thanks to this, the energy process in the cells increases, fats and carbohydrates are split. In addition, the synthesis of protein and nucleic acids is enhanced.

job description of a physiotherapist This procedure will help remove inflammation in the lesion, remove the edema. To enhance the work of the immune system very often this method is prescribed by a physiotherapist. Who else can do this, if not a specialist in this field?


Very good method. When the magnetic radiation is applied to the organism, positive changes occur in the work of all human systems. The procedure stimulates a surge in the activity of the immune system. The body begins to cope more quickly with pathogenic bacteria and various infections. Also, the color of the skin improves, rashes occur.

Physiotherapist - who and what heals? This is a narrow specialist in the field of medicine. It is he who prescribes magnetotherapy for the rapid healing of wounds, improving metabolic processes in tissues and organs.


This is a modern machine. The technique used by him improves blood circulation in tissues. Removes the inflammatory process and pain syndrome. Darsonval is very widely used for the treatment of neurological patients. In the kit of this device there is a comb. Under the influence of current, the hair is combed. In this case, the right amount of blood and nutrients starts to flow into the head.

Contraindications for physiotherapy procedures

There are many factors in which it is impossible to apply methods of electrical impact. That it is possible to appoint or nominate to the patient, the physiatrist is obliged to know. Who else needs to clarify and analyze all factors, if not a specialist in a narrow profile? Manipulation of the patient is prescribed only after studying the medical history.

Physiotherapy is contraindicated if there are rashes and tumors on the body. High blood pressure and dizziness can also be an excuse for canceling prescriptions. Massage and complex gymnastics is held after the end of the acute period of chronic disease.

What should be a good physical therapist?

First of all, a specialist should love his profession. It is necessary to have a desire to help a person, listen to his complaints and appoint the necessary procedures. Increase knowledge is worth regularly!

Every year new methods appear in the field of physiotherapy. Therefore, from time to time a good specialist must undergo advanced training courses. What else should the physiotherapist do? It is worth reading a lot of useful and necessary information on medical portals on the Internet, conducting safety training sessions with your employees, and knowing the manual for working with devices. The work of the physiotherapist is very responsible and important.