How to soar feet with mustard to a child when coughing, with a cold? Is it possible for children to soar their feet with mustard? How much mustard is needed to soar the child's legs? How much soar your feet in mustard to your baby?

Modern pharmacy kiosks offer consumers a wide variety of medicines. Some drugs are designed to fight against viruses, others destroy bacteria. You can also choose the right composition for cough and cold. However, many patients still prefer all these innovations to old and proven methods of treatment - folk. Doctors are very ambivalent about this priority.

This article will tell you about whether it is possible for children to soar their feet with mustard. You will learn about the ways of carrying out such a procedure. Also you will be able to find out the conditions that must be observed.

how to soar your feet with mustard baby

Medical point of view

Physicians unanimously declare that before you soar your feet with mustard to a child, you must always contact a medical institution. After all, many parents, acting for good, harm their children. Mustard is a substance that can become an allergen. Also, some babies are not at all contraindicated to soar their legs.

During your visit, the doctor will get acquainted with the existing complaints and will inspect the crumbs. Only after this, the pediatrician will be able to give you permission or prohibit the implementation of heating procedures.

The use of manipulation

Soaring feet with mustard for a runny child - pretty good. During the procedure, the baby's feet warm up. Manipulation helps to relax and helps improve blood circulation. Under the influence of high temperatures, blood vessels expand. At the same time, lymphocytes that fight infection can penetrate even the smallest corners and thin capillaries. In this way you will create all conditions for the destruction of the disease with the help of your own immunity.

Before you soar your feet with mustard to your child, you must always make sure the procedure is safe. There are certain contraindications and situations in which manipulation is categorically prohibited. They will be described for you in the next paragraph. It is also necessary to create all the conditions for the treatment to be beneficial and not harmful to the health of the crumbs.

soar with mustard when coughing to a child

In which cases should the legs and mustard soar when the child coughs?

The folk remedy perfectly warms up, improves a blood flow, promotes increase of immune protection. Mustard pairs create a remarkable inhalation effect. However, there are situations when such treatment can greatly harm your child. In what cases can you not soar your feet with mustard when you cough to a child?

  • Allergy .If your crumbs have rashes on the skin, then you should abandon the above procedure. Note that allergic reactions include banal diathesis and even mosquito bites. That's why before using the yellow burning powder, you need to carefully examine the baby's body.
  • Fever .Before you soar your feet with mustard to your child, be sure to measure body temperature. During the period of illness in many children it rises. The reason for this is the formation of interferons and the fight of immunity with pathology. If you see a value on the thermometer that exceeds 37.5 degrees, then give up the procedure. By your actions, you can provoke an even greater temperature rise.
  • Hypersensitivity. If your child has a high sensitivity to mustard, then it is recommended to stop using this remedy. You can replace this ingredient with any essential oils and additives. However, one must be sure that the selected composition will not cause negative reactions.

In addition to these conditions, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the disease. If this cough( bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, laryngitis) or a common cold( ARVI, flu, rhinitis, sinusitis), then manipulation can be effective. When it comes to fighting against chickenpox, measles, rubella, stomatitis, poisoning and similar diseases, mustard will not give any positive effect.

how to soar your feet with mustard baby

Indications for using the national prescription

Before hovering your feet with mustard to a child, assess its condition. Indications for the procedure are the following situations:

  • cough of various origins( except allergic);
  • is a runny nose caused by viruses or bacteria( other than allergic);
  • supercooling;
  • frostbite( only after full body warming);
  • sore throat and inflammation of the pharyngeal ring.

If you consult a doctor, the doctor will definitely explain whether the described folk remedy is effective for your child or not. Also, the expert will tell you about the duration of manipulation and the proportions of the components.

You can soar your feet with mustard to children

Algorithm of Action

How to soar your feet with mustard to your child? First determine the components. Mustard for the procedure must necessarily have the form of a powder. Otherwise, it just does not dissolve in water.

Then select the capacity. If you only need to warm your feet( for the treatment of a cold), then a shallow pelvis will do. When you need to use a large area and capture caviar( when you cough) - take a bucket.

The liquid temperature should not exceed 38-40 degrees. Many parents think that such an impact will not have a positive effect. However, if you follow all the instructions and follow the algorithm, the effect of folk treatment will not be long in coming.

  1. Pour the right amount of clean water into the container and lower the baby's legs there.
  2. Wait for about 5 minutes until the feet start to warm up gradually.
  3. Put 2 tablespoons of mustard powder in a container and mix thoroughly. In this case, you can come up with a game, when the child will chatter, thereby dissolving the yellow powder.
  4. Leave the baby's feet for another three minutes, then add water at a temperature of 45-48 degrees.
  5. Wait for another 5 minutes. Remove the legs of the crumbs, rinse them thoroughly and wipe them.

How much soar your feet in mustard to a child? The whole procedure will take from 10 to 20 minutes. Do not keep the baby's feet in the prepared liquid for up to one hour. You will not achieve a stronger effect. It is worth noting that there are rarely children who can sit out for so long in one place.

soar with mustard for child

How to deal with infants and newborns?

Doctors say that you can soar your feet with mustard to children only after they reach 12 months. Whence such limitations? Why can not you manipulate newborns and infants? Everything is very simple.

Infants of the first year of life are very sensitive to temperature changes. They can easily raise the mark on the thermometer only because they are hot. Any overheating or hypothermia negatively affects the well-being of infants. That's why doctors do not recommend doing such procedures to babies. The exception is only those cases when the manipulation is performed by a medical professional in the hospital. However, modern hospitals have long ago abandoned the use of folk methods in the treatment of children.

Is it possible for children to soar their legs with mustard?

After manipulation of

Before hovering legs with mustard to the child, be sure to prepare clean clothes for him. After the procedure, dry your feet and put cotton socks on your feet. If you want to enhance the effect and extend the warming effect, you can use woolen socks.

Put the crumbs and cover it with a blanket. Remember that after manipulation you can not run( especially on the cold floor).Also categorically it is forbidden to go out. Prepare the child a cup of warm raspberry tea or hot milk. In this way you work on the disease not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Alternative method of

If the child refuses to sit on the seat and keep the legs in the warming liquid, then you can use an alternative. To do this you will need two pairs of tight socks and the warming powder itself. How much mustard is needed to soar the child's legs? For breeding in water, 20-30 grams is enough. If you put a warming agent in your socks, then you will have 10-15 grams.

Put your toes on your toddler. In the second pair of laundry, put the mustard powder. Place the legs in such a compress and leave it indefinitely. To remove a compress it is necessary when the mustard starts to strongly heat up. The child will tell you about it. Then rinse the baby's feet and put on clean clothes. The peculiarity of this method is that during warming up it is possible to move( walk, run).This is very important for small fidgets. This way you can use and during sleep.

how much need mustard to soar your child

A brief summary of the results of

You learned about the popular and proven method - soar your legs with mustard. Remember that before the procedure you need to take into account a lot of factors. Be sure to inspect the baby. It is desirable to conduct manipulation in the evenings, before going to bed. If the child in the daytime adheres to the regime and has a rest, then it is allowed to warm up also before the daytime sleep. Be sure to follow the reaction of the crumbs during treatment. If there are additional signs of illness, consult a doctor immediately. Be healthy!