Banana with gastritis: forbidden fruit or medicine?

Gastritis today is a common ailment in people of different ages. Its initial stage does not pose a serious danger to health, but the subsequent development can lead to significant complications. For this reason, it is necessary to take the symptoms of this disease very seriously. Complications will not be caught unawares only with timely prevention and treatment.

banana with gastritis

After the diagnosis of gastritis, the patient needs to carefully monitor his diet. Many products are prohibited. The diet should include only those substances that have a positive effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and promote an accelerated recovery. Banana with gastritis is ideal for this role, because it is a valuable nutritious product of plant origin.

What is gastritis?

First you need to understand what this disease is. Currently, the term "gastritis" unites all diseases of the stomach, which are associated with the inflammatory nature of the mucosa of the walls of this organ.

The pathological process is acute and chronic. Acute gastritis develops quite quickly. This is due to the influence of aggressive chemicals, alcohol, certain drugs and food on the stomach wall. The chronic form of the disease develops a long time. This is a progressive pathology, in which the walls of the stomach and glands, responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid, mucus and pepsin, are damaged.

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calories in a banana

There are 2 types of chronic gastritis:

  1. Atrophic - inflammation gradually damages, destroys or reduces the number of glands responsible for the production of gastric juice. The release of hydrochloric acid is reduced.
  2. Neatrophic, or superficial - only the walls of the gastric mucosa become inflamed. The level of hydrochloric acid is normal or increased. In order to prevent atrophic gastritis into atrophic gastritis, it takes at least two decades.

Bananas: the chemical composition and caloric content of

Bananas are popular both in children and adults. Contrary to popular belief, a banana is a berry, as it grows on a banana plant that does not have a solid stem. One such stem is able to withstand up to 100 kg, and this is approximately 300 fruits.

The properties of bananas are that they are saturated with a lot of vitamins, macro- and microelements, which contain phosphorus, carotene, pectin, starch, nitrogenous substances and minerals. Also in their composition are natural sugars - glucose, sucrose, fructose and fiber. This delicious berry contains tryptophan protein, which then turns into serotonin. The latter is known as the hormone of happiness.

Nutritional value of bananas per 100 g of product
Calories in banana 89 kcal
Fats 0.5 g
Carbohydrates 21 g
Dietary fibers 1.7 g
Water 74 g

Calories in a banana vary depending on the methodits use. For example, in the overripe banana there are 100-120 of them, in drained banana it is 346, in dried water - about 346, in banana juice - about 50.

Banana properties

The main advantage of bananas is the high content of potassium. The thing is that this microelement has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system. The content of potassium contributes to the restoration of the equilibrium of electrolytes( often with vomiting in gastritis).Due to satiety with vitamins, bananas are able to raise mood, eliminate irritability and stress, restore sleep, improve memory and make hair and skin healthy.

properties of bananas

Banana for gastritis benefits for the following reasons:

  • Bananas have very low acid content
  • Useful substances in the pulp contribute to the healing of the digestive tract
  • Magnesium slows the dystrophic processes that occur in the mucous layer

Treatment and prevention

Banana with gastritis is recommended at an increased level of acidity. In this case, you should eat it on an empty stomach or before eating. Bananas stimulate the production of mucus. This effect for a long time will protect the stomach from the negative effects of other foods.

Bananas with gastritis can and should be eaten, but do not eat them in fried and baked form. It is better to give preference to a fresh fruit. It can be puree or smoothie. A successful combination will be the use of bananas and kefir.

bananas with gastritis can be

In everything you need to observe the measure, and especially with gastritis. Banana, despite all its advantages, will adversely affect health in case of excessive use. Experts recommend no more than 3 fruits a day. It is important to take into account that bananas with gastritis with high acidity can, with excessive use, cause disruption of the heart rhythm and biochemical processes.

How to do not need

Banana for gastritis should be eaten correctly - it is not recommended to eat berries for dessert, that is after the main course. In this case, the therapeutic property will be poorly expressed, in addition, bloating may be observed. Medical workers advise eating bananas either on an empty stomach or a few hours after taking the main course.


One of the contraindications is the allergic reaction of the body. If after eating this berry itching, rashes and other symptoms are observed, bananas should be completely excluded from their diet.

bananas with gastritis with high acidity

There is one nuance: often, all vegetables, berries and fruits undergo chemical treatment. Therefore, before you look for a replacement, you can try buying bananas in different places and checking yourself for allergies.

Another contraindication is the tendency to bloating and flatulence. Caution should be used bananas for diabetes mellitus, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, stroke and cardiovascular disease.