From wrinkles heparin ointment: description, instructions for use, composition and reviews

To delay at least for a while the appearance of the first "bells" of aging skin on the face can be not only with the help of expensive creams and other means. Many of the fair sex use some medications, which, according to the indications described in the instructions, are not suitable for getting rid of wrinkles. Heparin ointment is one of such medicines that does not always use as intended. Does this medicine have unique properties and is able to smooth out different types of wrinkles on the face skin and décolleté zone?

Description of the preparation

To understand how the tool used to eliminate abrasions and bruises, for cosmetic purposes, it is necessary to understand its composition. From wrinkles heparin ointment was not usually used. This remedy is a direct anticoagulant intended for use in sports medicine, dermatology. Also, the drug does not form clots, promotes the expansion of blood vessels.

from wrinkles heparin ointment

Active agent ointment - heparin - reduces( significantly) the amount of fibrin, reduces the possibility of gluing blood cells together. In addition to this component, the drug contains benzyl nicotinate and benzocaine. Indications for the use of

Indications for the appointment of heparin ointment are various pathologies of veins, varicose veins, thrombosis, hemorrhoids, traumas of sports etiology( sprains, bruises), lymphangitis, infection of mammary glands during lactation, postinfusion phlebitis. The remedy is absolutely safe and therefore can be used during pregnancy.

Heparin ointment for wrinkles: reviews

Price - this is one of the main criteria that influence the choice of the optimal means for skin care. In comparison with expensive creams of famous cosmetology brands, the drug product belongs to the most affordable options( a tube of 25 ml does not cost more than 50 rubles).Quite often in non-traditional( home) cosmetology is applied heparin ointment from wrinkles. Reviews of cosmeticians on this account vary: most of them argue that it is highly undesirable to use the drug for other purposes.

Heparin ointment for wrinkles under the eyes reviews

Experts assure that cheap pharmacy medication can not completely replace the procedures and cosmetic products necessary for skin rejuvenation.

Will heparin ointment help with wrinkles under the eyes?

Reviews of women who have repeatedly experienced the described drug, in most cases confirm the presence of unique rejuvenating properties. The drug improved the condition of the skin for a while. Representatives of the fair sex say that they were helped not by expensive cosmetics, namely cheap heparin ointment from wrinkles under the eyes. The reviews are occasionally confirmed with photographs before and after applying an anticoagulant.

Heparin ointment from wrinkles under the eyes отзывы цена

However, we should not forget that only specialists can give a correct evaluation of the effectiveness of the ointment in the fight against wrinkles on the face. If you study the composition and mechanism of action of the drug, you can understand that it does not affect the processes of cell regeneration of the dermis. Indeed, the ointment promotes the acceleration of microcirculation, improves metabolic processes in tissues and slightly improves the tone of the skin. However, she absolutely can not completely eliminate wrinkles. Also, the remedy has a relatively short therapeutic effect, and on an ongoing basis it is not recommended.

How correctly to use ointment in cosmetology?

When deciding to use a wrinkle remover, follow the specific instructions. To see the positive effect, you need to take a course( 10-14 days), during which heparin ointment is applied from wrinkles. Reviews of cosmeticians suggest that the product can have a positive effect after the first application. However, this effect will be delayed only for a few days.

Heparin ointment from wrinkles reviews of cosmetologists

It is also necessary to study the contraindications described in the annotation and the side effects of the medication. To begin with, it is better to test for sensitivity to the composition of the ointment and apply a small amount on the wrist. In the absence of an allergic reaction( redness of the skin, itching, rashes), you can use the product for cosmetic purposes. From wrinkles, heparin ointment can indeed be used, but only in the absence of individual intolerance to the drug.

How do I apply?

Ointment can be used in a pure form, or mixed with a conventional face cream. The latter option will be the most gentle for the skin, and will also have a prolonged effect of the drug. Heparin ointment from wrinkles under the eyes is applied in small amounts. Many women refused to use the remedy for this particular area of ​​the face because of hypersensitivity and the occurrence of an allergic reaction. Another tool helped to eliminate not only minor wrinkles, but also puffiness, and dark circles under the eyes. The result will depend entirely on the individual features of the skin.

Ointment heparin from wrinkle reviews

It is applied from wrinkles to heparin ointment mainly in combination with other products. In order for the product to have a positive effect and not to worsen the skin condition, it is necessary to correctly observe the proportions when mixing the ointment and face cream. Women who often use this mixture, it is recommended to take three parts of your favorite cream and one part of the ointment.

Is it worth using for cosmetic purposes?

After reading numerous positive recommendations about a miracle drug that can save wrinkles, most women, of course, will want to try it on themselves. However, do not forget that the heparin ointment from wrinkles, the reviews about which have been considered, is a medicine. This means that it is used in the presence of certain pathological conditions and only according to the appointment of a specialist. The drug also has contraindications, which should be read out without fail.

Heparin ointment for wrinkles under the eyes Dryness of the skin, redness, itching are the main side effects that can cause heparin ointment from wrinkles. Reviews, the price of the funds allow you to purchase it for use in dealing with traces of skin aging. However, this method of rejuvenation is not recommended. The drug often causes kuperoz and therefore it should not be used if the face has a visible vascular net. Also, ointment can provoke aggravation of acne( comedones).Rejuvenating therapy with the help of medication is carried out only after consulting a cosmetologist and in the absence of contraindications.