Borovoy uterus: medicinal properties and contraindications, instructions for use

There are a lot of heal plants, but one of them is one-sided, or a hog urchin. Therapeutic properties and contraindications will be described in this article. Ortilia heals female diseases, helps conceive a child, improves reproductive functions.

Morphological description of the plant

The harrow, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which are clearly spelled out in the instructions for use, is a perennial plant. The stems adjoin the ground and grow to 25 cm. The leaves are oblong, pointed upward. Inflorescence drooping, collected in a brush, consisting of small bell-shaped white-green flowers. Fruiting in August. The fruit is a small oval shaped box up to 6 cm in length.

Prefers to grow a cold and temperate climate. Distributed in the European part of Russia( Siberia, the Far East, Ciscaucasia).Occurs in coniferous, mixed and small-leaved forests, on felling and forest fringes, glades and in ravines.

Procurement and storage of

boric uterus medicinal properties and contraindications

The boron uterus, whose medicinal properties and contraindications should be taken into account during reception, has valuable properties. In folk medicine use all visible aboveground part. Collect the grass in the period of active flowering, which, depending on the region of growth, falls on June or the middle of July. Cut the plant is laid out a layer of not more than four centimeters and dried in a place closed from direct sunlight.

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Healers recommend collecting the uterus in the full moon, and drying at the end of the lunar phase. In their opinion, the grass, harvested in this way, preserves the maximum amount of useful substances.

History of the use of the hog queen in folk medicine

Borovaja uterus and a red brush

"Boron uterus" means "mother of the forest".For a long time, the plant was used to enhance the reproductive functions of women. They said that only it can save a woman from infertility. They considered it to be a wand-help from all female diseases. It was argued that God created one-sided orthility for ladies, breathed into her only the female nature, endowed with valuable properties. After all, many stories of miraculous healing are known, including the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy.

Boron uterus, medicinal properties and contraindications of which are described not only by folk herbalists, but also proven by official medicine, has diuretic and antimicrobial effects. Since 2003 it has been registered by the Russian Ministry of Health. Its use is regulated by regulatory and technical documentation.

The hump was depicted still in the drawings of our ancestors. Such examples were found on the plates of Altai from the 5th-6th centuries BC.The image of this grass was always near the woman and the moon. Interpretation of ancient frescoes has not yet been solved. Artifacts do not fully disclose the culture of use of the medicinal plant. They talk only about eating grass and using it as a medicine for women.

Chemical composition

bovine uterus price

Borovoy uterus( the doctors' reviews with respect to it are very skeptical, but despite this, gynecologists prescribe it in the planning of pregnancy and from infertility) has in its composition a lot of medicinal substances. These are organic acids with a predominance of lemon and tartar, tannins, bitter glycosides( methylarbutine, arbutin), natural hydroquinone. The plant is rich in coumarins and flavonoids( quercetin, izokvertsetin, hyperoside).Has in the composition of quinones, a large amount of vitamin C, as well as microelements especially essential for the organism, such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc, titanium. The most important component is phytoestrogens. They contribute to the cure of gynecological diseases.

The ortilia is distinguished by its one-sided specific aroma, similar to the smell of fish. Such an amber is obtained because of the high concentration of iridoids. The same substance is found in the scales of fish. Dry grass loses its smell, and in tinctures it is pleasant and light.

Application of the hog queen in medicine

bovine uterus reviews of doctors

The hog queen for women is simply irreplaceable. Has a wide range of activities. It is often used in the treatment of diseases of the genito-urinary organs. It has diuretic properties, disinfects and removes the inflammatory process. He fights against germs. It is used for kidney and bladder disease. Well proven in the fight against cystitis and pyelonephritis. Disinfectant qualities help in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Folk herbalists recommend the use of ortilia in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Decoctions based on the boron womb stop bleeding and heal wounds. Phytotherapy with the use of plants establishes the endocrine system.

Gynecologists are advised to drink infusion with inflammation of the genitals, menstrual cycle, the absence of menstrual and severe course. Ortilia treats one-sided fibroma, myoma, promotes resorption of adhesions and fights with obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Will help stop the bleeding. Used for diseases of the cervix and ovarian cysts. Improves the microflora of the vagina, removes the inflammatory process. Performs a good antiseptic for thrush, vaginitis and colpitis. Eliminates the processes of ovulation cells. Increases libido.

It often takes a boric uterus to become pregnant. Restores full-fledged work of the ovaries and uterus. Improves the reproductive functions of women due to a beneficial effect on the hormonal background. Gives chances for successful conception of the child. During pregnancy helps to resist toxicosis.

A bovine uterus is not out of place in the premenopausal period. Another hormonal alteration of the body causes a number of unpleasant symptoms, from which this herb helps to get rid of. Positively affects the nervous system, normalizes sleep and prevents the onset of a depressive condition. Phytoestrogens and antioxidants contained in the plant have rejuvenating qualities.

Antineoplastic properties have proven effective in preventive treatment and in the integrated therapy of benign and malignant formations. Beneficial effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels. Heals them. It is recommended to drink it with diabetes mellitus to prevent the onset and development of cataracts. Brings the pressure back to normal. Heals scars and wounds. Useful for stomach ulcers.

Despite the fact that the boron womb is considered female grass, it is capable of curing male diseases. When infertility, one-sided advice is recommended for drinking to both partners. Stimulates the activity of spermatozoa, makes them active. Increases their number. Anti-inflammatory qualities relieve prostatitis, hemorrhoids, prostate adenoma.

Method of application

bovine uterus for conception

Borovaja uterus( drops can be bought already ready and not waste time on preparation of tinctures) is used in the form of water or spirit tincture. Also make from it a decoction.

If a ready-made tincture is used, then it is necessary to use it for 10-20 drops under the tongue or dissolving in a small volume of liquid. It is taken twice a day, 20-30 minutes before meals. Before use tincture is shaken. The course is one month.

To prepare the broth, a tablespoon of boron uterus is poured with boiling water( 250 grams).Tumble on fire for ten minutes and insist for four hours, filter. Take a tablespoon four times a day, before eating.

Tincture on alcohol is prepared from 0.5 liters of vodka and two tablespoons of herbs. It lasts three weeks in a dark place. From time to time the bottle is shaken. It takes 15-20 drops in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, an hour before a meal.

For the preparation of water infusion, take two tablespoons of boron and pour two cups of boiling water. Insist fifteen minutes, drain. Drink 1/2 cup three times a day.

One-sided drinking requires courses. The duration of the first is 21 days. Its beginning must occur at the end of the month. Reception continues until the next menstruation. During the month, this herb can not be used. Phytotherapists are advised to do several courses( 2-5).

Decoction and infusion of one-sided ortils are used both inside and for various procedures, such as syringing, treatment of purulent wounds. Good borovaya uterus for conception. How to take it, has been described above.

Indications for use

In the treatment of various ailments, both herb and phytotea "Borovoi uterus" can be used. In the latter, in addition to the one-sided orthility, other medicinal herbs may also be present. The bony uterus helps in curing such diseases:

  • fibroids and uterine fibroids;
  • mastopathy;
  • uterine polyps;
  • infertility;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • malfunction of the menstrual cycle;
  • endometriosis;
  • cervical erosion;
  • polycystic and ovarian cyst;
  • cystitis;
  • toxicosis;
  • tube obstruction;
  • adenoma of the prostate;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • diabetes;
  • is an inflammation of the prostate.

Grass positively affects the quality of sperm and the activity of spermatozoa. Increases their quantitative content.


Although the bovine uterus( the price of it is acceptable) is useful, it has contraindications. This is an individual intolerance of plant components, the period of pregnancy( 2 nd and 3 rd term), lactation. If the tubal obstruction is obstructed, the plant can contribute to the onset of an ectopic pregnancy.

Careful consideration should be given to the boric uterus when using hormonal contraceptives. Do not drink infusions and decoctions from the ortilia lopsided during menstruation. It is also undesirable to use the plant for gastritis because of the ingredients that can provoke a wave of exacerbation and discomfort in the stomach.

Side effects of

The reception of the hog queen should be consistent with the doctor-gynecologist. Far away is not harmless and can cause a number of side effects of the hog uterus. The doctors' recommendations recommend that you adhere to the doses specified in the instructions, since a higher concentration of medicinal herbs can cause an intoxication of the body.

At the beginning of treatment, there is sometimes a slight exacerbation of the disease, which later disappears. During the reception of grass, the duration of the cycle and the period of ovulation may change. Bloody discharge in some cases become more abundant. There is a change in body temperature. Some women begin to worry about migraine, nausea, weakness and lethargy, discomfort in the stomach. In this case, the reception is stopped until the well-being is normalized. If these signs reappear, then there is a case of individual intolerance.

Use of a hog queen and a red brush

borage uterus drops

The hog queen and a red brush are often used together in medical formulations. The red brush is not inferior to the ortilia of one-sided by the content of useful substances and complements its amazing properties. This combination helps to achieve the maximum result in the therapy of female ailments. The treatment fee is applied, which includes a red brush and a bovine uterus, for conception( how to take it, described below), treatment of fibroids, mastopathy, fibroma, with painful menstruation, infertility, cystitis.

For these purposes, two tablespoons of a mixture of herbs pour 250 grams of boiling water. They languish fifteen minutes on low heat. Filter and drink. The uterus and the red brush in the form of infusion are taken on a tablespoon three times a day for fourteen days. Take a break for 14 days. Then the therapy is continued.

Boron uterus:

price Ortilia is one-sided - a product available to people. The phyto-tea with the content of ortilia costs about 60 rubles. For 25 g of this herb have to lay out from 50 to 150 rubles. The price of ready tincture is about one hundred rubles.

Reviews of women

bovine uterus for women

Women are grateful about the boron uterus. They say that she helped get pregnant and endure the baby. Normalized the cycle, removed endometriosis, unpleasant PMS syndromes. Some women after four cycles of erosion healed. Improved general health. The delays of the monthly stopped. Polycystic ovary disappeared. Ladies note the importance of taking the scheme. It is said that one should not undergo treatment during menstruation. At first, some people experienced a deterioration in their well-being.


Boron uterus is an officially registered drug that only a doctor should prescribe. Self-medication is completely excluded here.