"Maltofer Fol": instruction manual, reviews, description, analogies

Constantly feel weakness, malaise? At work quickly tired, you want to sleep? Are you hard at focusing attention? Headache and dizziness do not give a normal life? Similar symptoms may indicate iron deficiency anemia. This is a syndrome in which there is a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood. If nothing is done, then iron deficiency anemia can lead to problems with the heart and other organs.

maltofer foul instruction manual

The preparation "Maltofer Fol" can correct the situation and raise the level of hemoglobin. Today we will find out in what forms this medication is produced, whether it can be taken by pregnant women, and also by children.


"Maltofer Foul", the instruction for use of which will be discussed below, is a unique medicine that allows you to compensate for the lack of iron in the body( including a child, a pregnant woman).This medicine is often prescribed by gynecologists to the fair sex representatives, who have a deficiency of this element during the bearing of the baby.


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The tool "Maltofer Fol" is realized in the form:

- Pill.

- Drop( syrup).

- Solution.

Components of

Maltofer Fole pills have the following composition: iron hydroxide, iron hydroxide, folic acid, vanillin, chocolate flavor, macrogol, talc, dextrates, sodium cyclamate, microcrystalline cellulose, cocoa.

The medicine in the form of a syrup consists of such components: hydroxide of iron polymaltose, sucrose, sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sorbitol, ethanol, sodium hydroxybenzoate, hydroxide, cream flavor, water.

The solution includes such components: iron hydroxide polymaltozate, sorbitol, sucrose.

When can I be appointed?

The tool "Maltofer Foul", the instructions for use of which must be read, can be written out by the doctor in such cases:

- For the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

- For the treatment of latent iron deficiency.

- As prevention of anemia in women in the position, as well as during lactation.


"Maltofer Foul", the instruction for use of which describes the order of taking the medicine, it is forbidden to use in such cases:

- If there is an allergy to the components of the remedy.

- During an unnatural increase in the amount of iron in the blood.

- Children under 12 years old( applies only to tablets).

- In other types of anemia( syphilitic, viral, talismaemia).

maltofer foul analogues

With extreme caution, you need to take this medicine to people with diabetes.

Adverse effects of

In general, negative effects are rare, but people should be aware of the possible consequences of using the drug "Maltofer Foul":

- Nausea, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion.

- Urticaria, itching.

- Bronchospasm.

- Convulsions.

- Insomnia.

- Staining of feces in an uncharacteristic color.

Use of solution

Take the medicine in this form of release as follows:

- Open a single-dose vial.

- Mix the contents of a bottle with fruit juice or water.

- Drink medication during or after a meal.

The daily rate depends on the degree of iron deficiency:

- For the treatment of anemia: 1 vial 1 to 3 times a day for about 5 months. At the end of this time, the drug should continue to take some time( 1 bottle per day).

- For the treatment of latent iron deficiency, and also as a preventive measure: 1 dosage bottle per day for 2 months.

Maltofer foul pills

This dosage is prescribed for patients over 12 years of age, as well as for nursing mothers.

Use of drops( syrup)

In this form of release, the drug can also be used to treat infants."Maltofer Fol" - drops that are usually prescribed in such dosage:

- Premature babies - 1 or 2 drops per day daily for 3-5 months.

- Babies under 1 year - 10 to 20 drops per day.

- Boys and girls from 1 year to 12 years - from 20 to 40 drops per day.

- Children after 12 years - from 40 to 120 drops.

The duration of treatment in this case should be at least 2 months.

For prophylaxis, "Maltofer Fol"( syrup) is used this way:

- Babies under 1 year - 2-4 drops per day.

- Children from 1 to 12 years - 5 drops per day.

- Children from 12 years - 6 drops per day.

Use of tablets

On a full stomach it is necessary to take in such form a medicine "Maltofer Fole".Tablets can be swallowed completely or snapped.

The dosage and duration of the pills depend on the severity of the syndrome. By the way, a daily dose of a medicine can be taken once a day.

If you need to get rid of severe anemia, then you should swallow 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day for 5 months.

Use of medication in pregnancy

Maltofer Fole pills are an excellent tool for the prevention of anemia, as well as for its therapy during the period of gestation of the baby. The dosage of the drug is determined personally and depends on the degree of anemia. Usually pills "Maltofer Foul" during pregnancy are prescribed for 1 piece three times a day. With this dosing regimen, after 1 month, the woman's hemoglobin level is normalized.

maltofer price

By the way, this medicine does not have any negative effect on the fetus. Therefore, it can be safely taken even in the first or second months of pregnancy.

What is the danger of iron deficiency during the bearing of a baby?

Many future mothers, who are under the heart of a child, do not know what consequences the lack of iron in the body can lead to. And the outcome can be as follows:

- Increased risk of maternal mortality, as well as fetal death.

- Increased likelihood of low birth weight.

- Risk of premature birth.

- The delay of the mental and psychomotor development of the baby.

- A child born can often suffer from acute viral infections, pneumonia.

maltofer foul price

That's why it's so important to start treatment in time and correct the situation.


For the drug "Maltofer Fol" analogues are available, and there are plenty of them. So, the preparations containing the same active substance are:

- Drops "Fenyuls Complex".

- Ferric syrup.

- Tablets "Ferrum Lek".

Also, the drug in question can be replaced with drugs that differ in composition, but have the same effect on the body: Aktiferrin, Venofer, Hemofer Prolongatum, Dextafer, Cosmofer, Sideral, Totem, Ferronal, FerMed, Hemerol. maltofer foul composition

"Maltofer" or "Maltofer Fall": is there a difference?

Many women are interested in this issue. In fact, almost no difference, and this, in fact, two identical drugs. The only difference is that folic acid is added to the tablets "Maltofer Fol".Many doctors do not even distinguish between these medicines, considering them as one medicine.

The cost of the

tablets Patients to whom the doctor prescribes the drug in question should know that there are two drugs with a similar name on the market, and these are tools such as Maltofer and Maltofer Fol. If there are no tablets, they can be replaced by others. True, there are differences in price. Thus, the pills "Maltofer", the price of which will be affordable to any person suffering from iron deficiency anemia, can be easily purchased at any pharmacy. For a package of 30 tablets, you will have to pay 300 to 330 rubles. The pills "Maltofer Fol" will cost more - from 500 to 550 rubles. The difference in price is explained by the fact that the means to which the article is devoted is newer and more perfect.

The cost of syrup

Children should not buy pills, but a liquid mixture of "Maltofer Fol".The price for 150 ml of syrup fluctuates within 300 rubles. In some pharmacies you can find a medicine in this form of release and cheaper - up to 200 rubles.

Means of "Maltofer Foul": the price of the solution

For a medication in this form of release, you will have to pay about 320 rubles. This price for 30 milliliters of solution.

Opinions of people about syrup

Sweet liquid medicine for kids "Maltofer Fol" reviews from moms receive only positive. Many parents face such a problem as iron deficiency anemia in children. Most often, it appears against the background of previously transmitted diseases. Then pediatricians advise mothers to buy this particular drug. Many women remain grateful to doctors for the fact that they are advised to be really effective. After all, the syrup "Maltofer" copes with its task with a bang: hemoglobin rises already in 2 weeks after using the remedy. Parents also like that the drug is produced in a convenient form - not in pills, but in syrup. It is enough to dilute it with some juice and give the baby. The child will not even notice that something has been added to the liquid.

Estimates of pregnant women

The tool "Maltofer Foul" reviews from women in the position receives for the most part approving. The main advantage of this drug is its effectiveness. Patients note that already 3 weeks after the start of taking tablets, hemoglobin rises.

The second plus of this drug is the ease of use. It is enough to drink or chew the pill twice a day. The third positive point - the tablets are pleasant to the taste. Many women even compare the taste of these pills with cocoa.

The fourth plus is the normalization of the stool. Constipation is a perennial problem for pregnant women. Tablets "Maltofer Fol" help not only cope with anemia, but also normalize the stool for the ladies in the position. And this is an added plus. Also, women write that they did not observe any side effects after using the described tablets.

Given such a number of positive properties of the drug, we can say with confidence that this is an ideal tool in the fight against iron deficiency anemia. However, despite such undeniable advantages, you can not take this medication uncontrollably. Only a gynecologist has the right to prescribe this drug. There should be no self-medication. maltofer foul reviews

Negative feedback from

Unfortunately, the drug "Maltofer" sometimes receives disapproval of people's responses. Some patients note that after taking this drug they have nausea. This really can be, and the instructions indicate all the side effects. Also there are people who note that the drug did not help them at all. As there was hemoglobin on one level, it remained. Such a situation can only be for one reason: if the patient took the medicine not according to the scheme. If a person has independently decided to drink the drug "Maltofer Fole", without consulting the doctor about adjusting the therapy scheme, then the result may be zero. Take into account that any medicine should be purchased only after permission of the doctor. This applies to the drug "Maltofer".The price is another minus of this medicine. Some patients feel that the cost of the medication is high. However, in fact, there are drugs that are much more expensive than this, and efficiency is worse.

Evaluations of doctors

Gynecologists, family doctors unequivocally recommend the drug "Maltofer Fole" to their patients. It has a positive effect on the condition of patients( especially when it comes to pregnant women).Unfortunately, today many girls suffer from iron deficiency anemia. And those who refused to raise hemoglobin with the help of medications, then regretted it. After all, the consequences can in fact be very deplorable, ranging from delayed development of the fetus and ending with a fatal outcome. That's why it is very important to take the drug "Maltofer Foul" on the recommendations of doctors, because this medicine is 100% cope with its task. With him, any woman will give birth to a healthy and strong baby, and she will forget about anemia forever.

Rules of storage

The medicine in any form must be hidden from children. Keep it better at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees above zero in a dry place.

Shelf life of the drug in the form of chewable tablets, solution for oral administration is 5 years. The syrup can be stored for no more than 3 years.


The article contains a lot of useful information about the medicine "Maltofer Foul": instructions for use, undesirable effects, limitations in use, analogues. We found out what people think about this drug, and found out that this is actually an excellent tool in the fight against iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women, as well as children. However, before acquiring this medicine, it is necessary that the doctor allows him to apply. After all, the exact dosage and dosage regimen is determined only by him.