"Legalon 140": instructions for use

According to WHO, today there are about two million people with various liver diseases in the world. Transplantation of this organ is a rarity. For example, the heart is transplanted several times more often. Recently, the prevalence of viral hepatitis has increased. If before these pathologies were not given special importance, then today doctors are sounding the alarm. That is why the pharmaceutical industry had to increase the production of hepatoprotectors. These are medicines that protect the liver from the aggressive effects of various factors. In this article, we will only talk about one representative of hepatoprotectors - the drug "Legalon 140".Instructions for use help you figure out how to use it correctly.

Description of the preparation: composition and form of the release

The medication goes on sale in the form of solid capsules. Each pill is covered with a gelatinous shell of brown color. Capsules are placed in blisters of 10 pieces.

In the role of the active component is an extract of milk thistle spotted. There are also additional components in each capsule of the medicine "Legalon": 140 mg of silymarin, polysorbate 80, mannitol, magnesium stearate, povidone. The shell of the pill consists of titanium dioxide, gelatin, iron oxide of red and black iron oxide.

legal 140

Pharmacological action of

Medication "Legalon 140" is characterized by the following pharmacological actions:

  • hepatoprotective( protection of hepatic elements from destruction);
  • anti-inflammatory( suppression of pathological processes);
  • detoxification( cleansing the liver of toxins and free radicals);
  • regenerating( restoration of organ elements).

The active substance of the hepatoprotector is an extract of milk thistle spotted. One of its components is silymarin. This antioxidant complex of plant origin, which has a healing effect on the liver. Silymarin and its isomers inhibit the oxidation of lipids and prevent the destruction of hepatocyte membranes. They also stimulate the intracellular formation of proteins and complex lipids. Silymarin prevents the penetration of poisons into the liver, inhibits the production of prostaglandins - the main components of the inflammatory process. The fruits of milk thistle contain a large amount of minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. The latter contribute to the oxidation of cholesterol, thus preventing the spread of atherosclerosis. medication legal 140

After the course of treatment with the drug "Legalon 140" the patients feel better overall health. Vomiting, skin itching, markedly improves appetite. At the same time, laboratory indicators stabilize, which determine the state of liver function. It is impossible to trace the process of drug advancement through the body, since it contains a large number of biologically active components. The maximum concentration in the blood is observed after 30 minutes after administration.

Indications for use

"Legalon 140" instruction recommends the use for the treatment and prevention of liver damage of various genesis. These include:

  • toxic hepatitis;
  • alcoholism;
  • body fat infiltration;
  • cirrhosis.

The use of the medication is justified both with curative and maintenance therapy. The expediency of using the medicine is determined by the doctor in each specific case.


It is recommended that patients with individual intolerance to the components included in its composition be recommended to use the drug for therapeutic purposes. There is no reliable information about the efficacy and safety of the drug during pregnancy. Therefore, before starting a course of therapy, you should consult your doctor. legalon 140 reviews

Instruction for use

According to the instruction "Legalon 140" it is necessary to take three capsules a day. The pill is washed down with water without cracking. In severe liver pathologies, the course of treatment can vary from one to three months. After improving the patient's condition, the dosage of the medication is reduced to one capsule twice a day. Sometimes the treatment course is repeated several times a year. legal 140 instructions for use

Additional recommendations of

Information on the compatibility of a drug such as "Legalon 140" with other medications is missing. If there is a need for multiple medicines at the same time, the treatment regimen should be discussed with the doctor in advance. Self-use of the hepatoprotector for serious liver diseases( without a specialist's instruction) is prohibited. Before starting therapy, the patient must undergo a complete diagnostic examination. According to his results, the doctor will be able to select the optimal dosage of the medicine.

Tablets instruction recommends storing in a place protected from sunlight, where the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees. Shelf life is 5 years from the date of issue. After its expiration, the medicine is prohibited to be consumed. legal 140 instructions

Analogues of the preparation

"Legalon 140" has many analogues of plant, animal and synthetic origin. A separate group includes homeopathic preparations with pronounced hepatoprotective properties. What medications can I replace with the original remedy? Analogues:

  • "Apkosul", "Liv 52"( plant hepatoprotectors).
  • "Sirepar", "Erbisol"( medicines of animal origin).
  • "Antral", "Zixorin"( synthetic preparations).
  • "Galstena", "Gepar Compositum"( homeopathic remedies).
  • "Lioliv", "Lipofen", "Essentiale Forte N"( hepatoprotectors, made on the basis of essential phospholipids).
  • "Gepasteril B", "Methionine", "Lecithin"( medicines containing amino acids).

If the drug described in the article is not suitable for the patient, the doctor selects an analogue."Legalon 140" is considered a universal hepatoprotector, which practically does not have obvious contraindications and side effects. Therefore, it is rarely replaced with an analog medication. analogue legal 140

Opinions of patients and doctors

This drug is actively used to treat liver damage for several years. For several years he was able to prove himself on the positive side. According to doctors, the drug is an excellent hepatoprotector of plant origin. In its composition, it has natural components, so it practically does not cause adverse reactions. With prolonged use, the condition of patients is significantly improved. An important advantage of the drug is its low price. The cost of one package of pills can vary from 400 to 500 rubles, which makes it affordable for most citizens. This amount is sufficient for a standard course of curative or maintenance therapy. Patients note a change in the quality of life for the better after starting the medication such as "Legalon 140".

Reviews with negative coloration in most cases are due to the lack of instantaneous effect from the drug. The agent requires a sufficiently long period of application, after which a positive dynamics appears. Despite the over-the-counter medication sales and relatively low cost, in order not to harm the body, consult a physician before starting therapy. Only an expert can choose an adequate treatment regimen that does not harm your health.