Photophobia of the eye: causes, treatment, prevention, myths and reality

How many have heard of such an unpleasant disease as eye photophobia? The reasons for it can be very diverse. In the article we will try to understand what the disease is, what are its causes, and how to deal with it.

Photophobia: What ailment

What is eye photophobia? The reasons, treatment, prevention, myths and reality of this disease are all described below.

Photophobia or, as people call it, "photophobia" is a painful perception of the eyes of light. The entry of light rays into the eyes causes cutting and quite unpleasant sensations in people suffering from this ailment.

We know that a certain level of illumination is required for our eyes. If it does not correspond to the normal index, and as a result of this unpleasant visual sensations arise, then this is quite predictable reaction of the eyes, and in no case is photophobia. Suspect the presence of the disease can be if the level of illumination is normal, and thus there are complaints of increased sensitivity of the eyes to light and its intolerance.

What is eye photophobia? The causes of this disease you will find out further.

photophobia of the eye causes

Causes of photophobia

In order to study and identify the causes of the development of photophobia, you need to understand that photophobia is a symptom of another disease. In other words, it is necessary to find a primary source of disease, which caused the development of photophobia.

What can cause photophobia of the eye? The causes of this ailment are very diverse. There are cases in which doctors diagnose the appearance of photophobia due to the presence of ophthalmic diseases, for example, conjunctivitis or keratitis. Also, the disease can be caused by a congenital feature of the structure of the eye, when there is no pigment melanin, responsible for the color of the shell of the eye. Postponed catarrhal diseases or unfavorable environmental conditions can also provoke the development of this ailment. There are situations when taking certain medications affects the perception of the eyes of light and the development of photophobia. In recent times, cases of development of photophobia due to prolonged work at the computer have become more frequent. This negatively affects the condition of the eyes, accompanied by visual stress and drying of the mucous membrane. In very rare cases, you can experience the development of photophobia due to depression, fatigue or neurological diseases, such as migraines.

causes eye phobia and treatment

What symptoms accompany photophobia

Sunlight or bright artificial lighting can cause great discomfort in a patient with photophobia, and even real anguish. At the same time, he will squint or try to close his eyes completely. The patient may begin tearing and redness of the eyes. Such symptoms of photophobia are most often observed with conjunctivitis and ophthalmic herpes. Photophobia can also be accompanied by headache, fever and even vomiting. Development of these symptoms may be preceded by meningitis, migraine or stroke.

The owners of dark-colored eyes have less pronounced photosensitivity, since they have more pigment, which protects from bright light.

Different patients may experience partial or complete intolerance to a high level of illumination.

photophobia of the eye causes in children

Eye photophobia: causes in children

Photophobia in children can develop due to the small amount or absence of melanin, which is a congenital disease.

Often photophobia can occur during cold and viral diseases. With allergic or viral conjunctivitis, the mucous membrane of the eye becomes inflamed, and this provokes a negative reaction to bright light.

A fairly serious childhood disease of "acrodonia", accompanied by increased pressure, loss of appetite, pink and sticky hands and feet, also provokes the development of fear of light.

When paralysis of the motor nerve, children also develop photophobia, because the pupil does not have time to adapt to the change in light.

If the endocrine system is malfunctioning, the child may also complain of visual impairment, poor perception of light and discomfort in the eye area.

If you have photophobia, the child should not panic, most often it is a sign of minor disorders in the body. But you need to immediately consult a doctor to prevent the development of more serious diseases in time.

photophobia eye treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of

What is eye photophobia? The reasons for this disease, we have already found. Now let's talk about his diagnosis and treatment. People who complain of photophobia should contact the hospital for further examination and treatment. As a rule, with this disease, diagnosis is carried out by two specialists: an ophthalmologist and a neurologist. They will assign the necessary studies, which include examination of the fundus, ophthalmoscopy, corneal scrapings, cerebrospinal fluid, MRI or CT of the brain, EEG, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, chest X-ray. After carrying out all the necessary examinations, you will be assigned medical treatment. It is very important to exclude self-treatment and entrust your health to professionals.

How to eliminate such a disease as eye photophobia? Causes and treatment is presented to your attention in the article. The essence of photophobia treatment is to eliminate the underlying disease that led to the development of photophobia. As soon as it is possible to get rid of this reason, an unpleasant reaction to light will pass by itself. If photophobia is caused by taking certain medications, the doctor will pick up an analogue for you, which will not provoke such a reaction to light. If photophobia is congenital or associated with environmental factors, you can recommend wearing contact lenses that minimize the negative reaction to light. At the photophobia provoked by virus or infectious diseases, most likely the doctor will appoint antibacterial therapy. We can refer to it as a medicine in the form of eye drops, and tablets, injections. For the duration of treatment, wearing glasses with darkened glasses can greatly alleviate the symptoms of photophobia.

Now we know how to eliminate eye photophobia. The causes, the treatment of which must be carried out in the first place, must be diagnosed in time. Do not delay the trip to the doctor, as this is fraught with consequences.

eye photophobia causes treatment prevention myths and reality

Myths and Reality

There are various opinions about photophobia, which are not always true. So, for example, it is believed that photophobia inevitably leads to blindness. But this is just a myth. Photophobia causes a negative reaction to light and even reduced visual acuity, but this does not cause blindness.

It is also believed that with albinism, photophobia does not necessarily develop. In fact, such people are mostly affected by the eye, and the development of photophobia is inevitable. But the help comes sunglasses, which will facilitate the reaction to light.

photophobia eye treatment prevention

Prevention of photophobia

To prevent this disease, it is advised to spend more time outdoors. This will help strengthen the body and give rest to the body of vision. When working at a computer, it's worth taking breaks and not having to strain your eyes for a long time. You can also include in the daily duties of additional care for the eyes: lotions, drops. In bright daylight, you can wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from ultraviolet light.

To summarize, it can be noted that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the body are the main preventive measures for photophobia.

Now you know what is photophobia of the eye. The reasons, treatment, prevention of the disease have been described in the article. Be responsible to your health. Do not allow complications. Be healthy!