If the neck of the tooth is bare, what should I do?

If you have pathologies associated with the teeth, as with other health problems, it is important to notice them and treat them in time. Today, let's talk about dentistry. If the neck of the tooth is bare, what should I do? Of course, you can not ignore this problem in any case. After all, without treatment in the near future it may turn out so that you will avoid showing your teeth when smiling.

What is the danger of exposing the neck of the tooth

Why is the neck of the tooth exposed? What to do in such cases? Because of the descending gums, the following problems appear:

  • increases the sensitivity of the enamel;
  • bleeds and swells around the gums;
  • causes tooth decay;
  • produces a wedge-shaped defect;
  • tooth becomes brittle, it can appear chipped. the neck of the tooth is bare

Of course, all this is very unpleasant. However, it can be even worse. Pathology weakens the joints of the teeth in the gums, causing them to loosen and eventually fall out.

Reasons for

Let's find out why the neck of the tooth has bare? What if I get this diagnosis? Most often, the cause of this problem is improper care. And the person is cleaning his teeth regularly. It happens that the number of procedures, on the contrary, is excessive. And for teeth it's very bad.

When proper care is not provided, periodontitis or gingivitis may develop. When brushing your teeth with a brush with too stiff bristles and too strong movements, gums can be injured. These actions are even more capable of exacerbating the situation if a person has certain anatomical features:

  • the roots of the teeth are very close to the gum;
  • has a subtle biotype of the mucosa, when the connective tissue is very small, and even the smallest injury can cause atrophy;
  • if the bridles and strands are attached abnormally, weakened tissues may fall. the neck of the tooth is bare

However, there are other reasons. For example, improper treatment in a dental clinic. If the mucous membrane is injured due to bad crowns or seals, this can provoke the disease. Soft prostheses are also harmful, since the chewing load with them is distributed unevenly, because of which the gum eventually falls.

So, the care you provided to the teeth is right, but suddenly the neck of the tooth is bare. What to do in this case? There are different ways to combat this disease. Let's consider each of them.


Dentists assure that such treatment will be effective, but only if the problem has just appeared and the wedge-shaped defect has not yet formed. Otherwise, if the tooth is sealed during the advanced stage of the disease, the seal can simply fall off. As a result, the root will develop caries.


The procedure is painless. During it, a preparation containing calcium is applied to the enamel. As a result, it strengthens, and tooth loss is prevented. A healthy shine returns to the teeth. Remineralization lasts only 7-10 minutes. But in order for the effect to remain stable, it is necessary to conduct a whole course of such procedures.

the neck of the tooth is bare


This procedure is similar to the previous method, but in this case, the application of gels and lacquers containing fluorine is contemplated. There are two types of fluoridation: deep and simple. In the latter case, penetration into the interior of the pore is not envisaged. Nevertheless, the tooth cervix is ​​gradually restored, and the sensitivity of the enamel to the irritants of taste and hot or cold food is reduced.

Installation of porcelain veneers

How to be, when the neck of the tooth is very much exposed? What to do? The photo illustrates the neglected stage of the descent of the gum.

the neck of the tooth is bare

The installation of a veneer is a suitable option. It is a thin plate, which is superimposed on the surface, thus hiding a defect. However, while fixing it is necessary to cut down the layer of enamel.

Installing the crowns

In the worst case, when the tooth is most severely stiffened and the tooth hurts, the recession is treated with a crown. However, this method is very rarely used, if other means seem ineffective. After all, to install the crown will need to grind the tooth.


More and more people resort to a surgical operation in the presence of this problem. To conduct it, the mouth cavity is thoroughly cleansed and sanitized. Only ten days after the preparatory procedures one of the following methods is used.

  • The lateral flap is used in the presence of a small localized area and a sufficient amount of donor tissue. The result is an ideal match.
  • A trapezoidal tissue flap can be used both for a local problem and for the treatment of generalized foci. Donor material is also needed here.
  • Transplant from the mucosa. In this case, the fence is taken from the hard palate, so the fabric may eventually differ somewhat, as well as feel uncomfortable with its fence.
  • The coronary movement of the donor tissue can be used with a small palatal graft in the event that the material is insufficient. Then the fabric from the sky will remain almost invisible.

the neck of the tooth under the crown is bare

Surgical intervention in a local recession is performed under local anesthesia, and in the case of a generalized recession, general anesthesia is used.

Folk remedies

But there are other ways of treatment, except for going to the dentist, if the neck of the tooth is bare. What to do at home? There are many methods to combat this problem. Let's consider some of them.

  • For gums make a special massage. To do this, they are stroked, and then lightly pressed. It is best to use a special brush. And if you do not have one, then massage it with your finger. It is good to add essential oil of mint to the gum.
  • If the neck of the tooth is bare, what should I do? Folk remedies in most cases help to cope with the problem at an early stage of development. Effective rinses will be effective. To do this, prepare a decoction of St. John's wort or oak bark. We put 2-3 tablespoons of grass for 300 grams of water, boil for several minutes, cool, filter and rinse your mouth.
  • People say that plantain is a cure for all diseases. And not in vain. To treat teeth, it also fits. A couple of hours of leaves you need to hold in cold water, so that they are cleansed. Then they are divided into pieces and chewed for a quarter of an hour. The procedure is repeated once every two days.

the neck of the tooth is bare and it hurts

  • Another effective tool is made from banana peel and salt. Peel should be dried, crushed and mixed with two tablespoons of salt, then add olive oil and stir until creamy. The mixture should be held on the gums for at least ten minutes. The procedure should be 3-4 times a week.
  • Beetroot is able to heal periodontal disease, which is the cause of bare teeth. The procedure is extremely simple: the beets are rubbed on the grater, applied to the teeth and held for at least thirty minutes. Such manipulations are repeated daily for two weeks.
  • Also in pharmacies you can buy special ointments for teeth, made on the basis of medicinal herbs. Their use will help to remove inflammation and bleeding gums.

It is not necessary to panic if the neck of the tooth under the crown is bare. What to do in this case, tell the dentist, which should be contacted immediately. Folk remedies are used only to ease pain when necessary. But only a specialist can provide qualified assistance.