Why a person sleeps a lot and does not get enough sleep - possible reasons and recommendations

The guarantee of a productive working day and good mood in the morning is a healthy full-fledged sleep. It has long been known that a person needs 8 hours of continuous sleep at night. If you do not comply with this rule, then in the morning you are in for a bad mood, a headache, a broken state. You can, of course, cheer up coffee, but during the day, lethargy and drowsiness will still come back. And about the appearance and say nothing - earthy complexion, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes yet no one decorated.

And are you sleeping properly?

It happens on the contrary that a person spends enough time in bed, but in the morning does not feel cheerful and fresh. And this can happen systematically, from day to day. So from what does this happen? Why does a person sleep much and not get enough sleep?

why older people sleep much

There is no single answer to this question, as there can be many reasons. First, pay attention to your bed. Perhaps you have little room for sleep or too hard( softly) to sleep. In this case, it is worth to buy a suitable size bed and an orthopedic mattress. Location also matters. It is necessary to take care of that the sleeping place was in a room in which there is a soundproofing from extraneous noise from the street or from other rooms. Relative to the window, the bed should be placed so that the first rays of the sun do not wake the sleeper. The room should be ventilated before bedtime, bed linen should always be fresh. Keep your bedroom clean. It is important that there is no dust, extraneous sources of sounds. Do not go to bed with the TV on. This can make sleep restless and, in the morning, you will wake up broken, with an unclear head.

Intermittent sleep

Another reason why a person sleeps a lot, but does not feel vigor after waking up, is that he takes a laptop, working papers, looks at documents before going to bed. This is what most people do. As a result of receiving intermittent, shallow sleep. The brain overloaded with information does not rest all night. Psychologists strongly recommend to separate the working and sleeping areas.

why are old people sleeping a lot

Before going to bed, the maximum that can be done is to read a couple of chapters from a frivolous novel. In the bedroom there should be no TV, laptop, phone. This place should become an island of seclusion, a place where you can be shielded from the outside world and its fuss.

Depression or chronic fatigue

Most of us are in a state of constant stress. Every day, interacting with other people, we get a lot of information, often negative. Stress, depression, chronic fatigue can be another reason why a person sleeps a lot, but does not feel rested. Often such a state is preceded by some serious shock or a period of failure. In this case, you should consult a therapist. It is worthwhile to work with the cause that led to a similar condition, undergo treatment with antidepressants or sedatives.

Sleep phases

If the treatment does not bring the expected results, then most likely the sleep disorder is more serious. The fact is that there are certain phases of sleep. Rapid sleep is a period when the body is not yet relaxed, the brain continues to process information for the day. During the fast phase we see dreams.

why a person sleeps a lot during the day

The slow phase brings complete relaxation and relaxation to the body and mind. The organism seems to be rebooting. After it, all organ systems are ready to function normally during the next day. If a person sleeps inadequate amount of time, the brain simply does not have time to "switch" from the fast sleep phase to the slow one. But why does a person sleep much, and his dream is still restless and superficial? The answer to this question can be learned only after having completed a full medical examination. After all, the causes can have a physiological character. Perhaps a sleep disorder signals the presence of a disease of the endocrine or cardiovascular system.


Insomnia leads to the fact that a person can not fall asleep all night or often wakes up, cramps, restless legs syndrome are possible. It is clear then why a person sleeps a lot during the day as a result. The problem can be addressed to a doctor - somnologist. He is an expert who studies and treats sleep disorders.

why a person sleeps a lot and does not get enough sleep

If there is no desire to go to the doctors, then observe the following recommendations:

  • do not eat before going to bed;
  • do not drink caffeinated beverages;
  • take vitamins and valerian to strengthen immunity and nervous system;
  • remove from the bedroom computer, laptop, TV;
  • pajamas should be clean from natural fabrics;
  • bed should be large, and the mattress comfortable;
  • before going to bed it is desirable to drink herbal tea( you can brew mint, linden, chamomile) with a spoonful of honey.

Diseases of the circulatory system

But all this concerns healthy young people. In old age, the body is weakened, and as a result of the diseases of hormonal changes, various disorders often occur. The main reason why older people sleep much is the circulatory system diseases, such as anemia and hypoxia. Just at this age, the hemoglobin level in the blood decreases, which causes rapid fatigue and drowsiness. Therefore, it is necessary to increase it. For this, one should eat as much as possible beets, drink pomegranate juice, and use hematogen. For better circulation of oxygen you need to exercise, walk in the fresh air. Also, increased drowsiness in the elderly can be a signal about heart disease and be a harbinger of a heart attack.

In addition, retired people are often disturbed by sleep and wakefulness, as there is no need to rush into work in the morning, there are no serious and urgent cases. You can lie down later, get up early, sleep in the day. Why does a person sleep much in old age? Yes it is elementary, because the elderly person in most cases is simply bored and there is no possibility to take an interesting interest in his leisure time.

why a man sleeps a lot

Another reason why old people sleep much is the approach of death. The weakened organism is difficult to support life activity and it takes more and more time to restore strength.


Therefore, if you are disturbed by sleep disorders, do not take it as a trifle. Otherwise, it can negatively affect the health status and worsen the quality of life in general. The correct regime of the day, the absence of bad habits, regular, physical exercises, adequate nutrition and lack of stress will save you from this problem. But, if you are already worried about insomnia or excessive sleepiness, consult a doctor.