Chicken on the leg: causes, methods of treatment

Chicken( furuncle) is a purulent-necrotic inflammation( acute), developing in the sebaceous gland, the hair follicle and surrounding connective tissue. As is known, such a disease is caused by pyogenic bacteria.

boil on the leg

General Information

Chicken( boil) often occurs on those skin areas that are prone to rubbing, as well as various mechanical damages. This inflammation often develops on the neck, the back of the hands, knee bends, lower back and buttocks.

After formation of a wound or microcracks, bacteria of Staphylococcus aureus enter them, as a result of which the inflammatory process immediately begins.

In most cases, the boil on the leg in the form of a small pimple within one day is converted into a furuncle with a pigeon egg.

Development of abscess

Internal chicken can form on any part of the body. This inflammation in the same ratio occurs in a sick person, and in a healthy person.

At the very beginning of the inflammatory process, the boil on the leg appears as a small knot that worries the patient with its soreness. After a day, an infiltrate accumulates in it. This is due to necrotic processes. Also in the center of the pimple is a pustule. After its opening, the so-called rod of chiriya emerges. Together with it from a furuncle it is squeezed out pus, and also necrotic surrounding tissues.

An ulcer forms on the site of the released abscess. After a while, it tightens and leaves a small scar. If he brings aesthetic discomfort, then patients get rid of it with the help of plastic surgery or through cosmetic manipulations.


Probable Consequences of

The spur, the cause of which will be presented below, is an infectious inflammation. In some cases, it does not require treatment. But sometimes such an abscess is especially dangerous. For example, the internal boil carries a high risk of infection of the body. If the appropriate measures are not taken in time, it can break through the tissues and cause blood poisoning. In this case, the consequences can be deplorable.

Chicken on the leg is less dangerous for a person than an abscess that appears under the scalp, on the face or neck. Such a boil can cause meningitis. Therefore, it is very important to take this education seriously and seriously.

Chira: reasons for the appearance of

The causes of this abscess can be very different. This is irregular and improper diet, and abuse of alcoholic beverages, and the wearing of synthetic and "loose" linen, and non-observance of personal hygiene, and excessive sweating, and a general weakening of immunity.

A sudden change of climate, including when moving to another country or city, can also lead to the formation of a furuncle.

a boil of a cause

Teething on the leg occurs in a place of increased friction and a large accumulation of hair follicles. Very often such an abscess is formed in the knee fold, between the legs, on the legs, hips and buttocks. The cause of the appearance of this pimple is skin damage, the production of microorganisms. They get bacteria, which begin to multiply actively.

Other causes

Often the boil is formed due to vitamin deficiency, anemia, diabetes and prolonged hypothermia.

As for the abscess on the lower extremities, it often occurs after getting a stroke or a bruise. That's why such pimples regularly appear in athletes.

A furuncle can occur once in a lifetime and never disturb a person again, until his deep old age. But in some cases, such an abscess appears regularly. In this case, talk about its chronic course. As a rule, chronic chiles occur in people with impaired metabolism and diabetes.

Symptoms of

Surely many people know what it looks like. In the process of inflammation of the abscess, the skin around it begins to blush, itch and itch. After this, the patient begins to feel local pain.

The resulting boil is similar to a large pimple. As it develops, the affected area of ​​the skin begins to twitch and pulsate. Typically, such symptoms disappear immediately after the boil "ripens."

internal boil

The process of occurrence of

Now you know what it looks like. However, at the first stages of development it is rather difficult to determine what is a boil, and not something else.

The life cycle of such an abscess consists of the following stages:

  • Inflammatory process. The resulting pimple of small size in the first days of inflammation has no clear boundaries. Later it grows and begins to rise above the skin. At this stage, the abscess itches, itches and causes a lot of discomfort to the patient. Necrosis and the process of suppuration. After the end of the inflammatory process, the furuncle ripens. Its stem comes out of the pustule, and with it pus is squeezed out and dead tissue leaves.
  • The healing process. As soon as all its contents come out of the chirya, a crater forms in the center. Over time, he cicatrizes.

Is treatment required?

Now you know what constitutes a boil on your leg. What if you have an abscess? Experts say that such a boil often goes by itself. But if he does not "ripen" for one week and brings a lot of discomfort, then you should definitely consult a surgeon.

Treatment of chisel

In most cases, the abscess formed on the foot does not require any intervention, including surgery. In this case, the patient should only adhere to the following rules:

  • thoroughly wash hands before each contact with the abscess( you can disinfect them with antiseptic);
  • before "ripening" of the abscess impose on it an antiseptic ointment, previously disinfected with hydrogen peroxide;
  • bind the place with a dense gauze bandage;
  • after the "ripening" of the boil and the exit of the rod, the peroxide should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide;
  • in the process of tightening the wound, you need to lubricate its rim with iodine or a green solution.

what does the boil look like

How to treat a boil on the leg?

In the event that the abscess does not ripen, and also brings a lot of unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to consult a surgeon. The doctor will anesthetize the affected area and make an incision in it. Then the pimple is squeezed out of the pivot and the pus is removed. After this, the wound is disinfected and covered with a sterile bandage.

If after a therapeutic procedure the patient feels severe pain, the surgeon prescribes such painkillers as No-Shpa, Naiz, Ketanov and others.

Folk recipes

Cheery on the leg can be cured independently. This opinion is shared by most supporters of traditional medicine. Moreover, they argue that the development and growth of the boil can be prevented altogether. To do this, follow certain rules.

how to heal on the leg

If swelling, redness of the skin and the appearance of stitching pains, the following measures should be taken:

  • Lubricate the inflamed area with 5% iodine solution or 2% salicylic acid solution.
  • Make a cake with rye flour and honey, and then attach it to a sore spot and wrap it with a clean cloth.
  • Aloe is also often used as a folk remedy against chirya. The plant leaf is cut in half and applied to the site of redness. The juice of this house plant helps to neutralize the infection, and also reduces the inflammatory process.
  • It is also recommended to apply on the boil, lotions made on the basis of infusion of sage and chamomile medicinal.
  • A therapeutic solution is very effective for internal chirring, which consists of a glass of boiled water, a dessert spoon of honey and 5 ml of calendula tincture.

Preventive measures

It is not a secret for anyone that a disease in the form of a boil is better to prevent than treat. To this end, experts recommend observing the banal personal hygiene of the body.

It is also necessary to avoid hypothermia. In cold weather it is necessary to dress warmly and drink hot herbal teas more often.

boil on your leg what to do

Due to the fact that the boil is formed due to small injuries, it is necessary to carry out thorough processing on time in order to receive them. To do this, use hydrogen peroxide, iodine, zelenok and other antiseptic agents designed to kill the infection. To prevent the latter, strengthening of the immune system is also required. Nutrition even a healthy person should be a rich fiber and vitamins, as well as balanced. This is especially true for toddlers and elderly people.

Following these simple requirements, you will never know what is furunculosis, and you will not need information on how to properly treat it.