The drug "Ruzam": instructions for use, reviews and analogues

Allergy refers to the hypersensitivity of the human immune system. As a rule, it manifests itself when the allergen is re-exposed to the body, previously sensitized to them. рузам user guide

Allergic reactions can manifest themselves in different ways. But most often in patients the following symptoms are observed: swelling, pain in the eyes, runny nose, sneezing, urticaria, cough and others. Such conditions prevent a person from leading a normal life. Therefore, very often people who are allergic to taking special medicines. One of them includes the drug "Ruzam".Instructions for use, reviews, features and analogues of the medication are provided below.

Description of the drug, its composition and form of release

What form is inherent in the drug "Ruzam"?Instructions for use asserts that such a drug is available in the form of a solution for subcutaneous administration. It is a clear, colorless or slightly colored liquid that has a slight odor of phenol.

This medication contains an extract isolated from a culture of Staphylococcus aureus( thermophilic) strain. In addition, this medicine contains auxiliary elements, which are presented in the form of sodium chloride and phenol.

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In which packaging is sold the drug "Ruzam"( solution)?Instructions for use, consumer feedback indicate that such a product can be purchased in ampoules, which are packaged in contour mesh packaging and packs of cardboard.

instruction for the use of ruzam

Properties of medicament

What are the features of the drug "Ruzam"?Instructions for use indicate that this drug has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect. Its use helps to reduce the swelling of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as reduce the content of fat degranulated cells and eosinophils in the inflammatory focus. In addition, this drug increases the concentration of immunoglobulin class A( secretory) in the mucous membranes, thereby increasing their resistance to infections.

It should also be noted that the drug "Ruzam", the instruction for which is described below, reduces the number of markers of allergic inflammation( nitric oxide in expired air and the general immunoglobulin belonging to class E, in the blood).

Indications for the use of the antiallergic agent

When should I use the drug "Ruzam"( 0.2 ml)?Instruction for use gives an exhaustive answer to the question posed. This medicine is designed to eliminate the symptoms of seasonal( pollinosis) and year-round allergic rhinitis, as well as bronchial asthma and urticaria. In addition, it is used with Quincke's edema, frequent respiratory infections, atopic and other forms of allergic dermatitis.

ruzam instructions for use review

Contraindications to the use of injection solution

The instruction on application of "Ruzama" asserts that this medicine does not have a lot of serious contraindications. It can not be administered during breastfeeding, with increased sensitivity to constituent ingredients and pregnancy. In addition, this drug is contraindicated in children under four years of age, with acute infection, tuberculosis( especially in active form) and decompensated diseases.

With extreme caution, this medication should be used in the presence of chronic foci of infection( eg, in chronic tonsillitis or sinusitis).This is due to their possible exacerbation.

Preparation "Ruzam": way of application and dose

The instruction says that the medicine against allergy is intended only for subcutaneous administration.

Adults, as well as children between the age of six, are prescribed injections of 0.2 ml. As for the toddlers younger, a dose of 0.1 ml is indicated to them.

rusam 0 2 ml user manual

Injections are administered 7 times per day. Such treatment can last about 5-10 weeks. During the year, one to four such courses are allowed. In this case, the interval between them should be at least 20 days.

In case of pollinosis, the injections with Ruzam solution are done 6 to 9 weeks before the beginning of flowering of the plant that causes allergy.

For preventive purposes with frequent respiratory infections, this medication is used in autumn and spring.

In case of acute necessity, this dosage can be increased to 0.3 ml. In this case, antiallergic injections should be done every 5 days.

Side effects of

Does the drug "Ruzam" cause negative reactions? Instruction for use reports that this agent often contributes to the occurrence of side effects. As a rule, they manifest themselves in the form of an increase in body temperature to subfebrile values, weakness, exacerbations of a chronic foci of infection, short-term coughing in bronchitis( chronic), and intensification of skin rash with skin allergies.

All these symptoms are usually mild and transient. Their appearance does not require the withdrawal of the medicine. route of administration and dose

Cases of overdose and drug interaction

No overdose of this drug has been reported from patients. It should also be noted that the interactions of the drug in question with other drugs have not been recorded.

According to the experts, the antiallergic medicine "Ruzam" can be prescribed together with glucocorticosteroid drugs, antihistamines and antibiotics.

Special recommendations of

Are there any other forms of the drug "Ruzam"?Tablets( instructions for the use of the drug have been described in detail above) are not manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry.

According to the reviews of most specialists, the tool under consideration does not have any effect on the performance by a person of hazardous activities requiring special attention( including driving).

Do not use this medication during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

The remaining solution after use in the ampoule is not recommended. It should be disposed of. rusam solution user manual

Terms of purchase, expiration date of the medicine and its storage

This drug is dispensed in the pharmacy network only according to the prescription of the doctor. Store it should be in a dark place, with a temperature regime of 4-20 degrees.

Use of the drug in question is necessary for four years. At the end of the expiration date, the ampoule should be disposed of.

The cost of the drug and similar products

The price of this medication is about 1600 rubles. Its properties are unique. Therefore, it is not possible to find a similar preparation with the same active substance.

To change this medication, consult your doctor.

Reviews of doctors and patients

Reviews about the antiallergic agent "Ruzam" can be found very different. However, most of them are positive. Those patients who have repeatedly used this drug say that it effectively and, most importantly, very quickly eliminates all allergic manifestations.

Many consumers who experience unpleasant reactions after contact with pollen, note that they still notice undesirable symptoms during the flowering period of plants. However, with the application of the agent under consideration, such effects proceed without serious consequences( for example, there are no attacks of suffocation, fever, etc.).ruzam tablets instructions for use

It should also be noted that very often there are reports that one course of this medication helped the patient, and the other was ineffective.

The disadvantages of this anti-allergic solution are also the presence of a large number of adverse reactions. Most often, the drug causes weakness and contributes to increased body temperature. In addition, some consumers complain about the too high cost of this medication.