"Profertil": reviews."Profertil": instructions, recommendations

Now we have to find out what Profertil earns among the doctors and patients. In addition, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the instructions for use and indications for taking the drug. After all, he is not assigned to everyone. And if you have any health problems, it is always important to know how to use this or that medicine correctly. profertil feedback

What is it?

Perhaps, it is worth starting to understand what we will deal with at all."Profertil" reviews are received from both men and women. But only as a drug that restores the reproductive functions of the body. That is, it is a kind of helper in case of problems with conception.

He represents "Profertil" the most common biological supplement for men. It should improve sperm quality and sperm activity. Thus, our current drug can be prescribed only to patients suffering from problems with conception.


Who is shown "Profertil"?Instructions for use say that this biological supplement has a number of cases when taking medication. The first and main reason why our today's vitamins can be prescribed are problems with reproductive function in men. These are cases where the disorders are in the quality of sperm or the activity of spermatozoa.

In addition, Profertil is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It is prescribed as a prophylaxis for problems with conception and with a deficiency of vitamin E, folic acid, zinc or selenium. A good way to enrich the male body with useful substances and at the same time improve reproductive function. In principle, more "Profertil" has no direct indications for use. instructed the instruction

To whom it is forbidden

However, there is also a small number of contraindications to the use. First, it is an individual intolerance to the remedy. It is extremely rare, but it does occur. Secondly, it is a tendency to allergic reactions.

Third, pregnancy and lactation are also prohibited. In principle, our current biological supplement to women is not prescribed at all.

Fourthly, it is worth noting that Profertil, which we will learn about a bit later, is a drug that is accepted only by adults. So, the age to 18 years, too, is banned with a rare exception( emancipation of a person in 16).This concludes the list of contraindications. So, the biological additive is not so dangerous.

Method of application of

The preparation of Profertil is very simple. All you need to do is take 1 tablet of the drug with or without food. Once a day. The average course of treatment is 1 month. The exact appointment will be given to you by your doctor.

In the treatment of infertility, as well as extremely negative indices of spermogram, the dosage may differ. Practice shows that it is best in such cases to take 2 capsules of medication per day. And this is taking into account the course of treatment, which lasts for 1 month. he gave a doctor

It should be noted that Profertil does not have any side effects. So, the patient will not have an overdose. It is possible, if desired, to increase the number of capsules taken, but not overdo it. It's worth talking about only with the doctor in charge.

The cost of

True, Profertil, whose price fluctuates in different regions, the reviews do not earn as good among patients as we would like. The point is that this biological supplement is considered expensive. One small package( 60 capsules) will cost a person about 6 000-7 000 rubles. A large( 180 tablets) - at 16 000. And this is not the maximum cost. It may be slightly higher or lower, but slightly different.

All this, of course, pushes customers away from the products. After all, we are dealing with the most common biological supplement. And there is no guarantee that it will give a good result after application. Nevertheless, some price tag does not repel. It's no secret that the issue of reproduction is a problem that will require considerable expenses.


If we talk about the effectiveness of the application, then "Profertil" reviews here are mostly positive. Yes, many do not like the cost of the drug. But here the effectiveness of the application remains on top. proedtel analogues

Many women say that progress is visible about a week later on the regular reception of Profertila. Doctors also note that after taking the course of the drug you can forget for a while about reproductive problems. The main thing is not to violate the rules of medicine. Otherwise, the result will not be achieved.

In addition, often "Profertil" reviews doctors earns exceptionally good, because it helps even in hopeless cases. In such situations, as a rule, the biological additive is prescribed, but the patient is informed that the result may turn out to be zero. After a month of taking the medication, the activity of spermatozoa comes back to normal. And it helps to conceive a child.

By the way, Profertil is currently the only biological supplement that gives a good result. It is confirmed by a certificate of quality. Other biological additives do not have such a document. And so this moment is a good reason for trust.


Whatever good "Profertil" reviews are received, he, like any other means, should have his own analogues. After all, not everyone is ready to pay huge money for the most common biological supplement, which does not guarantee results. Some buyers consider this, despite the fact that the product has a quality certificate. profertil price

Of course, Profertil has analogs. Only often take them together. For example, folic acid, as well as "Spermactin."If these drugs were useless, the doctor can prescribe "Spermactiv."There is also a remedy like "Androdosis".The composition of all the drugs are similar. The cost varies, but differs significantly from Profertil. It is several times lower. On average, the packaging of any analogue costs the buyer 1,500 rubles. Now we know what "Profertil" reviews from doctors and patients earn. Also, the analogs of the tool are no longer a mystery. What kind of medicine is used to restore the reproductive function of men? Everyone decides this independently.