Contact lenses Adria Color - cardinal change in eye color

Modern people increasingly began to refuse to use glasses, replacing them with contact lenses. The eyes of an unusual and bright shade will attract the attention of anyone. It is for this reason that some of us at least for a while, but try to change their natural shade. Such lenses as Adria Color, effectively help in this case, allow you to change the light shade to dark, and vice versa.

Features of contact lenses Adria

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Color lenses Adria Color are very soft, for their production a special hydrogel is used. They should be changed every 3 months. For production, the latest technology is used - High Definition. In the process of making a special color is created by several layers, so the cornea of ​​the eye does not come into contact with the dyes. This allows you to prevent and prevent a possible allergic reaction. The special manufacturing technology guarantees good vision and high quality of each product.

Lenses are used every day, the base radius is 8.6 mm, and the diameter is 14.2.As for the liquid content, it is 38%.In the package, the user is offered two lenses.

To date, the manufacturer offers colors such as sapphire and honey, amethyst and walnut, turquoise. No matter what eye color the user has, everyone can change Adria Color lenses. Feedback from regular customers is confirmed.

Thanks to Adria Color lenses, the user is guaranteed to get good vision in any light. They will last a long time if you take care of them properly, change every quarter, and use a multifunctional solution for care. Thus, the eyes will be healthy and beautiful, and the people around will be surprised and fascinated by their new attracting hue.

Three main series of lenses Adria Color

The manufacturer took care that the user had a choice. It's about color. Any series of lenses Adria Color completely and completely changes the natural shade of the eyes, gives them brightness, and the look makes the most expressive.

Contact lenses Adria Color series 1 Tone make intensive natural shade of the eyes.

Tone Series 2 products change light colors, give brightness and deep expressiveness to dark natural colors.

Contact lenses of the Tone 3 series help to naturally change the natural light and dark shades. The front surface of the lens is made in an aspherical style, therefore products of this type are thinner. This provides clear and contrast vision, as well as correction of complex distortions, which are called spherical aberrations.

How the eye color changes

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Adria Color lenses have an original color, so they change color and give a shade more saturated to both light and dark eyes.

Drawing on the surface of the lens is created in three colors, but in a single color.

  • The contour on the inside of the light color gives shine.
  • The main tone reproduces the natural image in the area of ​​the iris.
  • The dark shade that spills over the outside makes the look expressive.

The eye color remains natural and natural due to the fact that the soft transition from one tone to another is observed. Surrounding people do not even guess that this color was obtained thanks to the products of Adria.

Advantages of Adria Color

contact lenses The main advantage of the product lies in the ability not only to change the color of the eyes, but also to visually increase them. Adria Color lenses will help to leave a strong impression, as they completely cover the natural color of the eyes with a different shade or pattern.

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The color part of the product covers only the iris, and in the pupil area the lens remains colorless, so the light gets into the eyes freely. If there is a picture, then it does not affect the quality of vision, even when the room is dark.

Adria products do not have diopters, so anyone who wishes can use it. All Adria Color lenses are UV protected. The material that is used for production contains sodium, this makes the lenses as comfortable and convenient to use as possible.

Proper care of lenses Adria Color

Care rules must be observed so that Adria Color contact lenses serve for a long time and without any problems.

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Before you put on or remove the lens, you should wash your hands well and wipe them dry. First, moisten the surface of each product on both sides with a special solution, gently rub your fingers and rinse. After the manipulations, the lenses should be left in the container so that they are completely immersed in the liquid.

Repeat similar operations with Adria Color contact lenses before use and after use remove and pack them in a container, close it well. For the cleaning of Adria products, various solutions can be used, for example those that remove even the smallest dirt from the surface of the lens. As a result, the vision becomes clearer, and the eyes do not get tired so quickly, and the lens lasts longer.

Optical products are best chosen, of course, with the help of an ophthalmologist. He will tell you which lenses are best for you and what kind of solution you need to use to clean them.