Back pain in the middle of the spine: causes and methods of treatment

The phrase that the back hurts in the middle of the spine can be heard even from young people leading an active lifestyle. What is the cause of these unpleasant sensations? Doctors say that without conducting a specific diagnosis, it is almost impossible to find out this question. Since to be to those people who have encountered pain between the shoulder blades or just above the waist, we will try to find this out in the article. sore back in the middle of the spine what to do

The most common causes of back pain

Back pain occurs in every second person who reached 30 years of age. The problem has become so widespread and popular because of the way of life that people lead. After all, a lot of time a person spends on a computer.

What should I do for those with a back pain in the middle of the spine? The doctors answer is obvious - do not delay with treatment and find out the reason. And there can actually be a huge number of them:

  1. Mechanical damage caused by a huge load. This problem is most often encountered in young mothers, who are forced to carry a child for a long time in their arms and for athletes lifting heavy shells.
  2. Stresses. It would seem, how a person's mental state can be associated with pain in the spine? Neuropathologists say that during stressful situations, nerve endings give impulses to the vertebral column, resulting in pinching and characteristic pain.
  3. Osteochondrosis is the most common cause. If you do not resort to treatment, there will be growths on the vertebral discs.
  4. Diseases of internal organs: heart, kidney.
  5. Scoliosis. An incorrect position of the body can lead to a similar disease and curvature of the spine.

Remember, pain is unnatural to a healthy person. If they arise, you need to visit a doctor and find out their cause. sore back in the middle of the spine how to heal

The back hurts. To what doctor to address?

Many people ask: if the back hurts in the middle of the spine, what should I do? First of all, you need to see a doctor. But to what, we will find out further.

First you need to undergo a test with a therapist. To hand over necessary analyzes( the general analysis of a blood and urine).Thanks to them, the doctor will find out whether there is an inflammatory process in the body.

After this, it is obligatory to go to the surgeon. With the help of a visual examination, the doctor will find out whether the spine is curved, whether there are intercostal hernias, or whether disks are shifted. Do not be lazy to undergo an X-ray and MRI of the lower spine. the back hurts in the middle of a backbone after a dream

If the cause could not be determined, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist. It often turns out that the cause lies in heart disease( microinfarction, stroke).To make sure that these diseases are absent, it is necessary to pass an electrocardiogram.

The last doctor to be visited is a gastroenterologist. Because kidney problems can also give characteristic pain in the back area.

Backache during sleep

If your back hurts in the middle of the spine during sleep, chances are you have osteochondrosis. The disease is quite popular and common. In this case, no MRI and massage can not do.

Also the reasons may be more trivial:

  • incorrect position of the body during sleep;
  • uncomfortable pillow;
  • too soft mattress;
  • muscle spasm due to sedentary lifestyles;
  • lack of calcium in the body.

If you notice that the back hurts in the middle of the spine after sleep, and during the day discomfort passes, try to purchase an orthopedic pillow for sleeping and a comfortable mattress. the back hurts in the middle of a backbone during a dream

This is a terrible word osteochondrosis

Often sore back in the middle of the spine because of the beginning osteochondrosis. And this disease occurs in both young and old people. There is this for a number of reasons, the main of which are a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, scoliosis.

Follow the posture from the early age of the child, monitor that he does not hunch, sit straight, pick up a school backpack, lead to swimming, gymnastics, dancing.

Getting rid of osteochondrosis is not easy. Should be a comprehensive treatment: massage, diet, stretching the spine, manual therapy, acupuncture.

sore back in the middle of the spine

Getting treatment

If the doctor has found out that the back hurts in the middle of the spine because of mechanical damage, stretching or physical exertion of the muscles, the treatment should consist in the appointment of massage or manual therapy.

A hot bath with essential relaxing oils helps a lot. Do not forget about the contrasting soul. He not only relieves pain, but also strengthens immunity.

If back pain occurs daily due to sedentary work, you can purchase a special massage pillow. Its cost is about 10 000 rubles. But the result is amazing, the patients relax, the pain passes.

If the cause is for something else, it is necessary that the doctor recommends the proper treatment.

Folk methods

Many people prefer to treat back pain with folk methods. For example, with the help of bee stings. The procedure is not pleasant. In special points on the back, they plant a drones, who, biting a person, inject a bee venom into the blood.

There are many contraindications, therefore, to decide on such a procedure, you need to consult a doctor.

The bites of leeches are also popular. They suck the bad blood, thereby increasing the flow of lymph. As in the first case, this procedure should be carried out only in a medical center under the strict supervision of doctors.

Many people ask: if the back hurts in the middle of the spine, how to treat? This question can be answered only by a doctor who found out the reason and conducted a comprehensive examination of the patient. Do not self-medicate.