How to remove excess water from the human body

The human body is eighty percent water. Excess fluid leads to the appearance of edema, weight gain. So the body signals to us that malfunctions began in his work. Therefore, if you have symptoms of accumulation of excess fluid, you should consult a doctor.

One of the reasons for the accumulation of fluid can be malnutrition and excessive salt intake. To the same consequences leads to excessive consumption of liquid in the form of tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc. These drinks often replace the usual drinking water, which is extremely harmful to health.

How to remove excess water from the body and do it right? The daily rate of fluid intake is approximately 2-2.5 liters. So, you need to drink a little, but often. It is recommended to use pure water. Minimize consumption of salty foods( chips, nuts to beer, salted fish, sausages).Most of the water should be drunk until six in the evening. After reviewing your diet, you can achieve good results.

If you use folk methods, you can learn how to remove water from the body quickly. To this end, you can include in your diet products that contain potassium. These are dried fruits, sea kale, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, as well as cabbage, eggplant, apples and nuts. In these products, the salt is practically absent. Best of all, with the task of how to remove excess fluid from the body, watermelon cope. It not only contributes to the withdrawal of excess water, but it also cleanses the kidneys well, improves their work. It is desirable to arrange once a week unloading watermelon days. In the spring, birch sap will come to the aid of the body. This wonderful drink is good for salt and slag. In summer, birch sap can be replaced with green tea, it not only perfectly quenches thirst, but is also an easy diuretic. By all accounts, green tea and crocade tea are more useful than black tea.

Few people like to eat porridge, but in vain. After all, rice and oatmeal porridge also "know" how to remove excess water from the body. Rice contains a lot of potassium and a small amount of sodium, which contributes to a good water discharge. Sportsmen-professionals do not accidentally arrange themselves rice days. They eat only unsalted rice porridge for a few days.

How to remove excess water from the body, with ease can answer sauna and sauna lovers. The heat well expels water and salt with sweat. In addition, a systematic visit to the sauna and sauna will help reduce weight. It is not superfluous to recall and about physical activity. Exercising accelerates metabolism, facilitates the withdrawal of fluid through sweat glands. Morning exercise increases the intensity of the processes in the body, providing a positive charge for the whole day. Useful activities such as running, walking, aerobics.

If a serious situation develops and you need to urgently remove the liquid from the body, then in this case you can use medicines. But such tablets help wash away magnesium, calcium, and potassium from the body, so first consult with your doctor.

All the proposed drugs have different effects on the human body. You need to use different methods in order to find the right one for you. And in this case, the question of how to remove excess water from the body, you will not be bothered.