Tablet for cessation of lactation: a list and reviews

Breastfeeding benefits both mothers and babies. Doctors believe that prolonged breastfeeding contributes to the harmonious development of the child. But there are situations when you have to finish lactation. As a rule, a sharp cessation of breastfeeding is a stress for the mother and child, but there are all kinds of situations in life. It's not always possible to do this in a natural way, and some moms are helped only by a pill to stop lactation. About what drugs are taken to quickly stop breastfeeding, in this article.

Tablet for stopping lactation: the principle of action of

lactation tablet

All drugs that are used to suppress breastfeeding, act on the hormonal system of a woman, causing the body to stop the production of prolactin( the hormone responsible for the formation of milk).Take them with extreme caution, because the hormonal system is very, very unpredictable, and for some women they may simply be contraindicated. Such pills contain the female hormone estrogen, and he, in turn, is able to depress the general condition, and also cause nausea, dizziness, weakness. Many people say which pills they would not take to stop lactation, always felt side effects. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. After all, it is difficult to stop the process launched by nature and the body, and therefore you will have to feel the shortcomings of such a preparation.

When should I take this medication?

The decision to stop breastfeeding should in no case be spontaneous or dependent on the vagaries of the mother. This is a very serious stress for the body, which should sharply reverse the triggered mechanism. As a rule, women resort to such an emergency method, only faced with serious problems.

tablets for cessation of lactation reviews

Breastfeeding with medications may be needed:

  • Problems directly with the mammary gland and breast. Uninterrupted lactostasis and mastitis with pus and fever, various inflammations of the breast can lead to disastrous consequences and even to prompt surgery. In this case, the doctor may advise you to interrupt the feeding in order to restore the mother's health.
  • Immediately after birth, such drugs are prescribed for mothers with HIV, tuberculosis and other serious diseases that can be transmitted from the mother to the baby through milk.
  • In the case of a cancer, a mother who requires radiation or chemotherapy is prescribed a tablet to stop lactation. The responses of women who received them during this period are positive. But without consulting a doctor, there should be no independent attempts to take this medication!
  • If a woman had childbirth that ended with the death of a newborn, pills are prescribed to stop lactation in order to suppress the production of already unnecessary milk.


This remedy is one of the most common means for stopping feeding. The principle of its effect is inhibition of lactation with a decrease in prolactin.

As soon as the prolactin ceases to stand out, the milk disappears.

This drug looks like a regular flat pill. They are issued in two or eight pieces in a vial.

tablets for cessation of lactation dostinex

Manufacturer promises that the level of prolactin in the blood( and, to be more precise, in the plasma) will drop after 2-3 hours, and this effect will last for more than two weeks. And this time milk, as they say, will have time to "burn out" and will no longer stand out.

Take it a long time not have to: for the necessary effect, it is enough to take half a tablet 2 times a day for two days.

Many buyers prefer "Dostinex", because it has a minimum of side effects, unlike many other similar drugs. True, the cost of these pills is quite high: almost 2 thousand rubles.

Side effects of "Dostinex"

"Dostinex" is a strong, but still the most sparing drug for stopping breastfeeding. Nevertheless, being a hormonal agent, it has a number of side effects.

1. During a long reception of "Dostinex", there may be pressure problems, so try not to take it directly before driving. May be disturbed by headaches accompanied by nausea.

2. From the nervous system, there is a disturbance of sleep, anxiety, and some may even develop increased sexual activity.

3. The gastrointestinal tract can also respond to this medication. Constipation, elevated flatulence, abdominal pain - all this can manifest itself against the background of receiving "Dostinex".


bromocriptine stopping tablets

Tablets for stopping lactation "Bromocriptine" are also taken to suppress the production of prolactin. By the way, the spectrum of action of "Bromocriptine" is much higher than that of other drugs for lactation. For example, it is taken with amenorrhea, menstrual cycle disorders. Even for men, these pills will be beneficial if diagnosed with prolactinoma.

To stop lactation, it is taken twice a day for one tablet on the first day, and after the dosage it should be doubled and the course drunk in 2 weeks. If the milk is still not lost, then prolong the course for another week. That is, the course of taking these pills is quite long. In addition, the pills for stopping lactation "Bromocretin", as, indeed, all similar medicines, have a rather large list of contraindications.

Side effects of "Bromocriptine"

Like any hormone, "Bromocriptine" can give out "pobochki."

  1. Many complain of nausea and even vomiting in the first days of admission.
  2. Some note drowsiness throughout the day, while others talk about insomnia. That is, side effects can be manifested in different people in their own way.
  3. Also note weakness, lowering of blood pressure, headache.
  4. Do not take "Bromocriptine" with alcoholic beverages. In this case, side effects are much more pronounced, and the effectiveness of drugs is significantly reduced.


what tablets to stop lactation

The tablet for stopping lactation is contraindicated for those who have serious problems with kidney and liver, chronic diseases. Therefore, make an independent decision about what means of lactation to choose, it is not necessary. It is essential to consult a doctor who will prescribe the required dose. Both "Dostinex" and "Bromocriptine" have contraindications to the use.

They should not be taken to people who have a history of problems with the heart, blood vessels. If you have a tendency to hypertension( high blood pressure), or, conversely, you suffer from low blood pressure, then you can not take it in any case. Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can also negatively affect your health. Of course, all hormonal problems should not be treated with "Bromocrementine" or "Dostinex" alone. Be sure to consult a doctor before you start drinking them. Even if your best friend drank these medicines and they helped her. Here on the advice of ordinary people should not be relied upon.

tablet for stopping lactation instruction


The tablet for cessation of lactation is a novelty in the market of medicines and undoubtedly has benefited already many women. But it is worth noting that you can not take them without a doctor's prescription in any case. You can not joke with hormonal drugs, the harm that they can cause with improper admission can be very difficult to remediate. A competent doctor will tell you the necessary pills for stopping lactation, the instruction will help you to understand the intricacies of the reception.

If you follow all of the above tips, then lactation can be completed without problems and stress.