"Mifepriston": analogues, instruction

Among the many medicines, new generation drugs can be called Mifepristone, analogues and its substitutes. All due to the fact that these compounds allow the termination of pregnancy without surgical intervention, the use of anesthesia and various consequences. A few decades ago, abortion could only be done on a surgical table. Other ways of abortion threatened the development of complications.

This article will tell you about the medicines Mifepristone has analogues. You will learn about the ways of using such medicines and you can get acquainted with the instruction for use.

mifepristone analogues

What is Mifepristone?

Analogs of the drug will be described below. Before this, it is worth mentioning what kind of drug it is. The active substance of the medication is the eponymous agent mifepristone. It promotes oppression of progesterone production. Also, the drug acts on the endometrium, preventing the fixation of the fetal egg on it.

Medication "Mifepristone", analogues of the drug and substitutes refer to anti-gestagenic drugs. Such formulations are used to interrupt pregnancy in the early stages. In this case, the age of the fetus should be determined by means of ultrasound. In some cases, the drug is used to stimulate labor.

How can I replace a medication?

Has the preparation "Mifepristone" analogs. Russia is the country of production of the original drug. Substitutes are available in France, China and other countries. Here is a list of some medicines that are an absolute analogue of the original drug:

  • "Mifegin"( manufactured in France).
  • Miropristone( also available in Russia).
  • "Pencrofton"( Chinese drug).
  • "Mifolean".
  • "Mifyprex"( manufactured in the USA).

Also to analogues of the original means can be referred to as "Genalet" and "Geneprieston".However, they are not used in the above-described purposes. These drugs are used for emergency contraception, immediately after sexual contact.

mifepristone analogues instruction

Contraindications to the correction of

There are also situations in which it is strictly forbidden to use the drug "Mifepristone", analogs. The instruction informs that the period of lactation is a contraindication to correction. During the absorption of the drug, it enters the breast milk. This can greatly harm the baby.

The original medication, like its analogs, is not used for heart diseases and blood pressure disorders. The drug should not be taken by the smokers of the fairer sex."Mifepristone", like its substitutes, can not interrupt the ectopic pregnancy, since they act directly on the reproductive organ. That is why this pathology is a contraindication to the use of the composition.

The original and its substitutes are not prescribed as a correction for a gestation period of more than 6 weeks. There may also be individual situations in which the drug and its analogs are not used. The doctor informs them during the consultation.

analog of mifepristone without a prescription

Mifepristone, analogues: instructions for use

This preparation, like its analogs, is used orally. In this case, doctors do not recommend eating food before beginning the correction. Often the action of the drug causes nausea. All because of the gradual opening of the cervix. This characteristic is normal and does not require canceling the correction.

The drug is used for abortion, stimulation of labor and as an emergency contraception. Dosages administered in different cases will be discussed later. The medication is taken at the same time as prostaglandins. This combination enhances the effect of the drug. After using the composition, it is necessary to be under medical supervision for several hours. This will help to avoid negative consequences. Two weeks after using the formula and its analogues for abortion is worth visiting the ultrasound room. If the remains of the fetal egg are found in the uterus, then you will be offered gynecologic scraping of the cavity of the genital organ.

how to correctly use mifepristone analogues

Medication dosage

  • The drug can be used for a variety of purposes. You already know about this. For the termination of pregnancy in early terms, 600 milligrams of mifepristone are given in different trade names.
  • To stimulate generic activity, the formulation is used once in a dosage of 200 milligrams.
  • To treat the tumor of the genital organ, 50 milligrams of mifepristone is used.
  • To take emergency contraception, it is enough to take 10 milligrams of the drug.

It should be remembered that the dose of this or that remedy is prescribed by a doctor. Self-use can lead to incorrect use of the medicine.

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How to buy a lineup?

Original remedy for correction during pregnancy is sold exclusively on prescription. You can receive the analog of "Mifepristone" without a prescription only within the walls of the hospital. In this case, the doctor may ask you to take the medicine under his control.

Over-the-counter sales of such medicines are prohibited. All because the use of such drugs can lead to complications. Registered cases even when the use of the composition and its analogues led to a lethal outcome.

mifepristone analogues instruction manual

Conclusion of the article

You became aware of the analogues of the drug "Mifepristone".Most substitutes have the same dosage as the original drug. That is why they are used in a similar way. Remember that it is strictly forbidden to use the medication after six weeks of pregnancy. Before beginning correction, consult a doctor, and after its completion, go through ultrasound diagnosis. This is necessary to confirm that the medication has acted as expected. Strong to you health and well-being!