Mumiye Shiladzhit Indian firm Dabur in capsules: instruction manual, reviews

What is the Shilajit mummy? Shilajit is a black mineral that forms in the fissures of the Himalayan mountains. They are located far from civilization and as uninhabited as they were 1000 years ago. The wise men of India call the mineral a "mountain balm for the treatment of a hundred diseases."

Features of the drug

What is a mummy? It is a resin that has rejuvenating properties. By its qualities, it has no analogues in the world to combat the aging of the body.

Mumiye Shilajit

Indian yogis, noticing the extraordinary properties of mummies, were confident that it would help cure any ailment. Even at the age of 100 years, some of them were able to maintain strength and youth.

Siladzhit has long been used for the following purposes:

  • body improvement;
  • fight against aging of the body;
  • treatment of wounds;
  • strengthening of bones;
  • prevention of diseases of the urinary system;
  • fight against overwork, overweight;
  • increased sexual desire.

There are no such diseases that the mummy could not handle. The list of pathologies, when this tool is effective, is wide enough.

Why is the Shilajit mummy used?

Extraordinary properties of this tool allow it to be used in the following situations:

  • acceleration of metabolism in the body;
  • increase in male strength;
  • treatment of skin diseases;
  • improvement of the pancreas;
  • increase in the body's defenses;
  • wound healing and abrasions;
  • blood purification;
  • recovery of the body after mental or physical exertion;
  • combating stress and depression;
  • improved liver function;
  • normalization of blood glucose level.

Mumiye user

Mumiye Shilajit helps in the treatment of various diseases and pathological conditions.

Healing properties

To confirm the therapeutic properties of the drug, numerous experiments were conducted, during which it was possible to prove its effectiveness in the application. Sometimes it was possible to observe the real surprise of people about how strong the action of the mummy was. As shown by practice, its positive properties can really be used in the treatment of various ailments. They are obliged to 80 minerals, which are part of its composition and are characterized by natural origin. These substances have an ionic formula, which is fully absorbed by the body.

Reviews about the midge of Shilajit prove that the remedy helps to restore the ability of a man to continue genus, to increase the number of viable spermatozoa. Another positive side of the black mineral is the possibility of using it as an aphrodisiac.

Mumiye Shilajit reviews

It is actively used for therapeutic purposes with diseases of the urinary organs. As a result of repeated use, the condition of the kidneys and bladder is markedly improved.

Patients suffering from diabetes, taking the drug to normalize blood glucose. Because of the wide spread of the disease, many people today have to suffer from the manifestations of this pathology. Mumiye Shiladzhit in this case is prescribed not only for curative, but also for preventive purposes.

In anemia, when the body needs increased iron intake, the black mineral also "shares" its useful properties with the person. It contains many miraculous components, including iron. The medicinal effect is characterized by the drug, if taken with inflammatory lesions of the joints and arthritis.

Application and dosage Shilajit

Instructions for use Mumiye recommends the use of 1 or 2 capsules daily, with milk. It is better to choose a course appointment for 30-40 days, and in the autumn-spring period. At this time, the defenses of the body are particularly weakened. A kind of help from the black mineral will help them recover.

For therapeutic purposes and to avoid addiction, the drug is recommended to be taken according to the scheme. Start better on the growing moon, and after 2 weeks take a break. Next month, therapy should be continued until the symptoms of the disease completely disappear.

For chronic fatigue, pain in the joints, tremor should take 2 capsules( 500 mg) twice a day. The duration of the course is 21 days. Then you can proceed to preventive reception. If there is pain in the stomach or dryness in the mouth, the dosage should be reduced.

Children from 5 years can be given a drug of 100-250 mg per day. However, treatment with this drug is better to begin in the puberty period, when the child is already 14 years old.

Indian mummy

Instructions for use Mumiye advises to use for the prevention of osteoporosis and rheumatism. In this case, the drug should be taken at 500 mg with warm milk or cream. Duration of the course is 50 days.

Side effect of

The Indian mummy has no adverse reactions if the patient takes it according to the instructions.

However, this drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation. Another contraindication is individual hypersensitivity to its components. The use of alcoholic beverages during the therapeutic course is strictly prohibited.

The prevalence of the mineral

Currently, despite the continuous development of medicine and the production of various drugs, the black mineral remains a highly sought after remedy. This is confirmed by its effectiveness. Useful properties should not be considered a myth or an invention.

Its effectiveness is due to the natural composition of the mushroom. It has a beneficial effect on the human body and can be used in the complex treatment of many diseases. In its pure form it can not be used, since it can contain various impurities. To obtain the final product, the mineral must be thoroughly cleaned and processed beforehand.

The Indian mummy Shilajit firm Dabur in capsules was originally widely distributed in the countries of the East. Relatively recently, it was subjected to numerous studies and analyzes in medical centers in Russia. After that, the mineral began to spread and in the CIS space.

Mumiye Shiladzhit Indian firm dabur in capsules

Despite the therapeutic properties, the drug should not be considered a kind of panacea. However, with proper application, he can overcome many ailments and disorders.