Gastric cough: symptoms, treatment, diagnosis

Despite the fact that the main reason for coughing is the problem of respiratory organs, very unexpected factors can provoke this symptom. It's amazing, but it can. .. cause a stomach! As a result of diseases of the digestive system, patients often develop a so-called gastric cough. Symptoms and treatment of this pathological condition deserve detailed consideration.

What is it?

What is gastric cough different from the usual cough in our understanding? Firstly, there are no signs of a cold or hypothermia. Secondly, such a cough is not accompanied by sputum, because it is its presence is attributed to the characteristic features of respiratory diseases. gastric cough symptoms treatment As evidenced by the evidence available from doctors regarding the therapy of the disease, the symptoms, symptoms and treatment of gastric cough are based on the course of the gastrointestinal tract, manifested by a feeling of frustration and constant fatigue, nausea, eructation.

Causes of the disease: who is at risk?

Accordingly, to cause gastric cough only pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, including gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis, ulcerative and infectious diseases of the digestive system are capable. Persecution and sore throat can occur with increased acidity of the secretion of the stomach, as well as intestinal disorders, food poisoning. Thus, inadequate nutrition is the main reason that a gastric cough can develop, and the symptoms and treatment of gastrointestinal ailments are the determining factors in the fight against it.

People at middle age group - from 35 to 50 years - fall into the risk group of the disease. Alcohol abuse and smoking, excess weight increase the person's chances of acquiring gastric cough, the causes of which can only be diseases of the digestive system.

Symptoms of gastric cough

It should be noted that manifestations of gastrointestinal diseases in many ways predetermine the nature of cough. Eliminate its antiviral and mucolytic drugs can not, because its etiology has nothing to do with colds. gastric cough symptoms and treatment with folk remedies To confuse gastric cough with "ordinary" is difficult enough, as it is accompanied by a number of distinctive features:

  • dry prolonged cough;
  • spasms in the abdomen during cough;
  • intestinal disorders( diarrhea, constipation);
  • breathing disorder during night sleep;
  • a sore throat;
  • heartburn;
  • is a specific sour taste in the mouth;
  • pain when swallowing.

Even parasites can provoke a gastric cough, however strange it may sound. Worms that fall into the human body, have a significant impact on the patient's well-being. Injuring the walls of the organs of the digestive system, they cause flatulence, constipation or diarrhea, allergic reactions and pain in the joints. When infected with helminths and lesions of internal organs, gastric cough often accompanies chronic fatigue syndrome. As a rule, the peak of persecution occurs at night, when the patient is in a horizontal position.

Diagnosis of the disease: tests and procedures

Before starting treatment of the disease, the patient must undergo a comprehensive diagnosis. The causes of gastric cough lie in serious pathologies of the digestive tract, and therefore it is important to recognize the provoking factor and begin therapy with its elimination. In addition, it is impossible to correctly prescribe medications without examination. Medicines used at random can cause even more irritation of the mucosa, which, of course, will negatively affect the patient's condition. gastric cough causes treatment

To make sure the true nature of the disease and accurately determine the dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors recommend patients to undergo the following types of examination:

  • Fibrogastroscopy is an unpleasant procedure for the patient, which allows to assess the degree of damage to the mucous membrane and the walls of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum.
  • Colonoscopy is a diagnosis of the patient's colon, which can detect inflammation in a specific area of ​​the organ, as well as various pathological neoplasms.
  • Clinical blood tests, urine - their results are reliable indicators of the general condition of the patient's body, since they indicate the presence or absence of an inflammatory process.
  • Fluorography - a study conducted to exclude pathology of the lungs and respiratory system.
  • Fecal analysis - its delivery is required to confirm intestinal infections, helminthiasis.
  • Intra-Esophageal pH-metry - provides an assessment of the level of gastric acidity and allows to determine the stage of development of reflux.

Drugs for gastric cough

The findings of specialists play a fundamental role in the treatment of gastric cough. The causes of this disease should be eliminated in the first place - only in this way one can get rid of the constantly present discomfort in the throat. The drug effect on the digestive organs will increase their muscle tone and, as a consequence, functionality. Choose a specific medicine should the doctor - self-treatment is unacceptable. Most often, with symptoms of gastric cough treatment is appointed gastroenterologist according to the following scheme:

  • Prokinetics - indispensable for functional disorders of the digestive system. The group of such drugs include "Motilium", "Motilak".
  • Antacids - drugs, whose action is aimed at neutralizing the acidity of the stomach, creating a protective surface on the mucosa and preventing its damage by gastric juice, bile. The most common among this category of drugs are Almagel, Maalox, Gasterin, Gastal.
  • Antisecretory drugs - minimize the production of hydrochloric acid( "Cimetidine", "Omeprazole", "Ranitidine").
  • Foaming agents - are necessary to neutralize the irritation caused by gastric juice, eliminate heartburn.
  • Probiotics - drugs containing living microorganisms are assigned to restore the balance of the intestinal microflora.

gastric cough symptoms treatment reviews In the morning, the symptoms of gastric cough often increase. In this case, an appropriate solution will be the use of antitussive drugs. They affect the larynx mucosa, promoting its hydration and softening.

Several folk recipes: healing and simple

Treating gastric cough and symptoms of chronic gastrointestinal pathologies are often supplemented by alternative methods. Such, for example, is folk therapy. As an independent method of treatment, the use of non-traditional methods in most cases is meaningless because of their insufficient effectiveness. However, combined with drug treatment, folk remedies with symptoms of gastric cough will help to speed up the recovery process. gastric cough causes diagnosis If you believe the numerous reviews of users, it is these recipes that helped to defeat the disease:

  • Olive oil. For 1 glass it will take 5 tbsp.l.honey and 30-40 ml of lemon juice. All carefully mix and take on an empty stomach for 1 tsp.everyday. Store the product in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days. Milk cocktail with mummy. For cooking, you need 1 cup of warm milk and a small pinch of plant material. Drink the composition before bedtime for a week.
  • Potato juice. To eliminate the symptoms of gastric cough and treatment of high acidity, one should drink 0.5 cups of freshly squeezed potato juice in the morning before eating.

What else can I use to treat?

No less useful tool for the disease will be herbal decoction. As components, different raw materials can be used, but the most effective for gastric cough is a mixture of plantain, licorice and sage. gastric cough symptoms in the mornings On the one hand, this drink has an enveloping property, protecting the esophagus mucosa from the effects of irritants( rough, salty, acidic foods), and on the other - calming perspiration in the throat. Cooking should be based on the proportion: 250 ml of boiling water - 1 tbsp.l.plant components.

Signs of gastric cough in infants

Before using folk remedies, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Especially when it comes to treating gastric cough in children. Symptoms of this ailment are undoubtedly more common in people of mature or advanced age. Incidences among children are quite rare, but they do happen. Recognize the disease can usually, according to the complaints of the child. It is more difficult to suspect a gastric cough in infants. Symptoms of a pathology in infants are manifested:

  • by frequent regurgitation or vomiting;
  • wheezing with healthy respiratory organs;
  • nasal congestion;
  • signs of asthma;
  • weak appetite and underweight in weight;
  • irritability and tearfulness.

How to treat the disease in toddlers?

The treatment of reflux in infants, which is the most common cause of gastric cough at such an early age, is prescribed by a doctor. Preparations are selected by a specialist and assigned in a strict dosage. It is dangerous to give any medicine to a baby without a doctor's permission. But this does not mean that parents can sit idly by: they need to help the child cope with the concomitant symptoms of the disease. gastric cough symptoms treatment in children For example, in the case of diarrhea or vomiting, it is important to constantly replenish the water-electrolyte balance in the body of the baby. Avoid dehydration will help the solution of the rehydrone, which can give birth to children from birth, and for the fixing effect, babies are given a little rice broth.

A few words about the prevention of

To prevent a relapsing course of gastric cough, it is important to observe the foundations of a healthy diet, because its predominant manifestation depends on the state of the digestive system. To eat it is necessary it is fractional, to use in food low-fat dishes, enriched with a fiber and valuable microcells. gastric cough causes In addition, do not forget about the diet, with the observance of which the digestive process quickly comes back to normal. From soda and alcohol, fried and spicy dishes, sweets and fast food is better and completely abandoned.