How to lead a correct way of life. Healthy lifestyle rules

Suffering from insomnia, frequent colds, depressions and headaches, we begin to think about the fact that the body gives us quite obvious distress signals. Referring to a doctor or experienced comrades for advice, we often hear the opinion that one should lead a correct lifestyle. Most people have a common understanding of the meaning of such a term, but the nuances that are included in its postulates are not realized and applied in everyday life. Let's talk about what these rules are.

General information

So, what is the right way of life? In general, this term can be characterized as a combination of factors that have a favorable effect on the life, health and well-being of any person. Simply put, these are our actions and actions, the regular repetition of which allows us to feel great. The system of correct values ​​includes certain requirements for nutrition, physical loads, daily routine, spiritual component. In short, the right way of life is present in all possible spheres.

How do I start changing my diet?

In modern society, it is generally accepted that the basic requirements relate to the diet. We are what we eat. This phrase is justified in many ways. To begin with, we recall the basic rules. Refuse bad food, pickles, smoked, fried, floury, all that negatively affects our body as a whole and the work of the digestive tract in particular. Such actions will help you begin to lead a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition is built on more complex postulates, your daily food should be optimally balanced. This will not only help not to hurt, but will also strengthen your immunity and vitality. Note that you do not need to starve at all, a healthy diet is not a diet. Restriction of calories, as a rule, leads only to a negative result, exhaustion.

On the useful and necessary substances

Proper nutrition as a way of life - this is the slogan recommended for each person as a basis. Let's talk about what ingredients must necessarily be included in your regular diet. These include:

  • Vitamin C. It is necessary for immunity and protection of the body against various viruses. Stimulates the production of collagen, so that the skin remains longer and more elastic and young. Vitamin is found in citrus fruits and strawberries.
  • Potassium. It is a universal useful substance, the presence of which in the body is an excellent prevention of heart diseases, high blood pressure. Potassium is also necessary for the formation of bones and the muscular system. It is found in dried apricots, bananas, meat of animals and poultry.
  • Calcium. The basis for the formation of teeth and strong bones. In large quantities, this mineral is found in dairy products, as well as in cabbage.
  • Iron. This component is responsible for the supply of cells with vital oxygen. Absence of substance provokes anemia, regular fatigue, apathy, decrease in immune functions. Iron is found in red meat and legumes.
  • Vitamin D. Responsible for the absorption of calcium in the body, is necessary for proper development of children.
  • Vitamin E. Helps improve the condition of the skin and hair, supports the protective function of the body. Occurs in nuts and seeds.
  • Magnesium. Another universal and important substance. Favorably affects the nervous system, the state of muscles, bones. Prevents the development of strokes and other heart diseases.

Among other things, the diet should contain proteins, dietary fiber, fatty acids. The right way of life for women in the position implies the use of folic acid. This valuable substance is necessary for the development of the fetus. Regular intake of special vitamins, as well as greens and avocados, will significantly reduce the risk of birth defects.

Such important and necessary drinks

Do not forget about a very useful rule - to drink at least two liters of water per day. By the way, the liquid used can be doubly useful, for example, black tea helps to strengthen blood cells, which means that it helps our immune system to fight various viruses much more efficiently. In many countries, herbal infusions are also popular. They are not only an excellent preventive, but also a remedy. So, you can brew lemongrass, ginseng and other useful gifts of nature.

Do not forget to load the body

Correct, healthy lifestyle implies regular physical activity. Avoid activity and sports exercises are not worth it, they not only improve the figure, but also contribute to strengthening your health. Of course, subject to certain measures. Moderate regular movement provides stimulation of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the removal of toxins and other impurities from our body. Such a cleansing of the body strengthens the immune system and significantly reduces the risk of developing viral and catarrhal diseases. To maintain proper body tone, one should not spend more than one hour of sports activities a day, but increased loads can lead to overstrain and chronic fatigue. Try to pay attention to all muscle groups. Push-ups are responsible for strengthening the muscles of the heart, and exercises on the press improve the work of the digestive tract.

Looking for a lesson to the liking of

The correct way of life of a person can and should contain special exercises. Each person is free to choose their own, someone prefers classical tempering, and someone tries to achieve harmony with the help of yoga and other oriental teachings. Such techniques favorably affect human health and the state of its nervous system.

About laughter and nervous breakdowns

How to lead a correct lifestyle? The simplest advice sounds like this: enjoy life and enjoy it. Try to minimize the negative emotions that are more or less present in our life. Remember: life prolongs not fear and tears, but laughter. A similar thesis was proved even by scientists. So, according to ongoing research, people whose face is often illuminated by a smile, are less likely to get sick and have greater endurance. But stressful situations, on the contrary, increase the production of negative hormones, which weaken our health, make it more susceptible to aggressive virus attacks. Regular nerve shocks can lead to increased excess weight, early sclerosis and impaired character.

How to get involved and not break?

Many people are wondering how to start a right lifestyle. Abandoning regular habits is quite difficult, and sometimes almost impossible. Do not despair. First, make a plan of change that you have to follow. Visualization makes the process much clearer and more intuitive. Add the following basic postulates to your list:

  • Changing the diet, eating at short intervals in fixed hours.
  • The presence of moderate, but regular physical activity.
  • Discarding bad habits.
  • Formation of a new value system.
  • Finding a useful and interesting hobby.
  • Rest, especially after a hard day's work.
  • Communicate with people who share your views.

Do not rush to master the entire list at once, move systematically, gradually mastering new heights will help you avoid disruptions. You need to plan not only useful skills, but also the regime of your day. Given the biological rhythms of man, you can draw up a schedule that will help you achieve the best results in all areas of life.

Changing bad habits for useful

The right way of life always means giving up bad habits and following useful rules. What is the most harmful to your body? The most common problems of our time is the craving for alcohol and nicotine, it is hardly necessary to talk about their harm, absolutely every one of us knows that such vices shorten the life span. But a useful dream can be attributed to useful habits! Sitting late at night at the computer? Such a decision will have a negative impact on health. Ideally, you need to go to bed at the same time every day, everything should be at least 8 hours of rest. In order to make it easier for the body to relax and sink into drowsiness, head for an evening walk or ventilate the room for 15-20 minutes.

On the need for personal hygiene

Another useful habit to which we accustom our kids from childhood is washing hands. Such simple security measures will protect you from many viruses. It is best to repeat hygienic manipulations two times in a row, this will enhance the protective effect. Do you want to cleanse your body? Do not forget to take a shower every day, and visit the sauna or sauna a couple of times a month. Hot water and air stimulate internal processes, and also destroy bacteria.