Compression lining "Insta Life" from back pain: doctor's comments

After the examination, treatment with radiculitis will be aimed at relaxing the pain syndrome, reducing the intensity of inflammation, relaxing the muscles of the lumbar region and improving metabolic processes in the nervous tissue.

It may seem that pain at the time of a pinch of the sciatic nerve will only reduce the patient's quality of life. But it manifests itself not only unpleasant sensations. Causing a reflex increase in the spasm of the muscles of the waist and strengthening the local tone of the musculature, it increases the activity of the inflammatory process. Reduced access and exchange of nutrients in the nerve. This strengthens the pain syndrome and triggers a chain of pathological process again. Such a vicious circle must be urgently broken.

"Инста Лайф" от боли в спине отзывы

Treatment of back pain

Methods of treating back pain can be divided into groups:

1. Drug:

  • systemic action( tablets, injections);
  • local action( ointments, gels, patches).

2. Physiotherapy:

  • paraffin and mud therapy;
  • exercise therapy;
  • massage

3. Non-traditional therapy:

  • acupressure;
  • acupuncture;
  • chiropractic;
  • folk methods( phytotherapy, etc.).

Disadvantages of traditional therapies

Treatment with medications can be severely limited due to the patient's concomitant diseases. In this case, the effect of treatment is also reduced.

Because of the large number of possible complications and side effects( bleeding, etc.), the first two methods of therapy are prescribed and conducted by a physician with dynamic observation.

Nontraditional therapies

Non-traditional therapy can be performed by patients themselves at home.

Acupuncture( acupuncture) and manual therapy are conducted by certified specialists. These methods are well proven in the management of pain syndrome. If there is no time or opportunity( unbearable pain) to visit the medical center regularly for acupuncture sessions, you can use its variation - acupressure. Point massage can be carried out at home, at work and in transport independently. To do this, you must press your fingers on the biologically active areas.

Compression lining "Insta Life" - a new word in acupressure

With back pain it is difficult to massage the points on your feet. It is difficult to do this in the office, in training or in a car. For the convenience of the patient and increasing the effectiveness of acupressure, devices have been developed that themselves put pressure on the necessary points. Just as acupressure was a step in the development of acupuncture, the compression lining "Insta Life" was a breakthrough in the development of acupressure. Its impact on the necessary areas is carried out the necessary amount of time and with the right pressure. That's why "Insta Life" from the pain in the back of the reviews has the most positive. This is due to ease of use, convenience and efficiency. The patient can lie, sit at the computer, go in the car. All this time, the medical device is actively treated.

compression lining

What distinguishes Insta Life from other methods

Advantages of using a compression pad can be divided into the main groups: накладка "Инста Лайф" отзывы

  1. High efficiency of the therapeutic effect. Often a good result in therapy can not be achieved due to a patient's non-compliance with the technique of manipulation."Insta Life" from back pain reviews of neurologists provides a positive, because it allows you to correctly and regularly perform acupressure of the required duration. What is difficult to achieve if the patient massages by hand.
  2. Simplicity of execution. The therapeutic procedure is feasible always and everywhere. Some methods of treatment are labor-intensive( heating the waist with hot wax), others require special skills( acupuncture), others are not safe. Unlike them, "Insta Life" protects from pain without additional efforts.
  3. The effectiveness of the method, proven by time. Acupuncture has established itself as an effective method of treatment since antiquity and is recognized by modern medicine.

How to use


Compression lining "Insta Life" reviews doctors get the best. They note that the curative effect is achieved by observing certain rules of use:

installation lining

  1. Perform the full range of doctor appointments.
  2. The compression lining "Insta Life" should be applied on that leg, on the side of which the pain is felt. If it is localized in the middle, then on the side of the greatest expression of this feature.
  3. At the same time, 2 pads on different legs are not applied.
  4. "Insta Life" is attached in the middle of the shin under the knee.
  5. The device must be fixed in tight coverage mode: without excessive pressure and displacement.
  6. The maximum period of the first application is 2 hours.
  7. If an allergic reaction occurs at the attachment site, consult a doctor.

"Insta Life" from back pain reviews

The innovative device is gaining increasing recognition in both patients and specialists. In the treatment of many patients, a stable effect of Insta Life from back pain was obtained. Patients also support patients' opinions.

Because pain syndrome can be troubling for years, you need a remedy that is not visible under clothing, without obvious signs( a sharp smell, protruding oily stains).In this case, the maximum application was the "Insta Life" overlay. Rehabilitative doctors give positive feedback.

"Инста Лайф" от боли In the event of a sudden onset of the disease, each movement in patients causes pain. Additional stress when rubbing ointments and gels also brings additional discomfort. Minimum effort will require the overlay "Insta Life".The responses of neurologists are due precisely to the effectiveness of the action of the cuff in the acute period of the disease.

Often, with lumbar pain, patients do not have a 24-hour assistant for manipulation. What if the pain is unbearable, and no one can manipulate? In this case, "Insta Life" will help. The reviews of therapists especially noted this aspect of successful home treatment and relief of pain.

The pain occurs for various reasons: unsuccessful lifting of the severity, exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc. Especially difficult to diagnose and treat with difficulty getting consultations of narrow specialists and use of hardware methods( MRI, etc.).It helps in this case the compression lining "Insta Life".Reviews of general practitioners are positive because of the universality of the analgesic effect of the cuff. It is indispensable regardless of the causes of pain in the location of the sciatic nerve.

Insta Life from pain reviews

Requirements for modern treatments for

Lumbar pain is the main complaint of patients. They torment both day and night. Previously, active people are turning into helpless dependents. It is for them to become indispensable overlay "Insta Life" from back pain. Reviews of patients who returned with her to the usual way of life, accumulated a huge amount.

New time dictates the use of modern tools: convenient, inconspicuous, effective. Active people build their own lives: they drive a car, work at a computer, and go in for sports. For them, cumbersome and lengthy methods of treatment are unacceptable. A real breakthrough in acupuncture was the application of the lining "Insta Life".Reviews about her patients and doctors are not just positive, even enthusiastic. Patients continue to live a full life and adhere to doctor appointments. Doctors quickly see the effect of the complex of exercises, which simply can not be carried out with severe pain. If it is blocked by a patch, the entire arsenal of therapy is carried out in full. If necessary, continue to actively live, indispensable "Insta Life" of pain. Comments of doctors for whom such patients were previously lost are the best proof of this.